Popup Firework Stands Around Frankfort

PrivateEye Published:

It seems as though the popup firework stands are plentiful around Franklin County this year since the latest firework law passed last year or the year before. I would like to know how would you be able to find out if these popup stands have the proper permits, business licenses, sales tax forms, permission from the property owners to set up, etc.? How would one go about finding out this information and pursuing the proper steps to make sure the stand is compliant with the law? Should this be something that the local law enforcement should pursue (Sheriff’s Office)? If the stand is compliant with the law, the business owner has every right to setup and make a profit. If the stand is not compliant, the business owner has two options: acquire the proper permits and paper work to do business in this county or leave the county. As you probably already know, this tax revenue is good for the county but, the profits are leaving the county and/or the state. Just curious as other citizens around Franklin County have asked me the same questions?

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