TheFarSideFarm Published:

Please protect your pets from being spooked by fireworks over the coming weeks.

Especially now that KY permits the louder projectile fireworks, our pets are in greater danger of getting loose and being lost due to being frightened.

Put your dogs and cats inside before dark and keep them in overnight during periods of fireworks.

If your pet gets lost, immediately begin searching the area, post signs in your neighborhood, dial the Dispatch office (875-8583) and ask that the city or county animal control officer return your call and tell them about your lost pet, call the Franklin County Humane Society (875-7297) and report your lost pet and then go daily to the shelter to check, phone area vet offices to ask if anyone has turned in a lost pet and leave your info with them, and contact the State Journal and take out an inexpensive lost pet ad (227-4556). Offer a reward (but no true animal lover would accept payment for returning a lost pet to an owner).

There is a service that will telephone landlines in your area for a fee and notify residents of the lost pet. See for details.

It is best to keep your pets safe to begin with. Don't let the fate of dear old Copper happen to your pet - take precautions before the fireworks start.

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