Kentucky Medical Marijuana Supporters Rally

thomas vance Published:

Supporters of last years medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 129 the Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act attended a barbecue and rally held Wednesday June 27th at the home of State Senator Perry Clark of Louisville who filed last years bill. Citizen activists from Winchester, Alexandria in Northern Kentucky and from all over the Commonwealth were in attendance. Ron Moore of Kentucky Veterans For Medical Marijuana, Tony Ashley of Free the Weed Kentucky, Lynne Wilson of Hemprock Radio which broadcasts out of Cincinnati across Northern Kentucky, on line, and on Public Access Television, and numerous citizens interested in a medical marijuana law for Kentucky’s sick and disabled citizens were there to discuss our options for getting a bill thru the 2013 Assembly.

After a fine repast Senator Clark gave a short talk and stated his intention to rewrite and refile the bill prior to the Assembly convening. Senator Clark’s original bill was filed late in last years session and given the fact it was a busy year for the Assembly, it never got past it’s first stop, the Senate Judicial Committee chaired by Senator Jensen. Senator Clark said this is the year for getting this bill passed and indicated that Senator Jensen was also interested in moving the bill forward. Senator Clark stressed the importance of contacting your State Senator and Representative by mail and also to call and visit their offices to press our case. The Senator then went around the group asking for suggestions for making our case and getting the word out to supporters and those citizens who maybe wouldn’t use medical marijuana but see the frugality in continuing marijuana prohibition.

Many suggestions were discussed for getting the message out and stressing the benefits, medical, financial and bureaucratic of a comprehensive medical marijuana bill for Kentucky’s citizens. Benefits like increased revenue for state and local coffers, positive economic impact as a result of people being employed in the industry, lower rates of traffic accidents, teen usage, prescription drug abuse, criminal justice costs, the freeing of police to focus on serious crimes, an alternative crop for our beleaguered farmers and lest we forget, the pain and suffering we will be helping our sick and disabled citizens to endure, the effect of which can’t be measured except in the relief in a sufferers eyes will result with the passage of this bill.

Every state touching Kentucky’s borders are working on some form of medical marijuana bill as we speak and those states are going to need a supplier. We have a unique opportunity to fill the market and a medical marijuana bill can get us prepared for when these other bills come on line and the Federal prohibition of marijuana finally comes to an end as it most certainly will.

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  • Judging from current events, I would bet that the Sheriff's Office will be at any rallies taking down license plate numbers and taking pictures of those in attendance. There is a full time vice squad now that is always looking for something to do. Play it smart and do not be their entertainment for the evening.

  • I just thought I saw a pig go flying through the air.

  • Thank you State Senator Perry Clark.

  • Thank you Thomas. Yes we are organizing an Army, Gatewood's Army, and we are determined to make this bill happen. Join us in the fight or We are going to be educating the state this summer on the benefits of this plant and how it can save lives. This is the most wonderful plant God ever put on this earth. You can manufacture just about anything you want with it plus save lives. Research even suggests that it may cure cancer. There is no logical reason that this plant should be illegal and we are fighting to right that wrong and give the Kentucky farmers the crop that Kentucky owes it's heritage to.