ACA for The American People

BluegrassGranny Published:

Health Care Reform Benefits:

Let's millions of young adults stay on parents insurance until age 26.

Ends insurance company power to cap the amount of care a person can receive.

Stops insurance companies from canceling coverage when they get sick.

Lowers the cost of care for those on Medicare and helps seniors save money on their medicine.

Requires insurance companies to cover preventive services free of charge.

Stops insurance companies from denying coverage to children with pre=existing conditions.

Ends insurance company power to jack up rates without justification.

Gives tax credits to small business owners so they can afford to offer quality health care for employees.

Builds and improves hundreds of health care centers.

Gives hard-working Americans tax credits so they can afford insurance beginning in 2014.

Ends discrimination against adults with pre-existing condition beginning in 2014.

These are just some of the benefits from this program. The more you learn about this program, the more I believe that people will embrace it.

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  • Anonymous - what the **** are you talking about?

  • What is not to like unless you are a Tea Party member, then you don't care what it does because all's you know is that that BLACK Socialist Kenyan Obama done it, so it must end freedom as we know it. He's BLACK, fer' crissakes can't y'all see that he is BLACK!!!

  • Insurance companies must spend 80-85% of expenditure on health care costs (not on marketing that drive up costs)