Drug Dealer Vandalised Home on Ringo

Willis Street Neighbor Published:

The Frankfort PD refuses to do anything about drug dealer in Country Club Heights Neighborhood.... Repeated calls about Gregory Fowler went ignored when many neighbors reported drug activity over several months, FINALLY KSP stepped in and arrested him, he was indicted and now faces his arraignment on July 20th. He and his accomplice Rickie Reed were caught in the act vandalising a home of a neighbor last night. The first time the house was spray painted was Sunday, Frankfort PD didn't even take a picture, then Tuesday the same neighbor's truck window was busted, again, nothing was done by Frankfort PD, so KSP was called, we even saw a car patrolling a few times during the afternoon after that. Well, Mr. Fowler and Mr. Reed were caught red-handed by the home owner AND a neighbor witnessed the third spray painting of the other side of the home, Frankfort PD was called and so was KSP, Frankfort PD said that there was NOTHING they could do, "a misdemeamer anyway" and then they called KSP to tell them to disregard the call. You read stories about good neighbors that resorted to doing things that were less than ethical and here we have a situation where we KNOW what the trouble is and the Frankfort PD will not help. If one of the neighbors retaliated I'm SURE they'd be locked up quicker than you can count to three. So we have to continue to deal with a drug-dealer until his arraigment because he's on the Frankfort Police Departments Payroll apparently. Where is the justice here? Who has to get hurt before Frankfort PD will respond to this? Apparently not home-owners in the neighborhood.

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  • I wouldn't know the "Fowler boy" if he spit in my face. My comment about the stealing of his GF was tongue in cheek, but it still sounds more like a personal vendetta. But, I would suggest that you take what you PERSONALLY WITNESSED to the mayor and city commission, or city attorney...it sounds like dereliction of duty to me. I wouldn't put it past the po-po to do such a thing, but it does not make it legal or ethical.

  • anonymous_1713, I have PERSONALLY WITNESSED several city police staking out a business over a tip about a break-in & after the fella ran from them at high speeds down Wilkerson Blvd, They hancuffed him & took him away. I found out the next day that this STOOL PIDGEON was never taken to jail & only to the station to be questioned. Several police witnessed him breaking out the light & trying to break through the front & back door! We all later learned that he was a C.I. & he was back to breaking into peoples houses two nights later. Actually, the STEALING the GIRLFRIEND comment & denying that there is a problem is TOPIX material. I take it that the Fowler boy is a friend of yours for you to have defended him like this.

  • This "story" sounds like it is long on vendetta and short on any actual facts. I have never known the FPD being shy about busting people who are actually breaking the law by selling drugs. Really? What did this guy Fowler really do to you for you to write (libel?) this stuff about him in the paper? Steal your girlfriend or something? I would hate to see this SJ "Opinion" section become another Topix hit/gossip column. Take it over to Frankfort Topix!

  • Where is Country Club Heights located?

  • Sorry to hear that your neighborhood has to put up with this. I am even more sorry that Confidential Informants are given get out of jail free cards & are able to remain on their usual crime sprees in order to catch the so called BIG ONES! There is nothing anybody can do about it unless they are willing to risk a certain prison stint if they harm an informant. Is it worth it? A person should never have to be put in that situation.