Let's please not get too anonymous...

Steve Fry Published:

Hello, my fellow readers. With the most recent re-design of the state-journal web page, the code monkeys have offered the word "anonymous"+several numerical digits as a suggested username for people signing up for internet access.

I can understand needing to angrily fire back a retort to someone's post, and quickly accepting the "anonymousXXX" as your username in the heat of passion.

But please, go back and edit your username to something a little more memorable. I miss jaw-jackin' and ****-raisin' with ranger danger, recon marine, ronandlane and a host of others. Some, like bodeen, chazrigz and sellus, have adopted the old "nicknames" we had in the past.

Please give a little thought to your "handle" lest the definition become part of your life, to wit: "Anonymous (adj.) Lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses (or people)."

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  • anonymous_1713, NO! Absolutly Not! Never said that I did! Never insinuate that I did! LOL. Me has enough problems with ronaldlane. Aint that right ronnie. :-) All joking aside, ronaldlane is very vocal & cares very much about Frankfort but he doesn't threaten @zz whoopings to posters who disagree.

  • You "miss" recon marine? Boy, I don't. He was a mean sucker!

  • Thanks for the other suggestion Mr. Sewell. Heck, before long, I will learn how to navigate fine with all of your help. One more little problem I'm having. I have to Re-Sign in everytime I post, even though I never leave the site. Thanks again for all of your suggestions.

  • I see. Lots of quirks to be worked out (especially on phones). One shortcut for exiting stories (at least on a computer) is to hit "escape" and the story will close returning you to the main SJ page.

  • Chase. I hate having to scroll back to the top to exit out of a story If I hit the back arrow, It takes me back to my home page & I have to reload the state journal..I personally don't like the small window & There are no way to post or send an article from my phone. Trying to use the phone is another whole story in itself.. The new layout is fine. It's just agrivating to navigate after opening stories for the reasons given. THANKS!

  • bodeen: What changes would you suggest? I have said on another post that just saying you hate it doesn't help anyone. Put out there what you want done and maybe it will happen.

  • I went to my parents house in the county to avoid risking breaking the city laws & I be d@mned if a neighbor came out the door after the first shot & hollared, you dumb f#*#*#, you will burn the place up. I was setting off the balls that goes a couple hundred feet in the air & explodes in a colorful ball simular to what they shoot off downtown but smaller. Those were the only kind I had. I told him that I checked with the sheriffs office & they are no bans in effect & that what I was shooting was legal & that if he didn't like it, go call the police! He did :-) Of course he lied & said that it was hitting his house. The deputy came & seen that my tubes were in the ground with a 75 degree angle opposite of his house & that no way whatsoever any could come back like the neighbor said. He told me to enjoy my evening & that was the end of that. Its a shame people has to lie to try & get someone in trouble but some will. Other than that It was fine. I hate the new format & hope the state journal will change a few things to make it easier to use. Good to hear from ya.

  • Hey bodeen. I'm baaaaack :-) Hope you had a great 4th. I liked the old format better. I guess it will take some time to get used to the webdesigners new format.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize how easy it was to change back to our usual names. Have a great day :-)

  • Excellent notion!

  • bodeen I am still here...had to change my nickname though...couldn't put in #1ukfan with the new format here. Nothing much going on to comment on. But I am sure something will catch my eye.

  • Steve, I miss getting scolded & put in my place by the ole gang. Haven't seen uk#1fan, ronaldlane, smartgirl, jimdaniels ect., too many to name & all I have noticed is the numerous anonymous/something names. It does takes away from the spirit of chatting with anonymous names. I also hope that some will edit their names back to their pre-upgrade day