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tamedshrew Published:

Dear State-Journal web team -

Could you please have the articles come up as a page, rather than as a small window? There's no way to provide a link to one of your helpful articles for sharing (outside of social media), citing (as a source) or bookmarking for future reference.

Also, you may want to look into your "email article" function. I've been unsuccessful in forwarding articles I have emailed (as an alternative to providing a link). The few attempts I made were never delivered to the inbox (or junk folder) of the recipient.

As a researcher and writer, I thank you for your consideration.

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  • SJ, you need to allow paragraphs. The new layout runs everything together.

  • Thanks, webdev. Your "addtothis" email service must be marked as spam to a state gov. email server. Thus, my not receiving the email. You may want to check the headers of the emails upon receipt to see if any commercial references are included. Apart from that, you may need to get the address whitelisted. Thanks!!!!

  • (Wow, Big Brother IS watching LOL)

  • Thank you for all the feedback. We are constantly working on improving the site and we take your feedback into consideration as we prioritize feature development. Enhancements for mobile are in the queue. And we will be adding a url for the article that can be copy/pasted easily among other things. In regards to tips and tricks: To open articles in new tabs, you'll need to right click, copy link, then paste the link in a new tab and remove the '.modal' portion. We know this is a hassle and it is on the list. Our apologies. The window can also be easily closed by clicking on the 'curtain' or area surrounding the article. You do not need to always click the 'X'. Tamedshrew ... we verified the email function is working. And actually that email share function works through a third party called addthis so it's not sending from a email. Again, thanks for your feedback and support.

  • Thanks, Steve. It could be that the state government servers reject the SJ emails. (I am a researcher for an agency.) I'll try sending them home, first, then forwarding them.

  • I've successfully e-mailed articles this morning -- or, more accurately, links to articles, instead of the articles themselves. But clicking these links, whether in a browser or on my iPhone, successfully loaded the page and story. I had also noticed Chase's suggestion of using the 'escape' key to close a window, instead of the 'Back' command or trying to scroll up to find the 'X' to close the window.

  • Thanks, Chase. I will try that in Firefox. I use Google Chrome, and when I use that method, the article comes up without the stylesheet (unformatted and the photos lacking captions). Another reason I'd prefer the article to come up in a page is that the "close" hyperlink is not aligned with the "x" appearing top right; when I try to use the scrollbar to move to the top, the article closes. I'm sure this is related to a lack of testing in Chrome during the design process. Probably a five minute fix.

  • It is a quirky thing right now. I am sure it will get better as they get more feedback. Work in progress.

  • meant to say article

  • CSewell, Thanks for the useful tip. However, I wasn't able to post when I opened the story in a new tab. It is a lot more comfortable reading the artical though.

  • Also, anonymous_some number...your bravery abounds. What don't you like about it? Just saying you hate it doesn't help anything.

  • The only way I have found to get the actual web page for an article is to open it in a new tab (in firefox, safari and i think explorer can do it too) Just right click on the article name and select open in new tab.

  • I hate the entire layout of your web page!! It's horrible.