Healthcare For All? Not When There Is A Political Point To Be Made!

thomas vance Published:

The Affordable Care Act, derisively called Obamacare, is another major attempt by those wanting to bring the American healthcare system into the 21st Century and in line with the way healthcare is made available to every citizen in every modern nation except America. Opponents deride this attempt and then boldly claim that , “America has the best healthcare in the world!”, despite the fact that as many as 30 million of our citizens have no access to ‘the best healthcare system in the world’.

When the Clintons tried to bring us universal coverage they originally called for an employer mandate. Employers would have to provide healthcare to all employees. This idea drew a huge outcry from the representatives of the business community. The Republicans in an effort to protect businesses called for personal responsibility when it comes to healthcare. They proposed an individual mandate requiring all citizens to have healthcare and be part of the system with a penalty for those who fail to comply. Democrats agreed and the Affordable Care Act passed.

Since passage, Republicans, in a stunning repudiation of their own ideas, have fought tooth and nail to destroy it. Republicans claim ‘death panels’ will kill grandma, deciding who gets care and who doesn’t, who lives and who dies. They claim the Act will increase costs when it actually will decrease costs and even lower the deficit somewhat over time, as if the old system was sustainable. Republicans have focused on the Medicaid expansion which will need to happen to get everybody in the system. They claim it will cost the states too much even though the Federal Government will pay 100% of the costs starting out dropping to 90% by 2020 when the States will pick up 10% of the costs. Two things about this stand out. First, any Governor, having the chance to provide healthcare to all his citizens and fails to do so, should pay for his dereliction of duty by being turned out of office. Second, economist’s have estimated that states implementing the expansion will see lower costs as their 10% share, much lower than they are paying now.

Several Republican Governors are threatening to refuse the expansion of their Medicaid programs by refusing the Federal money in yet another attempt to undermine the new law. Do they not realize that poor people vote also? Are they to the oblivious to the suffering both physical and financial they are wreaking on their own people with their childlike posturing? They must not. Republicans, when it comes to Healthcare are more than willing to throw the less well off citizens in their states under the proverbial bus to make a political point. Republican Party members should worry about what earnings level is required to keep one from being thrown under the bus too.

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  • I love when I challange the liberals on this site the story I am commenting on is moved to the secound page. Don't tell me it's the natural progression of the adding of new stories because there are stories that have been on the site longer than this one.

  • 1713, your agreement and puzzlement on who would run a single pay system sums up why it is hard to supply health insurance to all in a economic system that we have. If we turn it completley over to the insurance companies like we just about have,(HMO) then they will be running the show with the regulations from the goverment which they will circumvent. If we turn all healthcare over to the goverment then they will screw it up like they have social security, medicaid and medicare. Politics will ruin any buisness since the goverment may have. My point is that again in our system you can't provide insurance for all if you want to have any kind of say about you health care. Again I agree that the way insurance is now we have very little say. So again I ask you what is wrong with my idea????????

  • patriot63, that is absolute fright wing propaganda that you posted...hint it's a Fox News report! "“There’s already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they’re not even done yet,” Rehberg said." What is with you conservatives and this irrational fear of multiple pages of regulations anyway? You seem to equate the more pages of regulations, the less that you are going to understand, so more that the government is going to skewer you. I would bet dollars to donuts that you don't understand squat about the current health care regs either! So this is just going to be something else that you don't understand. I'd say you are even. The vast majority of these regulations are for the regulated industry to follow, not YOU! Don't feel too sorry for the health care and insurance industries, as they will get an adequate opportunity to review these regs and comment on them. And besides, they have been raking in the money for a loooong time. And their lobbyist are probably helping to write them, even. They have staffs of experts that can understand each nuance, and their comments may be incorporated into the regs where deemed appropriate. You will be the beneficiary of the myriad of services that will be provided probably without doing anything. If there is anything for you to do, like say that you don't have insurance but need it, there will be adequate notice given and plenty of help will be provided. The Affordable Care Act does a lot of different things, so it is going to take some rules and regulations to make it work and be fair. Plus, the Act has to be woven into the existing health care rules seamlessly. So what if there is a lot of pages? You don't have to write them or read them...I suspect that they would be a little above your paygrade anyway. There are a lot of regs that govern most anything that is regulated. What do you suggest? That they just wing it? The rules are there for all to see and the regulated entities need to know the parameters and what is required of them to do business. This stuff is complicated, but a lot of very smart people are working on it to make it work. So be a good little patriot and don't worry too much...can't you tell that they are chumping you? Those who stand to lose some of their profits are just trying to scare you, and Fox News is all too eager to help them. Why are you helping them too?


  • mach570, "...the only way I can see doing this is a single pay system like England has. This is fantastic except I dont like the goverment running it." Who else is gonna run it, private insurance companies? The insurance companies ALREADY add 30% to the cost of healthcare without adding ANY benefits. The government has to run it (like every other government does in the world) like Medicare for all. Cut out the middle man and get better outcomes for less money. We don't have to imagine what this would be like, we already do it for our current Medicare recipients as well as the VA.

  • 1713 the act does PROVIDE a lot of good things and straightens alot of wrong doing by the insurance companies. The part that says the insurance companies have to accept pre-existing conditions is a no brainer but it also leads to abuse and as far as I can see can be expensive to the tax payers??? This is my point if everybody wants healthcare whether they want to work for it or not the only way I can see doing this is a single pay system like England has. This is fantastic except I dont like the goverment running it. Waterdog this is why I feel we need to go back to hospitalization. Waterdog when you corrected me about the antibodies you prove my point. People are going to the doctor to be overly medicated by the doctors and to give them a reason to not work.NO I am not a doctor but I do have common sense. For the sake of debate waterdog please inform me what part of my idea is not practical.

  • TRUE, waterdog. There are a lot of other great things that the Affordable Care Act does over the next few years as they are phased in. A big part of the reason that these items were "phased in" was in an attempt by the Democrats to compromise and get a few "moderate" Republicans (like Senator Snow) to sign on to the bill in support of their own ideas. Snow and others initially indicated that they would support the bill only if several key features were delayed. The obvious strategy here was that if they delayed these popular benefits, that it would be easier to demonized "Obamacare" to the chronically underinformed for the 2012 Presidential election. After it was all said and done, all of the Republicans bailed en masse for fear of making it look like Obama had done something useful. If you want to see what the Republicans are offering as their plan for healthcare, look at the Ryan Plan that would give ever-decreasing vouchers to senior citizens to buy Medicare from a variety of providers. The Congressional Budget Office found that it would increase medicare cost to seniors by around $6,000 per YEAR! That should be enough to scare anybody!

  • Very well put Anon1713. The only thing I can see you left out was keeping children on their parent's policy until age 26. In these times when so many kids can't get decent jobs, this can save a lot of money for them until they get on their feet. The GOP keep talking about repeal and replace, but they have no plan of their own, since, as you said, they originated the present plan they now oppose. And, mach 570, there is no such thing as an antibody for a cold. However. that is not the worst error in your proposal; just the whole premise makes little practical sense. Things have changed drastically since the times you speak of.

  • I am sick and tired of hearing these ignorant people whining about repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). They don't have a clue about what they are talking about, and are in many cases actually speaking out against their own self-interests. Why repeal it, that is if you are not a rich Republican insurance company owner? I have to ask them: What don't you like about ending insurance company abuses like denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions, or cancelling coverage when someone is sick? What don't you like about keeping insurance premiums low, where insurance companies must justify its rate hikes, and provide rebates if they don't spend at least 80% of consumers' premiums on care instead of overhead, marketing and profits? What is not to like about expanding access to care, where 32 million more Americans are able to afford insurance for the first time and nearly all Americans--95% of those under the age of 65--will have insurance? What is your problem with closing the Medicare Prescription Drug "Donut Hole", where over 2.6 million seniors have recently saved an average of $550 each on their prescription drugs and, by 2020, the Medicare "donut hole" will be completely closed? The Affordable Care Act does all of this and more, and all for less money than we are currently spending on health care in this country (counting all of the "free" treatment that the uninsured are currently getting in emergency rooms). Remember Teabaggers, the individual mandate is a Republican idea, and was supported by both Willard Mitt Romney AND Newt Gingrich in the last two years. Now they are just blowing political smoke to try to defeat the President by hook or crook! What we really need to do is strengthen the Affordable Care Act to include the "public option" which would give the insurance companies some REAL competition, or better yet single payer (Medicare for all) like every other civilized country in the world has. Wake up and learn something!

  • There is an easy answer to this whole health care debate its just neither party has the spine to start making all americans responsible for themselves.Back before all this HMO were formed people paid for there own doctor bills. I am talking about when people would go to the doctor to get and antibody for a cold just so that they can get over the cold two days sooner.If you had 10 kids you did the cheaper thing and bought more kleenex's. I know because that is how we lived.Yes you had health insurance but we called it hospitilization.The reason you had that was because like now the hospitals charged way to much for their services.Most of you know the rest of the story after HMO, which are a form of socialzed insurance I can prove it if need be. After all that my plan is to go back to that system.This should again I repeat should drop the cost of health care because people will pay attention more to their doctors bills and quit going to the doctor for minimal stuff and bargain with the doctor or go to another that is cheaper(capitalism). This should help the poor people out because again a doctors visit should be affordable.What they pay for a carton of cigs and a 12 pack of beer or for a smart phone they should be able to afford the doctor bill. I know this may sound heartless to some of you out there but the way I see it I am not working for everyone else in this country I am working for me and my family and if the goverment keeps trying to force me too we will all go broke.

  • citizen, Where's that CBO report that estimates $2.6 trillion? I see one CBO report from 2010 that estimates 10 year cost at $900 billion. That includes 4 years before the law goes into full effect (2014). There's another from 2012 that estimates 10 year costs at $1.5 trillion. That same CBO report also goes on to note that ACA will reduce the national deficit because the $1.5 trillion going towards ACA is cheaper than than the cost of treating un-insured or under-insured people. How bout that?

  • -Uk fan; so you suggest I read the ACA to educate myself. So I guess that means you have read the 2,074 pages of it? Not only did you read it but you understand each and every part. Let's start off with the people who wrote/passed/signed the law. MANY lawmakers ADMITTED to not reading it. Your famous Pelosi suggested "pass it to see whats in it". hmmm so they all know whats in it? Guess they missed this little part. Although there are many errors lets focus on the big one. The great one predicted this would only cost a itty bitty $900 BILLION in the first decade. WOOPS!!! the CBO now predicts that cost will be closer to $2.6 TRILLION!!! Smooty I feel or your medical conditions and I pray for a speedy recovery and may God watch over your condition. With that being said it does have a human factor. That human factor is me and my family come first. I am by no means rich either I struggle to pay my bills each day. That does not make it my responsibility to see that you have a job and health insurance though, whether I am rich or poor. Persons in my family have medical conditions as well maybe not as dire as yours but serious enough. And I know for an absolute fact my benefits, coverage, premiums have all been cut or raised because of the ACA. I do agree with some parts like pre existing conditions and no lifetime maximum;however that doesn't mean we need 2,074 pages of other non sense that will break the banks of many Americans. Could there be parts that could/should be kept, 100% yes. But that is not what my point is about. My point is again this will not cost the governemt a single penny. It will now cost TAXPAYERS an estimated $2.7 TRILLION and thats only for the first decade. So I suggest all you ACA readers to actually read it yourself and I sure hope your a fast reader because its going to take a while. Good luck in your recovery and I sincerely hope all goes well. This bill will NOT ensure ALL Americans have healthcare, its in the fine print you just gotta look for it behind the smoke and mirrors.

  • ukfan, I tried to read that turd, but at 2700 pages and constantly needing to refer to the US code, I finally was beat down. Now that it is tested and approved, I'm waiting to, as Ms. Pelosi said, find out what's in there. Might be some good stuff, might be some bad stuff. Who really knows?

  • chaz; That is a rumor foisted by FauxNews. Once again you use made up "facts" to try and make a point. Once again; FAIL!

  • What Obamacare will cost you - just a sample - there's lots more hidden in the law, including tens of thousands of new IRS agents to pry into your lives

  • you are wrong ..the penalty placed on people who can afford insurance but do not buy it is how they are going to pay for it. You say everyone is getting medical they may get emergency care but not continuing health care that they need. Heaven forbid that we the greatest and wealthiest nation in the world help our people get affordable health care. We seem to always find money to go to war to kill people. If you can't afford to buy insurance you will either be subsidized to help pay or you will not have to pay and will be put on medicare. You need to read the ACA.

  • citizen i think you really need to re think what you think you know about this. sure there are people on medical cards going into the Dr. office and also people getting healthcare at the hospital. but in alot of cases mine being one of them i have worked all my life and paid into the system and i ended up losing my job and healthcare i have a very serious illness the requires a organ transplant and since i do not have insurance they will not put me on the list. after working many years and saving money into a 401k and also being married it makes me ineligible for medicade i did receive disability but when you get this you have a two year waiting period before you get your medicare benefits. If i had to wait two years i would be dead. i did receive medical care and had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital at UK but being that i am not as poor as i need to be my hospital bill was 70,000 dollars in the end so now i have this bill and was unable to get on the transplant list due to lack of insurance. under the ACA a few months later i was able to get insurance from a little known policy that is part of the law now called PCIP i still have to pay a premium for this but is by far very affordable compared to the almost 600.00 dollars a month it would cost me to get on my wife's policy and i am sorry i am not wealthy enough to be able to pay that every month on top of food and mortgage and the high risk pool in KY is about the same price and goes up every year and also pre exsisting conditions are not covered for a year. as of right now i do have insurance through the ACA and was just informed i am now on the transplant list. so just remember there is a human factor in this and i hope you never find out how stressful it is to lose everything and have a very serious disease and not be able to get the treatment you need to get healed. and before you call somebody gullible and naive walk a mile in their shoes

  • Mr. Vance you are wrong!!! -The government will not be paying 100,90 or 10% of anything.It will be TAXPAYERS, you see TAXPAYERS is where the government gets their money from, not some magic bank. Wrong again!! you claim Obamacare will lower costs. -Well since it has passed my premiums have increased twice, my benefits cut once and almost a seond time, my spouses benefits were also cut. Ye Ye I know I have to wait until 2014 or 2020 or whenever then I will really see the savings (ye right) You say 30 million are without healthcare -Wrong again, walk into any Dr's office, Urgent Treatment Center, ER, Hospital you will see people getting medical care with their medical cards and if they can't afford it they still will be treated. So this threat of a fine/tax will solve that and make them get healthcare. -Wrong again, if they can't afford it to begin with or they decide to ignore the law you really think they are going to pay the $750/1% fine? Get off Gullible and Naivety Island and move back to the real world!!!!!