Twelve families without water in Henry County that have a Frankfort address and pay taxes in Franklin County.

Becky Burke Published:

Can you believe that there are twelve families out Bald Knob that do not have city water! One family is my son's family. Over ten years ago, the goverment budgeted for water lines that were installed to the end of the Franklin County line and stopped and installed from the Henry County line and stopped at 680 Old Flat Creek Road. What is fair about this? We live in the 21st Century and everyone should have city water. They are installing water pipe lines to Lexington from Frankfort so they can have water from Frankfort, but will not take care of a few families here in Frankfort! What is fair about this? I worked for state govenment for 30 years and I know how the system works!

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  • nihilist: Lexington's water supplier, Kentucky American Water Company, paid for all of the construction, pipeline, land etc. I don't think Franklin County "contributed" anything. To the contrary, some affected landowners raised a hue and cry at the time, saying KAWC had trodden on their land, their rights, their rare flowers and butterflies, etc. The KAWC pipeline follows a few area roads: US 127, Indian Gap, Peaks Mill, Rocky Branch, Switzer, US 460, etc in its march toward Fayette County. Many of those roads are in MUCH better condition than before and, apart from a giant water tank constructed near Switzer, you really can't tell that there's a 4-foot-diameter underground water pipe from Monterey to Lexington. One of our past reporters, Charlie Pearl, did a series of stories on this pipeline.

  • How do they do that? Seems to me, Lexington either had to purchase/lease rights to the water, or they lease the space through Franklin/Scott counties. Surely there's no way Franklin or Scott County can afford to provide infrastructure for Lexington.

  • nihilist, Lexington now draws some of its water from the Kentucky River at Monterey. It's treated on-site and pumped through Franklin and Scott counties to Lexington. They don't actually 'purchase' water from Frankfort.

  • I will admit that I know zero about the situation, but my guess is that it would cost a few million dollars for Frankfort to run city water out to it's more remote locations. If Lexington is in fact getting water from Frankfort, I'd bet Lexington is paying for it, not Frankfort.

  • I contacted the magistrate back in 2006 concerning this very issue and got nowhere.Yes these families have been forgotten and something should be done ASAP

  • Have you "officially" tried contacting anyone about this? Perhaps at ? I know that, in part of Millville, some houses have a Woodford Co. address but a Franklin Co. phone # (or vice versa). Could this be a situation of Henry Co. not doing their job?