Peaks Mill Water District- Brown tap water?

Orsome Published:

Has anyone else from the Peaks Mill Water District noticed their tap water is brown? We called PMWD and they told us the brown is sediment, and all we need to do is run our tap and it will clear up. Well nearly an hour of running our water has passed and the water seems to be getting even more brow. So we asked PMWD if we should boil the water before use. We were told by them we should worry about it, and they did not want to cause a panic. Seems to me that a boil water advisory should be in place for PMWD. I hope that someone will help correct this problem and run tests on the water supply to make certain it is safe.

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  • I haven't had any brown water since the pipline project, but I do have this orange crap that grows on my faucets and showers during the summer months. Gives me something to scrub.

  • Contact the Public Service Commission at 564-3940 and ask for Consumer Services Division. Let them know so it can be addressed.

  • i had the same problem yesterday i ran the outside faucet for nearly and hour and also kept flushing toilet and also had bath water on it finally went clear again luckily i have filters on kitchen sink and ice maker