Topping trees is WRONG

Grackle Published:

In the aftermath of our recent storms some "tree service" people have been going door to door offering to "top" mature trees in the city.

This is no longer acceptable practice and is widely known to create dangerous conditions. DO NOT LET ANYONE TOP YOUR TREES.

A chainsaw, truck and so many years in business does not mean someone is qualified to touch your trees.

Cleaning up downed branches is one thing, but you don't want anyone but a certified arborist cutting a living tree on your property.

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  • i am a certified arborist i worked with the plant board for years pruneing trees around electric conductors, You are right about some shady guy's in a pick up truck and a chainsaw topping tree's, its ok to top the tree's as long as you make good lateral cuts and dont take no more than 30% of the crownof the tree, some of our tree's are protected like the big pretty oak and maple tree's in the city, those tree's should only be dead wooded and maintained twice a year, And i could"nt agree with you more watch who you hire to maintain your tree's.....