Kentucky State University Administrator to Serve as Keynote Speaker for Rust College Founders' Celebration

A Phillips Published:

Rust College is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Lorenzo L. Esters, ’98, who will serve as keynote speaker during the 146th Founders’ Convocation in November. Esters received his Bachelor of Arts in English, graduating summa cum laude, from Rust College; a Masters’ in English from Jackson State University, and his doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Morgan State University in 2007.

Dr. Esters was recently named Vice P resident for Student Success and Enrollment Management at Kentucky State University. Esters previously was vice president for the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities’ Office for Access and the Advancement of Public Black Universities (APLU).

As vice president of Student Success and Enrollment Management, Esters will lead a new initiative at Kentucky State aimed at coordinating the university’s efforts to better support students who are largely low-income, first-generation, and who require one or more remedial courses when they enroll.

Esters told Diverse Magazine that the move “represents a wonderful opportunity for me to put the things for which I have advocated for here at APLU into action on a local campus; important things like providing access for low-income students and more effectively supporting those students to enhance retention and graduation rates at Kentucky State.”

Esters will join hundreds of his fellow alumni and current students and friends of the institution as Rust College celebrates 146 years of education and service November 9-11. The 146th Founders Convocation will be held in Morehouse Auditorium of the Doxey Alumni Fine Arts-Communication Center at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, November 11.

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  • Once again KSU’s Dr. Sias and/or the Board of Regents have hired someone who has no connection to Kentucky. The taxpayers of Kentucky should be offended. Dr. Sias’ cabinet represents the country, but has little to no representation from Kentucky. Dr. Esters has not been here long and he is already on the road to speak elsewhere. Is this his forte – always on the road? By the way, UK’s Board had the financial savvy to decide that a bonus for its president is not wise during these cash-strapped times. Too bad KSU’s board did not have the same insight - $250,000 bonus for Sias! Apparently Kentucky politicians do not care how KSU is spending taxpayer money.