Old prison cemetery?


Does anyone have any information about the prisoners' graveyard at the old Kentucky State Prison in Frankfort? I've been told that it is (or was) located at the western end of Wallace Avenue, behind Memorial Baptist Church. If that's the old prison graveyard, are bodies still buried there, or were they exhumed and reburied somewhere else when the prison was torn down?

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  • There was access by the old post office to several graves. My grandfather helped deliver goods to the prison when he was young.

  • The graveyard is at the west end of Murrell St. My grandparents showed it to me in the 50's and said it was packed full of graves. They remembered the old prison well.

  • During the building of the Transportation building a cemetery was located but it was not sure if it was connected to the old prison. Prior to final construction the bodies were exhumed and moved to Fort Hill Park and reburied. There is a marker around the new grave site.

  • You might ask Russ Hatter at the Capital City Museum on Ann Street. He would know, or could point you to someone who knows.