Parking Woes Published:

I read the State Journal article and noticed a glaring omission from the article. A big issue with both Mayor candidates and Commission candidates was the lack of parking downtown. This topic was discussed at length during the debates.

What we have is an impending parkingmaggedon. We have already experienced what lack of planning can cause. When the Public Safety Building came into existence, concerns were expressed. See this State Journal article -

The Public Safety Building parking problem was solved by spending an additional $450,000 to buy, tear down and install a pervious concrete parking lot. Public Safety project reduces police parking - The State Journal and

Now we get to the new $31,000,000 Franklin County Courthouse. The parking for the old Courthouse was taken up by the new Library. We lost hundreds of Parking spots. With the unavailability of those lost parking spots makes the only other option the St. Clair Parking Garage but it has major major problems with major repair costs to make it a viable and safe parking structure. Former City Manager Tony Massey says in this article

"Engineers estimated demolishing the structure would cost about $290,000 and rehabilitation to meet safety regulations about $1.7 million. Massey said making it safe plus attractive enough so that people actually use the structure would cost even more, somewhere in the $2 million range." The parking garage has now been sold to former U.S, 6th District Congressional candidate Mike Templeman for $51,500.

Now we have a former city owned and deemed too expensive to repair parking garage in under repair with a deadline of Sept 30, 2013 for repairs to be complete. What's odd is after spending near $2,000,000 to get it in safe condition, Templeman is giving up 35 parking spots for free to the new Courthouse. That means he is giving up 20% of his revenue potential. How will he make any money to pay the debt incurred. Will the parking for the other 145 spaces be so expensive that people will not utilize the facility or as always will Government rent the spots so Templeman can keep it open? Who? in this case, County government.

What I'm talking about is will County Government ( County Judge, County Clerk, other county officials) rent all the spots at some exorbitant fee so Templeman will be able to keep it open?

City elected officials accurately read the writing on the Parking Garage wall and sold the dilapidated and too expensive to repair structure. I can't believe Templeman bought the parking garage without some kind of deal in place to fill the garage with cars. Time will tell if County Government is the dominate tenant of the parking garage when it opens in September 2013.

Which means, WE will pay for keeping it open. Government supporting a private business and the taxpayers are the loser yet again. The 1%ers win as always.

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  • Perhaps, once the permit users start parking in the garage, the resulting empty parking spaces will take care of themselves. :o)

  • I heard the St. Clair garage will only allow permit parking and no public parking. I thought providing public parking was one of the conditions the city had when selling it.

  • pee poor situation...................I just love Frankfort !