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thomas vance Published:

As the procession moved down the street, one of the children pointed and shouted, “He has no clothes on!”, and suddenly the spell was broken. There stood the real Mitt Romney naked before the Electorate!

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, in a glaringly honest bit of speechifying, bared his soul and revealed his true self and that of his wealthy supporters. The opinion Mr. Romney and his supporters hold of their fellow citizens is one of resentment and indignation that those on the low end of the financial spectrum should get the assistance of the Government to be successful or to just get by. That somehow wealth equals good people and poor equals bad, dependent and lazy people. Never mind the fact that almost all successful citizens have had the help of either their families or the Government in the creation of their success. There is even a video of Mr. Romney’s mother saying that Mitt’s father was grateful for the assistance he received from the Government when he first returned from Mexico.

Mr. Romney claimed that 47% of Americans pay no income tax. That these citizens are dependent on Government handouts, lazy and feel that things like food and housing are entitlements. Statistics show that of those in the 46.4% of the citizens Mr. Romney and his supporters disparage, 28.3% pay payroll taxes and of the 18.1% who pay no payroll taxes, 10.3% are elderly or Veterans and 6.9% are non elderly but make less than 20,000 dollars a year. None of these citizens make enough money to pay income taxes. They do pay plenty in State, sales and local taxes but I guess these don’t count! As bad as all this is for the Romney Campaign and for the rest of America’s opinion of the wealthy there is a greater lesson to be learned for Americans living in the lower end of the financial pyramid.

The Republican Party in it’s current form is a wholly owned subsidiary of the wealthy elite and as such , the views of the leader of the Party are the views of the Party. Americans in the despised 47% who have traditionally voted Republican need to wake up and realize that this is not the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan anymore. This Republican Party could care less about you and yours, unless of course you make enough to pay Federal income taxes. All this Party wants is your vote. They will use any social issue they can to include religion to con you out of your vote. Mr. Romney’s utterances at his $50,000 a plate fundraiser are exactly how these wealthy people feel and are the same as that of the Republican Party. As much as one might feel traditional loyalty to the Republican Party the fact that remains is this; if you make less than $200,000 a year and vote Republican you are not only voting for people who don’t like you , but are voting against your own financial interests. The Party has abandoned you and will not represent you even if you vote for them. Why would you want to vote for them anyway?

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  • monkier: Two things come to mind since the debate in Danville...the VP took Eddie Munster to school and then to the woodshed, AND round 2 of the Presidential debates is coming this week (and the President will not quite be so 'polite'). Plan on Romney taking at trip to the woodshed as he stammers around trying not to reveal just how radical his positions are. It is hard to debate someone who is not bound by the facts and their recent previous publicly stated positions. It is like trying to nail Jello to the wall. Anybody can be a master debator if they are not bound by those pesky facts. Romney obviously has sold his snake oil to some of you more gullible Kentuckians...not that that is too hard. Kentuckians have been buying the sizzle and not the steak for a long time. You go on and tote Massah Romney's water now, ya' hear? What we need is another Republican lead deep recession.

  • Hey those are the words of Romney himself! Nobody put those words in his mouth. The disdain of those who are better off is there for any one to see.

  • VERY GOOD, monkier.

  • anonymous_1713, ukfan, and thomyv, it was those wrong statements that cost Obama the debate. Repeating them don't make them true. Sure hope Obama will be better prepared for the next debate. Did his prep team really expect Romney would quietly stand by and take a beating like whimpy McCain? He has to start explaining his own vision or he can kiss re-election good-bye. Having people like you repeat the lies don't help. Please don't be an embarrassment to the Democrats... unless that is your goal. Wouldn't put it past you to be Republicans pretending to be Democrats to sabotage ..

  • More of them thar "facts." I truly believe you are living in FAIRYLAND.

  • President Obama has cut taxes for every working American, saving the typical middle-class family $3,600 in taxes over his first term. Mitt Romney would have to raise taxes on middle-class families in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires, costing the typical American family with kids $2,000 more each year.

  • Don't blame me, I voted FOR Hillary.

  • 671...I use my vote to vote FOR someone not AGAINST someone. If you are using your vote to vote against Obama you need to talk to your party and find out why they don't have someone to vote FOR in this election.

  • And a vote for NOBAMA will benefit NO ONE, especially the WORKING class.

  • Not stupid, but a vote for Romney will mostly benefit the already wealthy at the expense of everybody else.

  • So you think that everyone that votes against NOBAMA is stupid. That's nice and UNBELIEVEABLE. LOL!!!!!

  • Very good and informative article. We are on a path forward and we need not go back to the old ways of the republicans. They (republicans) can not win by telling the truth to the american people so they think they can lie and deceive them into voting for them. Well we are not as stupid as you think we are.

  • thomyv, are you serious? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Romney is nothing more than the continuation of the failed theory of " supply side economics". That if you give money to the wealthy and corporations they will invest it and that will create jobs. It's hard to see how that will work. A wealthy person or corporation is not gonna build another factory or mall or eatery if there is not a demand for these things. A person or corporation only expands and creates jobs if there is a demand for their product. The opposite to supply side economics is demand driven economics. Put money in the hands of those who will spend it, and that will create a demand that investors will rush to fill. The 40 years of flat wage growth is the result of us trying to make "supply side" economics work. Matter of fact, part of the problem is this theory has killed the great buying power of the middle class. The real engine of economic growth. By continually cutting salaries to the minimum wage, and when that isn't low enough, shipping operations where they could payless than the minimum wage, they have effective killed the goose that was laying the golden egg! Baby Bush was 8 years of this supply side theory and it ended in the greatest depression since the 30's. Every Repub administration have ended this way!

  • Keep believing what you want, but if we add another $4 trillion to the deficit in the next for years your grandchildren will wish that you had asked Obama a few more questions. He is the most beatable (because of poor performace) incumbant since Jimmy Carter, and it's a dadgum shame that the Reps couldn't put up a better candidate. Romney isn't perfect, but beats the heck out of "you didn't build this" Obama. It's ashame that the two party system has driven us to these choices, and ignored the middle.

  • bjos, I have been having the same conversation with my 2 sisters, who really can't figure out the difference between the way they feel and the facts. That seems to be a big problem for most radical right wingers...they don't use facts to make their political decisions but rather rely on their "feelings". While this overly sentimentalist approach is very quaint, it is downright dangerous when choosing our political leaders. They live in an misinformation bubble of right wing FOX News and talk radio. They believe that all other media is lying to them. They cannot distinguish nuance.

  • Why would they want to vote for them? Simply put, they don't believe what you've said.......I have been having this same discussion with a family member for a few months now. He simply ignores anything that doesn't agree with what he wants to believe. And seizes on anything that supports his position, whether it has any basis in fact or not.........Those who show Romney to be manipulating the facts, or completely wrong, are liars to him. For example, Romney's recorded remarks about the 47% (which includes him, btw) were somehow twisted and misrepresented, despite being the verbatim words spoken by Romney........At the same time, anything showing Obama in a good light is also twisted and misrepresented, while anything negative about Obama is vehemently and adamantly touted as the truth........People are their own best brainwashers.

  • Don't forget to hit the showers after you vote for Romney Kentuckians...but scrub as you may, you will never get the "stench" of Romney off of you.