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As a former police officer from years ago, I know the law still exists when you come to a stop sign, you are still suppose to stop...completely. If you are making a right turn, the driver's manual says make the stop, then turn right. I know that hasn't changed because I stay up with the laws. People act like the stop signs aren't even there. I guess we need a policeman at every stop sign. I've seen vehicles approach the red-light, and going to turn right, but they don't even bother to slow down. They are avoiding the light if they don't stop while it is red. That's considered a violation. People try to "beat the light" before it changes. Well, here you go again. If you are in the intersection when the light turns red, and you proceed, you have ran a red-light. No excuses, folks. That's just the laws. I've been a cop too long to be told different. The yellow light on traffic lights indicates to clear the intersection. It's the light in the center. My conclusion is that, people who take advantage of the stop signs and red-lights do not have any, any respect for the law and they think they can get by with it. Well, your time's coming. I've caught many violators doing the same thing you're doing. I don't mind if you have to pay money out of your pocket because you violated the law.

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  • A few weeks ago I was sitting at the red light at the intersection of 127 and Lsvl Road. A fire engine approached from behind. Instead of stopping and waiting for the light to change like everyone else, they turned their lights and sirens on and went thru the intersection against oncoming traffic. The light changed and I proceeded on in the same direction as the fire truck. I was flabbergasted to see that their destination was Arbys. The fire truck pulled in there and they all piled out to get their lunch. They put lives at risk to get to Arbys before the big lunch rush. I have all respect for anyone in uniform serving us at home or overseas. But you must lead by example. EVERYONE, should abide by the traffic laws. INCLUDING police and fire department, unless there is a REAL emergency.

  • Don't you know that police officers don't have to obey the law? They can do whatever they want--and they do. The law is for "civilians".

  • I watched three cars run successively through the stop sign at the railroad trestle last night, ignoring my turn completely. The third car was a Hopkinsville police car. So, can he read, or do we give him a pass for being an outoftowner? Oh, no excuses folks.

  • Uh huh. Technically, when the light ahead of you is red AND has a green arrow, you're 'supposed' to come to a full stop, then turn. That'll get you rear-ended very quickly.

  • From the Kentucky Drivers Manual, issued by the Kentucky State Police ( “A yellow light means the traffic signal is about to turn red. Stop if you can do so safely. A vehicle may clear an intersection on a red light, if the vehicle entered the intersection while the signal was yellow; but it is against the law to enter an intersection after the light turns red.” Either you weren’t a very good officer when you were on the force, or the laws HAVE changed since you left.