EBT card at smoke shop?

anonymous_1499 Published:

Why would a smoke shop be allowed to accept EBT cards? It must be more convenient for welfare smokers, but come on!

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  • You can buy what you want with the EBT money. Stores will even hand you actual cash they deduct from it. You can take it and buy whatever you want, including whatever you want to smoke.

  • Mr Fry is correct. The EBT card is confusing to many folks. Electronic benefits transfer (EBT) is the new way to transmit welfare benefits. Gone are the days when people get a welfare check in the mail. Now everything is done electronically. When you see someone using the EBT card to get cash back or making purchases at non food retailers, those persons are receiving a monthly cash benefit (usually a single parent with minor children). They can use this card like we would use a debit or credit card and buy whatever they want. It is confusing because the food stamp allotment for the month is also loaded onto the EBT card. Hope this clears up the confusion.

  • It looks like there are two different kinds of EBT cards: One for food only, and one with a cash equivalent. According to wikipedia, "Through EBT, a recipient uses his/her EBT card to make purchases at participating retailers. Food-stamp benefits can only be used to purchase food items authorized by the USDA's SNAP program. Cash benefits may be used to purchase any item at a participating retailer, as well as to obtain cash-back or make a cash withdrawal from a participating ATM."

  • I agree 1713, That would cut down on all the TRADING foodstamps for drugs for fifty cents on OUR dollar.

  • EBT cards should be tied to WIC approved foods. The only reason that these cards can be used to buy junk is because the companies that sell the junk have good lobbyist. It is time for that to stop.

  • You never can tell when you'll need some Slim Jims for an entree....

  • The short simple answer would be that they sell FOOD items also.