A Fools Bussing Process

Edward Gartz Published:

To: The people of Louisville, KY.

This is an out of town writer letting you know that sanity has not left you who think that Bus depots are the closest thing to insanity you can find in a school district. My name is Edward Gartz I am Chairman of the SNAP Foundation a National Prevention Charity and a donor to Louisville Schools. I have been in thousands of school districts coast to coast and our small charity has served over 600,000 students. I am currently visiting Louisville to donate hats and

gloves for the cold upcoming winter months.

Today, I had the opportunity to appraise your school bus system at work. Insanity is the only word that fits. Any person that wants to teach and have kids learn must know that the exhausting ride to and from school, the wasted time, and the harm it does in regards to student learning must far out weigh any gains in diversity archived by your system. If you can't immediately come up with why this trip is harmful to students then you have no right to be in a position of authority over any process in the teaching field.

Who in their right mind thought this up for the students of Louisville. You

parents should STOP sending your students to school right now and not give in until the jerks stop this extreme foolishness. Why haven't you acted out in this regards parents, WHY!, Now that in my rage called school administrators jerks I am ending this letter. I realize that it's publication is more than likely not

going to happen or at least in any place that will be read. But the event it does I ask you to stop, stop, stop bussing your children all over ****'s half acre, please for their sake. If anyone would like to reach me please call my phone at 585-957-3743 or write at snapusa@rochester.rr.com. Your children's education does not improve because you send them across town to sit next to a white or black student. The equation is much bigger than that. Bussing long distances is not worth what you lose.

Yes go ahead and publish all my information. I care that much for your students, more than your school administrators that thought up this appalling system.

I doubt any member of the school board ever had to do this and I'd also bet that if they had to try this for a month to get to their jobs they'd halt it in a cold second. I have worked with C.O.R.E. and the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and more school districts than can be named and this is one of the worst processes I've ever seen forced on children.

Edward A. Gartz

Rochester, New York

SNAP Foundation



585-957-3743 cell

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