Government involvement in Prostitution on Sint Maarten.

Wade Bailey Published:

By Wade Alexander Bailey:Phillipsburgh Sint Maarten N.A.

Sint Maarten is a former colony of the Netherlands. The island is a Mafia haven . It is also a trans shipment point for Cocaine from Colombia destined for America and the Netherlands. On Sint Maarten the present government and past governments have helped to facilitate criminal activity. On Sint Maarten it is illegal to operate a brothel, prostitution in any form is a crime under the present legal system. Allthough the law state that prostitution is a crime the government has subverted the laws that they are supposed to uphold and have created, a culture of illegal prostitution and drug running to flourish. A cursory examination of houses of prostitution on the island will reveal, that key figures in government are connected some peripherally and some directly to prostitution. A case in point is the granting of licenses to operate a Bar and Restaurant the owner according to the law can operate a Bar and Restaurant, and they are "only", allowed to have Topless Dancers. The "dancers", are not allowed to sleep on the premises, all forms of prostitution in such an establishment is prohibited by law. In practisd once persons obtain a licnse to operate a bar and restaurant, wherein topless dancing is allowed they, go to Coloumbia or the Dominican Republic and they lure women under false pretenses to Sint Maarten and coerce them, sometimes threaten and force them into prostitution which is facilitated by the "government" of Sint Maarten.

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  • Sint Maarten is neither independant nor semi independant. Sint Maarten at present is called an autonomous "entity", within the Kingdom oif the Netherlands. It is also a former Dutch colony and a vacation "resort" of the type where hedonism is encouraged. It is also along with Curacoa and Aruba in danger of being overran by the Narco Cartels out of Colombia, who use Venezuela is an entry point into the islands. Americans coming to the islands are in some instances unwittingly aiding in the process of supporting hub economies intricately linked to narcotics trafficking. There is also evidence of a growing terrorist threat regionally linked to Islamist groups. Particularly out of the islands of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago there is evidence of a growing Islamic radicalization.

  • It is a Topic on a paper in the US because the world is a small place as a result of technology. And the editors of said paper found it interesting enough to include in their paper.

  • Prohibition fosters organized crime...

  • The US government is considering granting CBERA/CBTPA status on Sint Maarten and several other former Netherlands Antillian states along with Turks and Caico's and Curacoa. The US congress would do well to consider the known corruption of the former Netherlands Antilles governments their acceptance of organized crime elements, and Narco Kartels in their midst. Congress might want to weigh all options on the table before proceeding. A book full of factual data on the subject matter is the book by John Van Den Heuvel, Sneeuw over Curacoa. In it he details how the Colombian Narco Cartels have taken control of the economic life of the Antilles and Aruba, he also details the dealings of the Mafia in the police force, Judiciary and government on all islands.