Another Frankfort city government scandal

Speed Racer Published:

Another Frankfort City Government Scandal. We have those with years of experience and none more than Bill May constantly talking about his experience. He was nowhere with the Kathy Carter/Tony Massey scandal. This minor scandal ended really big with Massey, our City Manager, resigning his very high paid position and Kathy Carter losing her next election.

Now we have an apparent admitted theft with a return of the goods taken, forfeiture of more than $5,000 in accrued leave, and her resignation. And this was only looking back one year. I guess certain city leaders decided it wasn't worth going back more than one year. As the associated photo shows those with many many years of experience wanted to sweep this "incident" under the rug.

Bill May has been our Mayor three times, City Commissioner twice or more. He has more City Government experience than everyone on the panel...COMBINED. (Wilhoites Police experience does not count as government experience. Its law enforcement experience)

Instead of sitting there completely quiet while Commissioners Wilder, Turner, and Hedden speak out against this and City Manager Wilhoite saying he will turn it over to the Commonwealth Attorney, Bill May is absolutely quiet. Not a peep, sqeak, murmur, moan, nothing. See photo

May, with all his expressed experience, should be the LEADER, not hiding his face behind his hand, being completely and utterly quiet. See Photo

May is campaigning under the same rug he has swept the Burris fiasco. He is afraid to campaign. He wants to win as the quietest candidate in the history of America. May figures if he doesn't do anything public, doesn't show up anywhere, basically disappears, he will win on name recognition only. I know our Frankfort voters cannot be fooled. We are an informed voter base.

May added $5 million to our Public Safety Building, May stood by while Holmes Street flooded for 18 years, he has hid while our sewer infrastructure has crumbled, he has raised taxes many many times (except around election time). May has stood by while our Humane Society is in a shambles, offered no leadership while Frankfort City Managers failed again and again.

What I see are our young inexperienced Commissioners who are not scared to do the right thing, whether it costs them their next election, do the right thing again and again. They show leadership. It's time to put the 20 years experienced Bill May out in the political pasture and get new ideas, or any ideas for that matter, to move Frankfort Forward. Vote Kyle Thompson

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  • I am with 1965 that these unsubstantiated personal attacks are in violation of the SJ's rules on these matters. These posts should be struck down.

  • It is really not the job of a Commissioner to make public statements about all orders of business that comes before them. It is his job to vote on these issues, as he did. ................................................................................................................................................ What did you want Commissioner May to say about these two cases? He discussed them in the open sessions (and apparently in the closed ones too) and if you had any questions, why didn't you show up to the public meeting ask them? This line of innuendo that you and speed racer are pursuing $ucks!

  • Who is monitoring this site? This is definitely rude and unsubstantiated BS with the photo tags. If I want to put one of these pics up with similar crap--is it going to stay up through the election? Quite obviously, this is someone's attempt at a cheap election attack ad.

  • Well Reasonable1, I guess you should read Sunday, Oct 21 (today's) Editorial. The first two words are "Bill May" and more throughout. (For reference, it mentions Bill May 5 Times, Graham once) It wonders "Was the Fix On"? We had the Kathy Carter/Tony Massey fiasco and Bill May was quiet as a church mouse. Now we have the Burriss incident/soon to be fiasco and Bill May is quiet again. Is the guy afraid to do the right thing, afraid to speak what is right for fear of losing an election? Or does he want to create a blue ribbon panel to study the issue and return a decision in another 20 years. Frankfort cannot wait. We have lost confidence in our "experienced" city leaders. The only ones with guts are the younger ones. Lets add Kyle Thompson to that group. Vote for Integrity, Character and Transparency. Vote Kyle Thompson for Mayor!

  • Why didn't any of this cheapo attack piece mention addressing the mayor about the personnel problem, as he is responsible for the oversight of his administration. None of this commissioners are responsible for the way it's being handled, they can only recommend action. May's name is mentioned six times and is certainly not called for. The coward author of this garbage and the paper should apologize and remove this trash from the web site.

  • I'm not ready to blame Mr. May for everything but I do hold him & others accountable when city property is stolen & city credit cards are used for personal items. I don't care how he does business behind closed doors but to remain quiet in public like it is no big deal time and again when cronies are busted, says alot. I wonder how many times incidents like this has been swept under the rug & never brought to our attention & had it not been for the newer younger commissioners, this probally wouldn't have either. There is a very good reason that we do not want to hire HOMEBOYS for City managers and even more so to hire one to oversee his own department. At this point I would hope that Larry Cleveland does what is right. To allow Mrs. Burris to give our stuff back & still deny that she took it even though it was in her home & to resign with grace isn't enough & if Larry Doesn't have the ability to procecute with the evidence that is before him, then it is time to bring in another young puppy that can.

  • Yea for our young city commissioners!