Bill May, Mark Twain, and 20 years

Speed Racer Published:

Bill May subscribes to the Mark Twain quote about Kentucky.

"When the end of the world comes, I want to be in (Frankfort) Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else." and it takes me 20 years to do anything

Bill May waits and waits and waits. And he waits more. Its time Frankfort has a decisive leader, a leader not afraid to make a decision. Vote Kyle Thompson.

Here are excerpts from a State Journal interview of Bill May. "Q&A with Frankfort Mayor Bill May" State Journal Staff Writer Vince Tweddell -- Published: July 2, 2006 12:00AM

Smoking Ban - "I remember talking about it once when I was a city commissioner. I dont know if it was in 92 or 93 but around that time, either the end of 92 or the first part of 93 we talked about a smoking ban." -Smoking Ban took effect in 2006, only took Bill May 15 years of concern for our health to get the Ordinance passed.

How long have you been around city government?

I was elected city commissioner in 1991 and took office as a city commissioner in 1992 so I was a city commissioner for two terms and elected mayor in 95 and took office in 96 so Im in my 15th year as an elected official. (Now 21 years in City Government)

We have people addicted to different things, Bill May is addicted to running for political office. It's time for a political-ectomy ----In this 2006 Vince Tweedle interview -- "Mayor Bill May, who is in the middle of his third and final term, said he ... doesn't have any future political aspirations besides finishing his term on a positive note." --- So in 2006 Bill May wasn't going to run for Office again, but his addiction to continually running for Office made him immediately run for City Commissioner in 2008.

Then BAM!!! Vince Tweedle asks Bill May about his philosophy in helping the younger or less experienced City employees... Tweedle asked "Do you talk to the younger or less experienced in the city government who have to deal with criticism?"

Bill May enthusiastically replied "Oh, absolutely, all the time, absolutely. One of the bits of advice I gave them was that it always blows over, the tough issues, ..."

Is this why we elect people to handle our problems?, so they can wait for our problems to "blow(s) over"

Folks, its time to elect people to handle our problems in an efficient and timely manner, not let them blow over.

Lets vote for Kyle Thompson.

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  • @Reasonable1, Q: do you know how many cars were sold in Italy in the last year? A: More than the number of new cars sold in the same year. Q: Why is it that more new bicycles would be sold than the number of new cars? A: because the economic strains on their society have made owning an automobile untenable for the vast majority. Fuel costs are around $10/gallon (and you complain I bet, when it's over $4) Q: My point? A: Many of our political leaders in Kentucky and the nation think that harsh austerity and diciplined fiscal policy will lead us to prosperity (who's prosperity?) Bike lanes around Frankfort (including Louisville Hill) are a sound idea. The issue is that Frankfor ranks highest among the state if not nation in High velocity crashes. That means We, as a community need to slow the f*ck down. and why not? it's a beautiful community we have here. let's take as much of it in and allow others to do the same in a mode of transpiration (or their financial situations) of their choosing

  • At least there is one thing that is absolutely agreeable. Thompson and the young commissioners Wilder-Hedden-Turner should be in a ballot together. They should combine their intellectual efforts to create bike lanes everywhere even on the most dangerous roads in town with massive vehicles only inches away. How about a free bike store opened years ago (and still nobody uses the bike lanes). They should ride the bikes, ride like the wind! (and take their dumb ideas with them). Then, and only then, can May sit and enjoy the chirping crickets.

  • Well Reasonable1, I guess you should read Sunday, Oct 21 (today's) Editorial. The first two words are "Bill May" and more throughout. (For reference, it mentions Bill May 5 Times, Graham once) It wonders "Was the Fix On"? We had the Kathy Carter/Tony Massey fiasco and Bill May was quiet as a church mouse. Now we have the Burriss incident/soon to be fiasco and Bill May is quiet again. Is the guy afraid to do the right thing, afraid to speak what is right for fear of losing an election? Or does he want to create a blue ribbon panel to study the issue and return a decision in another 20 years. Frankfort cannot wait. We have lost confidence in our "experienced" city leaders. The only ones with guts are the younger ones. Lets add Kyle Thompson to that group. Vote for Integrity, Character and Transparency. Vote Kyle Thompson!

  • This looks to me like the third negative political attack ad published as an "opinion" by the paper, and wow, another poorly done photo-shop picture. Then "speed racer" over-simplifies complex issues and takes quotes out of context. Let me help you be more positive, "speed racer". Try this slogan in your attack ads next time: "Vote for Thompson and all your wildest dreams will come true". Make one t-shirt with this slogan and wear it. Good luck.