Bill May is Waiter in Chief

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The following answers made by then Mayor Bill May show a huge lack in leadership which started out as a well needed Public Safety Building costing $6,000,000. As you read you will see where then Mayor Bill May abrogated his leadership in creating, defining, and proposing aesthetics as this was being built.

There is no way in the world a good leader would EVER abrogate his ability to manage and approve any aspects of a $6,000,000 building. Does this lack of ability to manage and lead the construction of this facility be the cause of it growing into a $14,620,000 project? We will never know but Bill May is quoted as saying " The commission just voted that no members of the City Commission would have any contact with the architect." A good leader would point out the ridiculousness of this type of vote. Basically giving the architect a blank canvass and saying build it as you want, regardless of cost. You decide. Is this the kind of leader you want spending our tax dollars for the next four years?

---Q&A with Frankfort Mayor Bill May

State Journal: Published: July 2, 2006 12:00AM

---We've got to talk about the Public Safety Building.

I know that the location was an issue. I was for the downtown location, some wanted to build on the Carpenter Farm but I just believe that downtown and the heart of the city is the most important place for city government buildings to be to be accessible to all the community.

And also the design, as I said before, it was not what I had envisioned.

I had envisioned in my head a design that would fit in with the facades of those buildings on Bridge Street and the historic nature of our community.

But Im not an architect


I wasnt asked for what my opinion was on the outside of the building. ( You have to be "asked", you are the Mayor, don't wait, Lead)

I wish I could have been involved in it because I would have been able to prevent the type of, I believe, controversy over the design that were now faced with.

I was kept out of the project from the beginning in terms of what I wanted to see from the design aspect. (Double WOW!)

---Why were you kept out?

The commission just voted that no members of the City Commission would have any contact with the architect.

I think that was a huge mistake.

I think we're seeing the results of that now when the design came up and again I dont want to criticize the architect because hes a tremendous architect hes done a lot of great buildings around the country. I sort of had the same reaction when I saw the pictures of the foam board model. But to go back and make those changes now would be so costly and so costly in terms of time that I dont think we can afford to do it because the risk our community would face in future types of disasters or emergencies.


Again showing a lack of leadership. You certainly do not see a lack of leadership by County Judge Executive Ted Collins in creating the new Franklin County Courthouse. Judge Collins is swinging a hammer and then Mayor Bill May swung a feather.

Frankfort, we cannot afford to vote for a person because we like them, we cannot afford to vote for someone because they have been a politician for 21 years.

We need a real leader who is not afraid to make a decision like Kyle Thompson

Or you can vote for Bill May and watch him WAIT to see if problems blow over.

Vote Kyle Thompson for Mayor to LEAD Frankfort.

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  • KCTC, come on, this is an anonymous forum and Mr. May has nothing to do with any post on here. He is not "allowing" anybody to do anything here. That is weak. To my knowledge, Mr. May has never brought up in public anything disparaging about Mr. Thompson's personal life or problems. Whether Mr. Thompson is in fact a womanizer is immaterial to this race...except to some anonymous posters on here, and that really does not count.

  • And these are our choices.

  • Are you kidding me Bill May? Are you allowing your supporters to make these kinds of allegations? Bill May, this is beneath you. Thompson was a non-merit employee and when KCTCS spilt off from State Government, he was no longer a state employee. He left on his own to hang his own shingle for his law firm. Womanizer? Thanks Bill May

  • say no to Kyle Thompson womanizer and fired state employee

  • say no to Bill May - career politician who overspend your tax money on the TajMAYhal public safety bldg.

  • what part of "millions of dollars in cost overruns on a construction project" don't you understand?

  • Speed racer, your "facts" are really only 2-3 selected quotes about a micro-issue of architecture styling (something that no one cares or has complained about). In no way does this add up to the broad conclusion described as "huge lack of leadership" for a mayor. You did not prove your case. Surely you are no lawyer. I offer you help: refer to my previous suggestion about the t-shirt, with a slogan. Wear it out in front of the coffee shack or wherever the "cool trendy" people gather. Print out your opinion articles and hand them out too. Then you will be able to reach your intellectual demographic. Don't forget the photo-shop pictures.

  • Woof Woof

  • You know, I like stating facts that cannot be refuted. Your way to refute my facts are to attack me, the messenger. These facts I quote are straight from the State Journal. Thats why I put in the publish date so you can fact check me and disprove what I type. Your problem is facts are facts. People need to quit voting with their friendship and vote for someone to get the job done. But you Mr/Ms. Reasonable surely read todays Editorial, I'll quote it to: "Despite a five-year decline in local crime rates, Frankfort still has plenty of room to improve, and that’s what Thompson says he wants to do. His complaint that Frankfort is “not the town I grew up in” resonates with many of us. But it’s probably unfair to blame long-term deterioration on rival "Bill May, who’s been running for office just 21 years. If anything, he went overboard in permitting budget overruns in construction of the Public Safety Facility, the keystone project of his 12 years as mayor." The facts are the facts, Bill May is a 21 year CAREER politician, waiting on others to make decisions and now that he is getting called on it, you are upset. Let me quote it again so people can get a clear idea of what kind of Mayor they want for the next 4 years. One who "permitting budget overruns in construction of the Public Safety Facility, the keystone project of his 12 years as mayor." If you want this kind of managment of your tax dollars, vote for Bill "Waiter In Chief" May. Otherwise Vote Kyle Thompson for Mayor.

  • I think the author "speed racer" is Kyle Thompson's attack chihuahua. Everything he posts on here is cheap, flaky and stretched so thin anyone can see through it. Face it bozo, you can't bring a good man down. I'm glad May is willing to serve our community. There are few people with the patience to endure ridiculous harassment from fools and navigate all the government's red tape in exchange for a very humble salary. I think the public service building looks fine. All the "historic" buildings were built long ago. Shut up "speed racer".

  • I don't know but that's a fairly good photoshop to go with the obvious topic of waiting on decisions. Very creative. Kudos

  • Who is Speed Racer?