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Speed Racer Published:

Our city employee incident has now expanded beyond our borders. It has now reached the Lexington Herald Leader and the eastern half of Kentucky. Embarrassing!

"May, 53, served three consecutive terms as mayor but was prohibited by law from running for a fourth. Now, after serving four years as Frankfort city commissioner, May wants to reclaim the mayor's office." --- So 12 years as Mayor and 8 years as city Commissioner has not been enough to foist upon the citizens of Frankfort, now he wants more.

When is enough enough? Its time for a new generation of leaders to take Frankfort up the next step on the ladder. After 21 years in office, Bill May has had plenty of time to mold Frankfort as best he can.

If a person cannot exceed all expectations after 21 years, why must we keep giving Bill May extra chances. That's 252 Months, or 7,665 days. That's a lot of time on the job. On an 8 hour day that's 61,320 hours as an elected official in Frankfort. A lot of ribbons can be cut with that many hours.

We know the Mayors job is a part-time job, let's say it's a 4 hour a day job, it's still 30,660 hours. If you cannot accomplish all of your goals on your political Bucket List after 30,660 hours, it's time to give up.

It's time to "sweep" Bill May out of office. Vote Kyle Thompson as Frankfort's next Mayor.

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  • IhateO2 - The reason their is a garbage tax is because the older city elected officials spent the budget surplus from $14m to $7M in a few short years. Sellus was not for disguising this garbage tax and just a money grab otherwise you would create a tax to totally pay for garbage pickup. This only paid half or less. The stormwater tax is becaus ethe elected officials from the previous 30 years kicked the can down the road until the EPA came in, sued the city and said fix the sewer system or pay millions in fines. You better be glad it has moved forward. As for the BIG words, they came from a previous poster, Anon1713 If Mays big spending and afraid to take a public stand on issues is what you like, vote for May. If you want someone who will hold himself accountable and transparent, Vote Kyle Thompson

  • We had a new generation of leaders, and since then we have a garbage tax created, a stormwater tax soon to follow, I am not always a fan of May as matter of fact I didn't vote for him last election. But your use of big words inane, superflous, obtuse obfucation and Mays' hours in office doesn't tell me any reason why I should vote for Thompson...

  • I said that your "facts" MAY be true (or may not, for that matter), but are meaningless in making the determination of whether Mr. May has performed admirably in his official City capacities. Nobody wants to take the time and effort to fact check them for that reason. Oh yeah, you are welcome.

  • 1713, thank you for finally admitting my facts whether Inane, superflous and an exercise in obtuse obfucation are true and correct.

  • Yeah, speedracer, the facts and figures that you state above may be factually true by definition, but they are also inane, superfluous and an exercise in obtuse obfucation. These "facts" don't mean diddly. You may have a point, but if you part your hair on the side, you may be able to cover it up. If not, get a hat.

  • It amazes me to no end how most of the people in Frankfort really don;t care who is in City Hall yet scream the loudest when their little worlds are attacked. getting new blood seems like an old standard. We got New Blood and all that has come of it is one used an Alford Plea to get outta a DUI that should have been accompanied by an illegal drug use, and don't give me any of that crap about how he doesn't use his resistance during the field test proves he was using. Then the other tow are just ducks following other ducks. If change is to come to City Hall we need people who aren't afraid to stand up to these so called "connected" money makers here in Frankfort that sees our town as their personal Monopoly Board. Kyle Thompson may seem the likest choice but lets not forget he is an attorney and I have seen him in action. His demeanor and manner in the court with his "win at any cost" is scary. His relentless pursuit to become mayor is reflective of his actions in the court room. Bill May night have been in office longer than most and seems to be about himself but having a vampire like Thompson as mayor will eventually come back and bite all of us in the wallet.

  • Should I scream censorship now or later? Especially from you Chazrigz, I thought you were a great defender of our Freedoms. Disprove what I have quoted from the State Journal and I'll retract everything I've posted. All I'm doing is reminding people of the 21 years of Bill Mays career. If you want another 4 years like the last 21 years, then vote for Bill May, If you want change then vote for Kyle Thompson. Its that simple.

  • Hasn't this reached the point where these postings constitute abuse, using a free forum for what are essentially partisan political ads? Shouldn't this person be posting under their real name, or buying the ads if they're going to attack a candidate in this manner?

  • I have voted for Bill May every time he has ran & I get the point of re-electing the same ones all the time & this time I will vote for Kyle Thompson. Never the less, I think all speed racer is doing is hurting Kyle instead of helping. Nobody likes this kind of political trash. Frankfortonians knows all they need to know & aren't stupid. All speed racer is doing is beating a dead horse & helping Bill May wether he/she realizes it or not.

  • I agree, Speed Racer appears to be tired of long serving incumbents. Those photos are pretty funny too. I kinda understand when we keep reelecting the same people over and over again and nothing changes. I hear people complain constantly about our government but if we keep reelecting the same people over and over again, nothing will ever change.

  • Well, you have to hand it to Speed Racer's political spirit for his tireless, one-man campaign to elect Kyle Thompson, but so far, he has given no better reason to do so other than Thompson is not Bill May. This article is filled with absolutely useless "factoids" that Speed Racer has meticulously calculated (to what end, only he knows) have nothing to do with anything (30,660 hours...really!!!).