Bill May pulls the wool over our eyes

Speed Racer Published:

Bill Mays Web Page Statement

---- “My strong desire to serve the citizens of Frankfort, compels me to seek the office of Mayor so I may continue working to make Frankfort one of the safest, most livable cities in America with increased opportunity for all. “

“Safest” cities? You stated in your Q&A at Kentucky State University, and agreed with Kyle Thompson, that Frankfort most certainly does have a crime problem. So no matter your strong desire, you have put forth a weak effort in helping eliminate our crime and drug problems.

----“We have come so far in the last few years in meeting these goals and I want to continue that progress as your Mayor.”

We have? In 2010, we had 6 murders, every week we read of drugs, break-ins, robberies, and crime, sometimes more than once a week in the State Journal. I think Swifty was robbed 5 times in a few months. Obviously I am not disrespecting our great City Police. They cannot be everywhere at once. But they are not pulling the wool over our eyes as Bill May is with his campaign site statement.

------ “Listening to the community and being responsive to constituents is very important to me and is something that I will continue doing.”

So engaging with the public only a few weeks before each of your numerous elections is considered “Listening to the community and being responsive to constituents “ for example at

----“Records from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance show Mayor Bill May was the last candidate for City Commission to start fundraising."

Anything before a certain point is just a wasted effort," said May who is running for the commission because he could not seek re-election as mayor. "About two to three weeks out for a local race is just about right."

Yep, we sure don’t like “Wasted Effort” but isn’t that what the last 21 years have been, a wasted effort? ….Other than getting The Bill May Public Safety Building OVERBUILT. Bill May did show good effort by taking a $6,000,000 needed city project and using his maximum effort to turn it into a $14,625,000 debacle.

---"It is important to continue being an advocate for small business development and growth in our city and the use of Frankfort based businesses and firms for local projects. I will continue working to attract new businesses and industry, providing new jobs and keeping our local economy strong."

Which ones did you attract? You say you will work for it? I see where you supported annexation of the County’s hard work in getting the shopping center started by I-64 but none where you worked to attract them to Frankfort.

You end by saying “Thank you for your support!” The truth is we wish we had you supporting us, not your overbuilt pet projects.

Frankfort needs to show its support by voting Kyle Thompson for Mayor of Frankfort to get a real leader who will not remain quiet and will truly listen to your concerns.

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