A Call to all Franklin County Democrats

Good_Democrat Published:

We have an opportunity to elect a person who has looked out for Franklin County since he has been an elected official. Ben Chandler. His opponent has put out lies and innuendo and one fact.

The one fact and the basis for Andy Barrs entire campaign is Ben Chandlers vote on Cap and Trade. Now understand the United States House Bill DID NOT become law. So it doesn’t exist other than Andy Barr grasping at any straw he can to scare Kentuckians.

Franklin County has benefitted greatly while Chandler has been our Congressman. But let’s look at how Republicans have treated Kentucky.

We have the Minority Leader in the US Senate in Mitch McConnell. We have the Chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue in the Republican controlled US House with Hal Rogers, Both our US Senators are Republican. Four of six US House members are Republican. Yet Kentucky remains at the bottom of everything. Please don’t think it’s because Obama is President. All these same people were in place when we had eight years of President Bush. We need Ben Chandler. Let’s Elect Ben Chandler and go after the other four Republican House members next cycle.

In the last election, Franklin County put Ben Chandler back in office. Let’s do it again!

Please watch these positive messages from Congressman Chandler because you won’t see any from Andy Barr.



If you want Franklin County to benefit and continue to prosper, we must vote Ben Chandler back into office. Please get involved. Make phone calls, Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook message all your family and friends to vote for Ben Chandler.

This message is in no way associated with the Ben Chandler campaign. I’m just an American and Kentucky citizen expressing my views.

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  • There was deifinity a racial component to the Rupublican/Teabagger political strategy to appeal to their base. It was sickening and probably cost them the elections for President and others on the ticket. Nobody said that everyone who voted against President Barack Hussein Obama did so for purely racial reasons. But that does not mean that some did. If the shoe fits wear it. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................... What policies specifically not care for? The real ones or the ones that belonged to the fictional guy in the empty chair that Clint was screaming at?

  • I wondered how long it would be before you threw down the race card. I voted for Romney because I don't particularly care for President Obama's policies. I couldn't care less if he was black, white, green, or purple. Get over yourself D.

  • Slight rebuttal to 145: Chandler was more progressive than Teabagger Andy Bar, fer'crissakes. Chandler didn't lose to Barr because Progressives were sending him a message that he conservative, he lost because the Teabaggers around Woodford County voted for Romney and the straight Republican ticket. President Obama's paltry 38% of the vote in Kentucky pulled every Democrat down some. Bubba just never did get used to having a black man in the White House...here in KY or elsewhere in the Confederacy. I don't think that Barr is going to go against the Teabaggers, because he ARE (sic) one. He certainly isn't going to do what the President tells him to do...where do you get that? There is no one more right wing than Barr around these parts, so who are they going to primary him with? You mean that there are "a number of highly qualified, highly competent, proven leaders" in the Republican Party? No way!

  • Nothing progressive about Chandler, and that's what cost him the election. Progressives tried to send him a message the last time he ran, he didn't get it, so, farewell. Don't get too used to Barr, though. He's one and done. **** have no choice but to follow the lead of the House leadership which is caving faster than an undercooked souffle. They'll do as they're told - by Obama - and so will Barr, seriously POing the Tea Party which will primary him next time and nominate an even more extreme candidate. One of of a number of highly qualified, highly competent, proven leaders will handily defeat either the likely Tea Party candidate or Barr. Write it down. Smart money says McConnell's days are numbered, too.

  • Oh and I forgot "GO CATS"!!!!!! By the way Chandler strayed from the president and it got him no where. The people have spoken about who they trust to run the country..(Obama). Say what you will it IS a mandate just look at the votes he got for what he was running on. Okay now I am offically back....

  • ukfan, even though we don't always agree on everything, I truly was concerned. Glad you're OK now. Good to have you back.

  • Yes I have been sick....and I see everything is about the same on here...oh well glad to be back.

  • 671, dooohhh!

  • 1713, thanks for proving my point. I knew you would.

  • 671, thanks for the faux concern...now that you have "expertly" psychoanalyzed me, tell us what I said that was incorrect. So far, all that you have offered is your incoherent blather and personal attacks. What do you really have on your mind...I mean, besides hair?

  • annon 671, ukfan has come out of hibernation now that Calipari has gotten the team going. Just might start hearing more from er........

  • Hey ukfan, haven't seen you on here for a while. I, honestly, was worried that you were sick or something. Good to see that you're not.

  • Some on here need to practice what they preach

  • 1713, there really IS something wrong with YOU. I RECOMMEND you see a GOOD shrink.

  • I know that it is all relative, but Ben Chandler was a lot of things, and none of them were a progressive or liberal. He only voted with Democrats 73% of the time. Name one thing that Chandler supported that could be considered "progressive". But talk about idiocy and Andy Barr comes up every time. Just like Romney, his whole campaign was predicated on lies. He and his Teabagger party in Washington will push Kentucky further into the depths of irrelevancy.

  • He's GONE!!! Chandler is gone, taking his progressive idiocy with him!!!

  • 671, "hate and stupidity" are right wing code for logic and reason and facts. Try addressing what is said rather than summarily dismissing it with an editorial comment. If it is so stupid, then it should be relatively easy to dispatch it with your facts. And it would be much less annoying.

  • Sorry I don't seem to be as smart as some people, Steve.

  • Seeing you say the same "word" three times is like hearing a kid say "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" in a grocery store. Yes, it's annoying. Try using a noun AND a verb.

  • Sorry that's all it takes to annoy you. I'm really tired of all the hate and stupidity posted on here, also.

  • 671, your premature interjections are somewhat annoying.

  • BLAH!!BLAH!!!BLAH!!!!

  • There is a very clear choice between Barr and Chandler...they do NOT have the same vision for our country at all...period!! ................................................................................................................................................................................................ If you are so disenchanted by the process that you don't vote, then you are fulfilling some very wealthy someone's agenda. That is what they want you to do, because they have their highly motivated minority that will show up...period!!

  • He and others only look out for themselves...period !!

  • Neither candidate has run a positive campaign, because that is not what KY voters want. They want to see a mud wrestlin' contest. The difference is that Andy Barr used nothing but lies and distortions when he was attacking Chandler. I know because he was sending me these ads at my home and I was watching them on TV. At least Chandler was using some factual information in his ads, even if they were at times attacking Barr. There is only one set of facts that are the truth, and it does not matter if they are used in a positive or negative ad. Barr never used the facts or truth in his ads. Neither has Romney. These Republicans have said, we are not going to let the fact-checkers run our campaigns". And they sure haven't. It is a risky political strategy, as there are some of us who do not live on FOX News and know what is really going on. For the rest of Kentuckians who do live on FOX News and Rush Limbaugh for their misinformation, Barr and Romney are exactly what they deserve. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Chandler a positive campaign? Which ad are you referring to Good Democrat? The one where he portays Barr as a harden crimnial for making a fake ID when was like 18 yrs old. Maybe the one where he says they searched the Barr office during the Fletcher scandal...Did they find anything implicating Barr for doing anything criminal? NOPE, you figure the Ex Attorney General would understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty. or maybe it was the positive ad of Chandler bashing the coal miner. Yes maybe he is an executive now, but he started out as a coal miner and has proven that. I love your reference to Republicans blocking legislation and how not to blame it on Obama or Chandler. So just FYI DEMOCRATS controlled Congress during the majority of the term under Bush and most of it under Obama until recent elections put Republicans back ahead in the House. The Senate however was and still is under DEMOCRATIC control. Year Congress President Senate (100) House (435) 2009 111th D D - 55*** D - 256 2007 110th R D - 51** D - 233 2005 109th R R - 55 R - 232 2003 108th R R - 51 R - 229 2001 107th R D* R - 221

  • Another career politician who we only see in his campaign runs. Lets send a different person & his wife on world trips & & let somebody new enjoy the perks of doing nothing! At least we might actually get something in return in their first elected term. After that then it is our own fault!