uk health care/kentucky revenue cabinet are thier debt collectors/patients beware

edward schrieber Published:

I just recieved a bill for $11,900.00 from Kentucky Revenue Cabinet,for money owed to UK Heath care.To start with I told UK I could not pay the bill and that I did not have insurance at the time,but that did not stop them from keeping me for 3days for study and test.I went to UK because I was having chest pains,I understand I have a bill there but the fact that I told them I could not pay for my stay did not deter them from keeping me and they even said they could not release me with chest pains.Now 2yrs later I still owe them but they have turnred it over for collections But our wonderful state goverment is taking the collection actions for them threating me to take every thing I have wich by the way is nothing,it just makes me wonder if this is even legal and if we as a people are going to let our goverment get involved in our personal lives this much.I guess if we do than the next step is for them to just take us to wal mart and buy us the clothes they want us to wear.UK never even tried to take me to court over this debt,wouldnt it be nice to own a buisness and have THE STATE OF KENTUCKY be your personal debt collector one thing is for sure your buisness would never go broke.I advise every person to stay away from UK Health care if you dont have insurance or you will go broke and starve and our great state will see to it.If you have chest pains and UK is your closest hospital you better go on and take a chance on the next hospital and on the bright side of this if you die before you get somewhere else you wont have a notice in the mail that will give you a heart attack and kill you...Thanks for Listening..........................................PS I just wonder if this is away of paying for the work our goverment is doing on UK property at Eastern State Hospital and if this is a way of saying thanks to UK for allowing them to use this property....

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  • As far as setting up a payment plan, try and remember that not everybody is in the same financial situation & to some it may be the difference between eating or doing without. One could possibly send $5.00 a month for 198 years I guess.

  • Enhance profits. Need it can be looked at as CYOA, but obviously all it would take is a release form to sign. I'm still going for the ENHANCE PROFITS because they couldn't find any of the usual suspect that are serious in the first day. After this I would think that follow up tests from ones family doctor is appropriate instead of in a hospital setting where everything is an upteen thousand percent higher to run. The thing that gets me is THEY WERE WARNED THAT THEY WOULDN'T GET PAID before hand. I will say it again in another way. Will a mechanic replace a whole motor after getting permission to only replace the head?

  • UK is a state funded school and everything that goes with it. I had a huge bill also. I set up a payment plan and paid it off. They will work with you if you try.

  • Bodeen: Enhance profits or keep lawyers at bay?

  • That's a tough one. Money issues aside, many doctors take an oath promising to make the health of the patient -- NOT their ability to pay! -- their first priority. Did (s)he make you better? I'm guessing so, since you're able to comment on their bill-collection system. I would think that ANY decent M.D. would "fix" you first, especially if you were in dire straits (which it seems you were), and THEN move on to collecting their payment.

  • Can some get off their high horses & better than thou attitudes long enough to read. Looking for insurance at this point is useless. They WILL NOT LET A PERSON LEAVE WITH CHEST PAINS! They kept this person against his wishes & ran unnecessary tests that they were advised by the patient to not do because he couldn't afford them. A mechanic will not do extra work on your car if you told them you can't afford it. Heck, any other professional will not do anything once told that they wouldn't get paid. This poster is a victim of hospital policies that are design to enhance profits. I don't know this poster but before I lose any property over this, I would bankrupt on them!

  • Sounds like you're trying to avoid YOUR BILL!

  • UK is a state facility, Revenue collects for state facilities, no big surprise, certainly not illegal. I'm quite sure if you compared the costs at UK to the costs of the same treatment at a for-profit hospital, you'd take the UK bill and be very happy about it. No hospital can keep you against your will - you could have signed a waiver and walked out any time. Sorry about your health issues, really, and hope you're better or better soon. Perhaps you could check into some basic health care plans - Humana offers one I know of that covers major medical (hospitalization) for about $150/mo for a 50-year-old male smoker. Best wishes.

  • As I understand it, the Revenue Cabinet has gotten quite adept at recovering unpaid child support.