Where is the location of old Kentucky State prison cementery?

Carmilla Kirk Published:

Does anyone where Valentine Wall Hatfield is buried? He was my great great great grandfather. All I know is that he was in the old Kentucky State prison where he died and was buried in the state prison cementery that is said to be paved over. I would like to know the location of the cementery, if they moved the bodies, if they did move them where they where moved to. I hope soneone can give me some info. Any info would be very helpful. THANK YOU

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  • I've always heard that a portion of the old cemetary is behind the c1 garage on wilkenson blvd. At the bottom of the hill is a grassy enclosed area that was supposedly part of the cemetary. Don't know if any remains are still there but that is why the state had never used or paved that piece of land. No markers are there.