Red Cross bad reputation

anonymous_1756 Published:

I receive an article/video from Grassroots that the Red Cross was mis-using the money that they were being given. They even advised that the CEO was pocketing a lot of money not including the $300,000 that he made on an annual basis. How can anyone give to such a corrupt organization when they mis-use their money in this way. The article went on to say that after SANDY struck,the money was designated to be used in that very area, but the RED CROSS took that money to use elsewhere. Now, what kind of organization is this anyway? I will never give to anything like this ever, ever again. They have ruined themselves with me.

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  • Please be aware that the email you read is a hoax and is several years old. Every organization has some "bad apples" but the Red Cross does far more with far less than some other charities. Check out the BBB site for information on good/bad charities.

  • Have you had a chance to assist the Nigerian Prince who needs your help to rescue his fortune?