Open Letter to Parents of School Children

a Parent Published:

Open Letter to Parents of School Children

Parents, we and all citizens of the United States are suffering with the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut today. It is unimaginable that this happens over and over again. It will happen again, you can bet the house on it.

____________________________________________________________________________________What can we do as parents do to help prevent another massacre? TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN. If you hear of a child being bullied, talk to your child and get their name and the bully’s name. If your child mentions a fight is going to happen at school or off school grounds, get the information and share it with the Police or Sheriff’s. Yes I said police, don’t call the principal, call the police. You never know if weapons are being taken to school due to a potential fight. Same if the fight is going to happen off school grounds.

____________________________________________________________________________________We need to help the police keep our children safe. We hear much more information that the police ever do. We must not dismiss it. I would rather share wrong information with the police that keep it to myself and the worst case scenario happens. Talk to your children about what goes on at school. There are bad people in the world and bad people will continue to do bad things. Your phone call to the police could be the one that saves our children’s lives.

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  • I had great respect for teachers but after Fridays tragedy, it's at the highest level of respect I can conceive. These teachers are true heroes. To all teachers, thanks for your service to our children.