BOOOOOO To The State Journal

anonymous_1713 Published:

BOOOOOO to whoever made the decision to remove the Citizen News & Opinion from the front page of the web site and make it a pulldown menu selection. What is it, can't stand the competition with your "real" news?

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  • for typing or signing? Lol!

  • He can always use his middle finger...

  • Cut off his finger and he can't type...

  • YEAHHHH to whomever brought the Citizen News & Opinion back to the front page of the web site. And for 1756, if you don't like what I write, don't read it. Nobody is making you do is all on you!

  • No need. Looky, it's back!

  • If you don't like what they are doing, unsubscribe.

  • Wow, you guys got hit again this AM. The only India vs Pakistan match I'm interested in is an exchange of gunfire. (pulling for India on this one...). --------------------------------------------------I generally like my Spam lightly fried and served with toast.

  • Acknowledged. There is a very broad line between news and the SJ's opinion too (or anybodies' opinion), but it is all listed under the same heading for us. If it is TOO broad as you seem to be implying, who did that?

  • There's a very broad line between "news" and "your opinion"!

  • Competition lol... no, we had a spam attack that all but took our site down. This is a temporary fix.