Waffle House Shame

Sunnyforever Published:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a Black woman in her early sixties who loves to travel and just recently spent a great time at a lavish resort on Hiltonhead, South Carolina. On Saturday January 12, 2013 at 7:30 I came to your restaurant at the following address:

Waffle House #1493

(502) 695-5059

1594 Versailles Rd.

Frankfort, Ky 40601

I want to relay to you how I was treated on my visit.

My daughter-in-law, granddaughter and I came to this Frankfort eatery to get a quick bite to eat. When we entered the restaurant the lady at the register looked me dead in the eyes with that special look. I knew the look well; after all, I was raised in the South in the early 50's and 60's.

This person quickly turned from the register and began to clean a spotless metal appliance located behind the register. For several minutes she cleaned this spotless appliance over and over again, while we waited patiently at the counter to be served.

Several more minutes went by. By this time the lady took up a knife and was deep cleaning this spotless appliance, digging into the single crevice of the appliance. Without looking up or making eye contact she told us that she would be with us in a minute (which let me know that she was aware of our presence). For several more minutes she worked on shining this spotless appliance.

I spoke up and told my daughter-in-law that we were going to leave. She asked if I was sure and I said yes, that I was fully aware of what was happening. During this conversation that was taking place only a few feet from the lady, she never once stopped to take our order, stopped to apologize for the delay nor did she try to prevent us from taking our business elsewhere. Not once.

Leaving and walking only five feet down the ramp, I told my daughter-in-law that I was going back to get the lady’s name. In the brief 20 seconds that it took for us to exit the restaurant to the time that I re-entered the restaurant magic occurred. The appliance was cleaned to the satisfaction of the cash register lady and she was back at her post ready to take food orders. I approached her and asked her name. Kri###, she said. I said thanks and exited the establishment. Here another opportunity was presented to Kri### to apologize for the delay or ask if something was wrong or to try to win back a customer. Kri### availed herself to no opportunity. She was unabashedly unashamed.

There were no other customers behind me. There were two other workers present, one was cooking and the other was legitimately cleaning the floors. No Blacks were employed at this place and only White customers were present eating.

This is twenty freaking thirteen, not 1950 in the Deep South. There are no “Whites Only” signs anymore, just the ones that still exist in the dark hearts of certain individuals still holding on to their racist ideas. How dare a restaurant chain as big as the Waffle House tolerate such ignorance. In an age of mandatory tolerance, establishments have mandatory sensitivity training for all employees. Nonetheless, the Waffle House has become the NEW DENNY’S. And maybe after much blogging on the internet by me and others who do not care to be taken back to the 1950’s and dropping letters to local papers, and maybe a law suit or two, the Waffle House will tell employees like Kri### that her actions are a Federal Crime and are not tolerated anymore.


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  • She probably looked at you funny because you're just supposed to sit down & order, not stand at the counter, it's not fast food.

  • I call BS,...

  • You have no reason not to believe it? I just told you the employee is not a racist. She is married to a black man who happens to be related to sunnyfoever. Why would she lie? What does she have to gain? MONEY! I said the woman is related to the employee's husband not that they knew each other

  • I have no reason not to believe it. Tell me why would she lie about that anyways? What does she have to gain? If she knew this person, why would she go back and ask her name?

  • Why are assuming this woman's tale is the truth?

  • Regardless whether this woman is black or even a relative the waitress should have done her job and waited on her just as she would any other paying customer. That is unless she does this with all customers. This lady had a grievance with the company and she exercised her right to complain. If you work for someone you can't pick and choose who you will serve. That's called discrimination.

  • Dear sunnyforever: You did not have to tell us that you are a black woman. That fact became very obvious from reading your statement. However there are a few things you failed to mention. Why did you fail to state that she is married to a black man and they have children together? Seems to me that kind of debunks the race issue right there. You also failed to mention that this woman's husband is related to you. So if you have any issues with this person it would appear that they are personal and not professional. Looks as though the "racist shoe" is on the other foot.

  • What motive would this lady have to lie about this? Don't think that this doesn't happen even in this day and age. I too have eaten there and other than "MORNIN" that is about the only other friendly word you get from them. It would have made me mad as he!! too no matter what my race was.

  • it's sad that you are so filled with hate for restruant workers seems your daughter-in-law did'nt know what you were talking about you are the one that needs to change

  • We eat there often. We have NEVER seen anything like what sunnyforever describes there. Methinks there are other motives involved in this article.

  • testing

  • To hear this lady's accusations disgusts me that a customer would be so treated in an establishment in Frankfort. Personally, I've only been to the Waffle House twice, perhaps three times in as many years and can't say that the service was so good or that the place was very clean.

  • I'm sorry you had that experience. I eat at that establishment a couple times a month and have never seen anyone - red or yellow, black or white - treated in that manner. Just curious - why do you mention staying at a "lavish resort on Hiltonhead SC"? I just recently had a nice Celebrity cruise to Bermuda. Does that prove anything?