I don't wish to write an article. I just want someone to investigate the very dangerous I64 bridge over the east side of Bardstown Tr. in Shelby Co, near Graefenburg. I reported it several years ago to the state to no avail. I think it is a newsworthy story and might draw some action on the part of the state transportation cabinet. I attemped to send photos but they won't go through. I wish you could see it, a picture is worth a thousand words! Drive down Bardstown Trail from Graefenburg about 1 mile and you will see something worth covering. When it falls down someone will cover the story!!!

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  • So... I drove under those two bridges a couple times in the daylight. I assume you're talking about the conditions where the uprights meet the underside of the roadway? Looks a little iffy, for sure. Have you compared them with other under/overpasses in the area?

  • Hmm... I drive that way all the time, but usually at night, plus I don't get to stare at the bridge very much through that curve. I'll look now, though. :o) Feel free to send them to me. I'm While I don't work in the newsroom, they are my friends and I'd be glad to pass them along.