Small town in Switserland...7 billion people have not heard of...?

j vanderoort Published:

I'm fully aware Tim Capps, the contributing columnist of this article is exaggerating when claiming the entire world's population of 7 billion people have never heard of Davos. Davos is a stunningly beautiful town in the Swiss Alps. It is Switzerland's biggest ski resort and was first mentioned in the 1200's, just wee bit older than the USA. Neighboring village St. Moritz has shared Davos' slopes when organizing the winter Olympics several times. With high wages and unemployment less than 1%, Millions of tourists from all over the world (except for around here) spend their summers hiking and winters skiing in and around Davos. It would be more accurate to state 7 billion people have never heard of Frankfort, KY, I sure never had before I moved to the USA....

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