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The Franklin County Humane society claims to be all for the animals.. They claim they are so over run with dogs/cats they need help and adoptions to take place.. A very good friend of mine had her dog picked up on the street she lives on on february 20th, 2013. That day she notified the Humane Society she was the owner of this dog. He has been part of her family for 8 years. She is has been unable to come up with the $130.00 fee they claim is for boarding and food to get him back home. They did say she could make an appointment to alter him then the cost would be $70.00 but she would be reimbursed for $55.00 after she paid the full $130.00 upfront. The Humane Society is aware this dog (Bailey) has a rightful owner as has refused to let him go home until the full fee is paid. THEY ARE PUTTING BAILEY UP FOR ADOPTION TOMORROW which is Tuesday February 26th. We need to get this out there to let everyone know the Humane society is greedy, and not doing what is best for the animals! I am asking all my fellow Animal lovers and friends to please help this story be heard and to help us defeat the Humane Society and let them know this is not right!!!

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  • There is NO fee to relinquish an unwanted animal to the Franklin County Humane Society. Much better to take an animal to the shelter and give it up, than to turn it out to fend for itself - or even worse, to drop it out away from its home somewhere.

  • I don't care if the dogs get out by accident or not, the owners are fully responsible for maintaining the dogs on their property. If they do escape the property, I hope they are picked up by animal control. Every time I see a dog or cat running loose and it doesn't have a collar on it, I report it and I stay in the vicinity until the authorities arrive. Maybe it will teach owners to be more responsible. People buy dogs just to have them around, get tired of them and let them loose hoping the dog will find another home so the owner won't have to take them to the Humane Society and have to pay a fee for them to accept the animal. Owners have no responsibility at all and they don't care. That's really a shame.

  • IS she couldn't afford the $130 fee then what was she going to do if the dog had been seriously injured while running loose?! I get so tired of hearing people complain about the Humane Society. If you are not prepared to take on ALL of the financial responsibilities of owning a pet then do not get one! If the dog had been hit by a car, attacked by another dog, drank from a puddle tainted with anti freeze, etc. it would have been the owner's responsibility to get it to a vet ASAP- so how is paying to get back a pet that was cared for and kept safe an issue? You speak about doing what is best for the animal. That includes providing more than love food and water- a fact far too many in our town don't seem to understand. Pets need regular vet care, grooming, vaccinations etc. to truly be happy and healthy. Apparently your friend is not in a financial position to care for this animal at this time. While I understand how sad the family must feel this is NOT the fault of the Humane Society. This is what happens when people who cannot afford pets have them.

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  • Maybe the dog will get adopted by a responsible pet owner. And there is something wrong with having "breedable" pets running the streets making more and more puppies the SHELTER will have to pay to care for. Its not the owner of the dog that will have to pay for its breeding out of control, its the shelter the unwanted puppies will be dropped in.

  • What she failed to tell you is that only one day before the Animal Control Officer observed the dog loose and gave the owner a warning advising her he would be picked up if it was running loose again. And the very next day there it was off of the owners property and subsequently impounded. So before you publicly criticize the FCHS for enforcing laws designed to protect animals, make sure you tell the whole story.

  • Dogs get out. I have mine behind a fence also & utility workers, meter readers ect. has accidentally let him out on a couple of occasions. Regardless, the humane society shouldn't hold an owners pet for a ridiculous ransom and blackmail an owner to fix their pet. My dogs are fixed at my own doings but it isn't any crime, nor is there anything wrong to have a breedable pet. That is up to the owner, not the humane society. A family pet for eight years & the humane society takes away the ownership not because it got loose but because the owner either doesn't have the money at this time or doesn't want to be robbed this way. Well at least the geniuses didn't mistake it for a coyote & had it taken out & shot to death!

  • I've never had a dog picked up, mainly because I keep them in MY YARD.