Betrayal Comes In Many Guises


There he was.  There was South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on camera in front of reporters railing and complaining about the budget agreement worked out by Senators Ryan and Murray.  Standing behind him were three tough looking Veterans in Veterans of Foreign Wars hats.  Presumably they are there to support Senator in his complaint about the budget and to point out the cuts in it to Veteran benefits.

 The problem here is the Veterans standing behind Senator Graham are, I would guess, of a Republican bent as they are supporting a Republican in his complaint about the budget.  However, cuts to entitlements and social programs are the bailiwick of the Republicans not the Democrats.  These Veterans and any Veterans, who support Republican economic policy, are voting for the very people who want to cut Veteran benefits along with any social support programs they can get their hands on.

Talk about voting against yourself!  I sincerely hope that the day is not far off when my fellow Brother and Sister Veterans wake up and realize that the Republican Party is using our patriotism and loyalty to aid them in the Party’s quest to restrict the financial power of the Federal Government and make it ineffectual in reining in the excesses and inequality of the free market, a policy that weakens the very Government that many are, right now, giving their lives to protect.  At the same time Republicans are cutting the very benefits Republicans claim to be protecting!

These Legislators were quite eager to send our young men into their wars with cries of, “USA”, “USA”!  Now Republicans want us to support them as they, with smiles on their faces and fingers crossed behind their backs, attempt, in the name of some failed economic policy, to cut or eliminate the benefits these courageous men and women are entitled to.
Kind of like the Martin Niemoller thing about, ‘ They came for the Socialists and I said nothing because  I was not a socialist’, except with benefits.  They came for food stamps but I do not use food stamps so I said nothing.  When they came for Veterans benefits there was no one who would speak out for us because we did not speak out for them.

Remember Romney’s 47% comment?   That 47% of the people would not vote for him, as he said, the 47% who are takers.   Well Veterans who receive benefits and retirement are in that 47%!  Let us not forget that the Republican cry to cut entitlements includes Veterans.  Time to wake up and get smarter about who we think we are supporting!!!

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  • Hilary for president? Oh sweetie it's more like Hilary for prison fits better. I didn't say I didn't learn anything just the Liberal crap that is taught didn't sink in or else I'd be like the rest of you robots, and I'm not gray head thank you very little. Judging is way different than fact. fact is godless Liberals are just that godless and want Christ or any relation to Christ taken completely out of sight and sound. You support the democratic party then fact is you're a godless Liberal. I know facts is something strange and new to you but they are there believe it or not.

    It must pain you something awful to have what Liberal call freedom cut down to what it exactly is. Gubment funded family life with all the assistance programs geared towards these young ladies who all of a sudden are thrown into motherhood by little Johnny. Who BTW could care less whether the baby he's made even has a fighting chance jsut as long as it doesn't interfer with his plans of being a player.

    Got the car, rims, sounds, and 9 out of 10 deal drugs, maybe 1000 yards from where your kids or grand kids attend school, but that doesn't bother the godless Liberals oh no.

    When I see my older bothers and sisters in uniform suffer to make choices of food or medicine, or my younger brothers and sisters in uniform suffer and have to., have to mind you take cuts in pay all so little johnny's kid,. or the illegal worker can have then yeah you called it right it makes me feel lots better taking to task godless Liberals every chance I get and if that classify's me as a bully then so be it. Someone has to standup against the mass of godless Liberals why not me? Heck I got nutt'n to lose...

  • Oh and don't worry your old gray head about the president's time in office.........Hillary has that covered. I know that comment will just set you free!


  •  When you call me a "godless liberal" you sir ARE judging. I also got the "dog whistle" comment you made about gang bangers with their expensive rims and sound systems. Shameful. You don't know me or my religious beliefs so your comments have no meaning to me. It just makes YOU feel better. I would rather be a bleeding heart liberal than an old bitter man that has no compassion for his fellow mankind that is in need. You are absolutely correct on one thing didn't learn anything at FCHS except how to be a bully. And I bet you were really good at it too.

  • No one said anything about judging people sweetie, I leave that to God and godless Christian hating Liberals., Jesus was poor, he preferred the company of the poor over the wealthy, he knew that the poor was way more open minded than the wealthy who only worshiped material things. When you say Veterans don't go bunching all Veterans together. I know Veterans that are way better off than say 60% of other Veterans.

    And those Veterans that need help should receive it long before the little gang bangers running around Frankfort bedding anything that walks producing kids and then having the baby's momma get assistance while they are free from responsibility sport around in thier $500 dollar cars that have $4000 dollar rims and tires and a $3000 dollar music system in it. That is the able bodied individuals that your messiah has enabled to take away from the Veterans. Not counting all the extensions to unemployment that has crippled our working force to extend their hand outs instead of givng a hand up.

    And your messiah needs to learn Economics 101 and stop fighting the House and quit coming up with more Pyramind payback schemes and calling them stimulus packages. He don't know how to lead, he don't know how to govern, he don't know what he is doing in the first place just like all smiling Carter!!!!!

    And when the Constitution gets in his way he governs by Executive Order or legislative powers not by rule of law. Need an example? Current goal post moving of the ACA MANDATED time frames and set in concrete deadlines that is by all accounts THE LAW OF THE LAND according to you flamming Liberals. But I understand. There's laws for your team and laws for the rest of America.. sweetie 

    The time of celebrating your detrimental party and its messiah are coming fastly to an end.That's the revolution. And yes I am part of the "bring it" crowd and bet your sweet behind we's a bring'n it... sweetie....

    I sure as heck didn't learn fair and balance research attending FCHS. That's something I do all on my own. You should give it a try you might surprise yourself once you find the truth out. And FOX doesn't lead me to Christ, but FOX sure knows how to stand up for Christ unlike the godless Christian hating Liberals you associate with and listen too on a daily basis.. sweetie

  • Your first sentence says it all about you. And don't ever call me sweetie......As far as your messiah comment the only ones I hear calling him that is YOU, RUSH, HANNITY, COULTER and BECK. As far as the foodstamps going to the able bodied ....tell that to the veterans and their families that will be going without. If corporations would pay a living wage we would not have so many working families on food stamps. But because they don't the government has to subsidize them with food stamps so they don't starve. And most of all Jesus DID help the poor and needy. You need to read your scriptures and quit listening to Fox News.

    As far as your so called "revolution"........bring it!

    And the reason I don't speak out against gays is because it is not my place to judge these people...that is left up to God.

  • Oh goody,

         I feel like a vulture and you're fresh road kill. As I have told you so many times when the Fed keeps pumping money into the economy stock markets are going to surge, common sense is not one of your best virtues I'm sorry to be so harsh but dang can't you just check it out before you blabb?

    Jesus didn't help the poor and needy, he WAS the poor and needy and spoke of the sins of material things. But in true to form nature Liberals twist to fit. "Though I say it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the gates of heaven", and my favorite. A rich man asked Jesus what he should do to follow him and Jesus said give all your worldly things away, then rich man turned his back on Jesus and walked away, kindof like Liberals when they don't get the answers they want.

     But yet Jesus also said that it is a sin for a man to lay with another man but Liberals seem to think it's OK to promote and have gone as far as to make it as a hate crime if anyone and Christians, TRUE Christians speak out against this sinful practice like Phil Robertson and countless others because Flaming Liberals want forced equality. But who am I kidding that's in your play book too. Misinform, misquote, and twist the very wording of the Bible to your liking. Oh Jesus said there will be days like this and people like you so I ain't worried, you gotta answer for your beliefs not me ha ha!.

    Reagan was and still is to this day a fiscal conservative no matter what your Liberal blog sites say. Let’s us not forget who was previously in charge, as a Liberal Democratic president that caused the energy crisis, massive double digit unemployment, saw the American industry leave the country, allowed 52 Americans to be taken hostage for 444 days for giving refuge to the Shaw, and in that account caused the deaths of 8 American military personnel in a botched rescue attempt( ever had to bury your best friend because of some other retards fault) and gave away revenue like the Panama Cannel and did it all with a smile.

    Ok so let me see here Reagan dropped the top income from 70% to 50% and the lower income form 14% to 11%. And in that move Federal spending was put in chains and the inflation rate went from 13.2% to 3.2 % in Reagans first two years in office. Lower flat tax rates, spending under control, less regulation and more free trade help produce 21 million jobs from December 1982 to June 1990,(<this is one of those thingy’s you should look up for yourself like I’ve been preaching for you to do before you start blabbing) Good economic sense isn’t related to any party and that’s why your messiah is so much like Carter. He doesn’t have any common sense when it comes to being a good free nation leader. Heck he's not even an average politican cause he doens't know the first thing about that either.

        So you say your messiah got OBL. Well OK I’ll see your OBL( that the CIA and SEAL Team Six got) and raise you a Soviet Union and the fall of communism, and the ending of the Cold War by one single person.

        Since 2009 when your messiah took office he’s created 2.5 million jobs. Now I know I went to county and my  best grade I ever received was smoking barrel attendance, but still I know that 2.5 is way lower than 21 and it’s going on year six for your messiah so guess he better get to stepp’n if he plans on out doing Ronnie Rea-gun. And  50% in the first four months doesn’t add up to 2.5 million sweetie, that’s 2.5 million in five years a far cry from your numbers which I can understand since the truth always evades Liberals.

        Income has become stagnated under your messiah and poverty has grown worse with 46, 500,000 people living below the poverty line an increase of 6.7 million (that’s million with an “M”) since 2008 and 250,000,000 since 2011 that works out to be 15% of the population here in the good ol’ U S of A. SO tell me again how you got 50% of job creation in the first four months your messiah was in office?

        Do I need to mention the 49.3% increase of SNAP benefits since your messiah took office? So under Bush for 8 years 14.7 million were added to the SNAP roll. In five years your messiah has added 15.8 million and that is also from the fall in 2007 but mainly from your messiah signing legislation to increase benefit levels and allow abled body single people to draw SNAP too.

        And I could be wrong but wasn’t the implementation of the food stamp program supposed to help needy families, you know the poor and needy not the able bodied? Smells like another vote for me get for free campaign promise fulfillment can be checked off the list.  And you have to sit and ask way honest hard working Americans have no respect for any program this idiot trys to implement including the ACA which will be defeated and repealed very soon.

    Revolution: From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Get out yor fancy dudes fellas we's fix'n to have us an ol'fashion but kicked party!

  • If Republicans are so fiscally responsible why was President Eisenhower the last Republican president to balance the budget?

    If President Reagan was such a fiscally conservative hero, why did he quadruple our national debt during his eight years?

    If tax breaks are the main driving force behind job creation, how would we create jobs once tax rates were reduced to prectically zero?

    If socialized medicine is so aweful, why does every country that leads the world in life expectancy have socialized health care?

    If taxes are at some of their lowest levels in history, and the wealthiest in this country are richer than ever, why hasn't the growth in the wealth of the middle class matched that of the top 2%?

    If a Republican president reduced massive job losses in the midst of the worst recession in nearly a century by more than 50% in his first 4 months in office; presided over 44 consecutive months of private jobs; killed Osama bin Ladin; saw stock markets reach an all time high; saved the American auto industry; increased domestic oil production to highs not seen since the late 90's and championed the largest year-to-year deficit reductions since World War II, would your party not be calling him a hero?

    If Jesus spent his life helping the poor and the needy, how does it make sense that a party which claims to be for "christian values" continue to cut funding for programs that help the poor and the needy?




  • You are right it's a free country and I will continue to support the political party that I choose not the one that YOU want me to endorse. I do not ask that you change your political views so don't expect me to change mine. We had two fair elections and the president won. Why do you think he would push through policies that he doesn't agree with? Where were your convictions when your dear leader BUSH was in office? Maybe the policies that I endorse HELP me, not just the 1%.

  • What I read from the two of you is the lack of convictions of honestly admitting policies that this administration has passed that is detrimental to America as a whole. You praise his inabilities while in the same breathe deny that he is an ineffective leader. You support an individual who lives the aristocratic life style. You blasted Bush for his policies yet give this one a free get out of jail card why? I can tell you why. it's you inabilities to seperate detrimental policies from actual policies that benefit ALL Americans. You are so drunk from the intake of his kool-aid that your reasoning abilities have been compromised maybe to the point of no return to actual productive thought patterns.

    And your automatic responses to those who call him out on his inabilities results in name calling, labels and right out hate. Your asinine attacks against we who choose to live with our heads out of the sand becomes blantly impossible to ever have civil debates on issues. It's like responsible parents debating with spoiled children of irresponsible parents when civil debates try to take place with you Liberals. Your utophia of everyone gets an equal fair share is a pipe dream 10 to the power of infinite and will not ever happen.

    ObamaCare is re-distrubution of wealth and that's what pleases the cretinous Liberal base. It's a Nazi Socialist health care system developed all over again except this time is isn't being forced upon people by the barrel of a weapon. It's been forced by closed doored votes from detrimental Democratic politicans who suffer from control issues. This is why Liberals get attacked from every corner, angle, and plain available to assert an attack from and you two don't like being attacked for your support no more than I like being attacked for mine, but face it as long as you support detrimental policies that creates a divided country you will be attacked at every chance. And stop twisting this around to being a Republican form of health care. If it was all that good in the first place Republicans would have gotten it passed years ago. Have you forgotten that the Republicans had control of both houses at one time? 

    You cannot with a straight face say that your grandchildren and great grand children should not be afforded the very same opportunities as you and I have be afforded. If you do then there is no hope for this country with liked minded individuals who based their decessions on detrimental policies and then enforce those policies by mandated laws or Executive Order to strangle hold a free people and their progress for freedom to continue.

    This country offers each and every person equal and the same opportunities not the selected few as Liberals protest it does. It is Liberal policies that are standing in the way of progress and freedom and that is what the Liberal base wants. And in that turn you two support this and then wonder why you are attacked for what you, having full knowledge of, is detrimental and wrong for a free country to continue as free and not being controlled by a party that has no remorse for its policies and its only goal is control over a free people and its government.

    As far as benefits from Obamacare I will not receive nor enjoy any. I flat out refuse to pay or even dance to a tune that to me is as god awful as listening to classical music or worse yet nails down a chalkboard. You keep it and pay for it since it's such a good thing. I'll pay for what I want to pay for and the services I feel are important to my health not ones Liberals say I have to have or feel they know better than me. I'm the danger that you Liberals scream about because I can think for myself and will not be lead by the kool-aid drinking marching bands tune.

    I'll enjoy the winning side of the revolution thank you very little. :)

  • pitchforkedtongue, mental illness is treatable...what you have is not.  Sorry, but have a happy new year and enjoy all of those benefits that you are receiving from Obamacare!

  • Let's see ...I believe that I counted 3 different labels in that last post. But at this point "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE !"  Clinton hasn't even said she will run for president YET and the Republicans are already shaking in their shoes. If the truth is already in plain sight why are they still investigating? If there was wrong doing why are they not arresting or pressing charges against someone? I know I know...they are too busy getting ready for the "REVOLUTION".

  • Homosukinagain,

    It appears that you too are suffering from Barracktile Dsyfunction. Now you can add the voices in your head coming from the Lame Stream Media to your mental illness disorders. Face it no matter how many times CBS, CNN, HLN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC or the New York Slimes and cretinous Liberals like yourself  keeps defending your messiah what him and his cronies do in the dark will always come out into the light. Data-mining of over 4000 social network tweets and facebook postings have not turned up one single response of a video the night of the planned attack on 9/11 in Benghazi. That's why there's gag orders, threats of firings, and any other underhanded resaons your messiah can come up with to delay the truth from coming out, but it's too late it's there in plain sight so what does the Lefties do? Spin and Yarn twist the truth like always.

    It was 60 Minutes and the reporters fault for not digging deeper and venting their sources, but they have standing orders not to investigate all to protect the messiah. As for the New York Slimes.. isn't that the same paper that posted Putin's interview that spanked the messiah back in the summer? So you tell me does the New York Slimes walk on both sides of the street? It would appear, and right on cue, that this so called newspaper only pans to the extreme left and is lockstep in time with the Clinton chances of running. But WHAT DIFFERENCE  DOES IT MAKE?? I don't read that trash rag any hoo. It makes for wonderful bird cage lining but that's about it.

    Revolution. It's whats for winners!

  • pitchforkedtongue: Tell us about Benghazi again daddy...that was such a good story the first 100 times that you told it...this time include the revelations of the "60 Minutes" fiasco and the 7,000 word story in the New York Times.

  • Don't worry your little mind over it. It's covered under ACA. 

  • ukfan,

    It appears you are suffering with Barracktile Dysfunction.

    Barracktile Dysfunction (aka Extreme Liberalism) is serious and those who suffer with extreme affects of this condition ultimately need therapy in a controlled setting such as inpatient long term care facilities, State or Federal prison institutions, or continued psychological therapy sessions with a professional for those who have mild to moderate symptoms. Listening to your friends that suffer with this terrible disease is not the answer. Please check with your health care professional before it’s too late.

    A person who suffers with Barracktile Dysfunction has some if not all of the following symptoms;

    constantly repeating talking points or finger pointing, labeling others as racist, bigots, or haters, preying on the weak minded and over indulgences in tainted kool-aid drinking. Challenging common sense discussions with delusions of grandeur, the supporting of lies and then supporting a lie about lying, outlandish spending and the thought that money is going to magically appear to cover this action, living out of ones means while thinking it is the “norm” to do so. Detrimental decisions making with full knowledge that it is so but enacts/supports those decisions anyway.

    These are just some of the symptoms that you or someone close to you may be suffering with Barracktile Dysfunction. Seek immediate professional treatment before it’s too late. Only your health care provider can diagnose and treat Barracktile Dysfunction!


  • Look who's labeling now! Ha ha. 

  • Your boy Dubya just did that twice in the last'd those work out for us?  The world is still reeling from impacts of these wars.
    So according to you and other Liberals (who BTW make up the main stream of 9/11 conspiracy theories that our own government blew up the Twin Towers) should have let by gones be by gones correct?  I’d like to vacation in the world you live in sounds interesting and I’d probably get enough material to write a sound research paper o the mental illness that is Liberalism. *thumbs up*

    Tell it to the Repugs in Virginia who were sweeped out to the trash bin in the last election.  Dream on!
    Winning by 2% is putting one in the trash bin? Had the election been just one week later, there would be a republican governor and all the thanks would be too what? The wondrous, most effective ACA law that is really going down the drain and fast and democrats that voted for it are running like minions to put fires out that they started by hard line party support, but voters know so hang on it’s going to be an even better election year for republicans.

    What revolution?  Show me one sign that that is true.  You enjoy you time in the bubble today, ya' hear!
     Let’s see: Polls numbers and support for your messiah, poll numbers and support for your party, continued Public outcry against the ACA, Benghazi, IRS, and the NSA scandals, changing laws without Congressional approval, lying and then lying about lying. The list is growing daily, but my favorite is the growing evidence that a bailout of Insurance companies is a high possibility since his elected base of 18 to 35 year olds is turning on your messiah and thumbing their noses at him. Oh it’s going to be great watching the Oblunder try and wiggle out of this one. Oh and I forgot this one. Benefit cut to Veterans, tax credits for illegal workers is going to cause a big splash on both sides of the isle and that can’t be a good thing for dems or repubs and that’s exactly what this country needs.

    Revolution is fast approaching. Time to take back what the founders put in place. A nation of the people, by the people and for the people!

    P.S. I have a wonderful recipe for a Socrates cocktail if your tired of drinking kool-aid. *smiley face inserted*

  • "What is it with you bleeding heart Liberals thinking it is OK for terrorist, known terrorist at that to have nuclear weapons and no one is supposed to stand up and say NO?"

    What is it with your bleeding gunshot wounds Conservatives thinking that they only way to "say NO" is to premptively invade a sovereign nation on the flimsy basis of what they may do in the future and start a prolonged and intractable war?  Your boy Dubya just did that twice in the last'd those work out for us?  The world is still reeling from impacts of these wars.


    " Liberalism is finished in America politics. "

    Tell it to the Repugs in Virginia who were sweeped out to the trash bin in the last election.  Dream on!  


    "The revolution is near and growing."

    What revolution?  Show me one sign that that is true.  You enjoy you time in the bubble today, ya' hear!


  • Dear Homo,

    You can do your best and lay this at the feet of the Republicans, but history shows that the current Iran government is all on spineless Jimmy Carter and Obama no second guessing about it. What is it with you bleeding heart Liberals thinking it is OK for terrorist, known terrorist at that to have nuclear weapons and no one is supposed to stand up and say NO? Just because Liberals are all wussies doesn't mean we all are. Can't you understand that, or do we need to keep allowing you to wear your helmet and furnish you with new crayons?

    It appears that Liberal ilk think they are somehow invincible to detrimental policies and actions because of their hard line party standing. That kind of thinking is just more evidence that so called Liberal politics is about to be shown the back door and this country where it doesn't seem like it today, or over the last five years, will become the strong nation once again and not be pushed around or put in any compromising positions that are not beneficial to Americans, her allies and everyone’s safety.

    Democrats up for re-election are jumping ship but it isn't going to do any good. They voted for policies and laws that everyone is wanting rid of and that only means days are counted till Obama is stopped in his tracks and the country starts healing again.

    As for this bipartisan budget deal that takes away funds from disabled and retired military but gives tax breaks to illegal workers, (which I still cannot figure out WTH that passed even through the House), will none the less back fire on both parties that have individuals up for re-election. And since everything they do today is covered in one form or another this backroom dealing is brought out in the light gives us the power to clean both sides of the isle and get America back on the right track.

     Liberalism is finished in America politics. There is no room for detrimental thinking, people, policies or laws any longer proudly standing on the backs of the working class families all in order to socialize this country that doesn't accept that way of life nor wants it. Liberalism has ran its course and the loss of power clears the way for America to get back on her feet and finally shut down Obama and his detrimental ways.

    The revolution is near and growing. Are you sure you are on the right side?


  • The Repugnicans want to get into another long and protracted war with Iran so bad that even I can taste it...if Romney were President we would already be there!  And they would not be paying for it any more than Dubya paid for his two wars...leaving that mess for President Obama to clean up.

  • thomyv,

    You keep insisting it’s all on Republicans and not acknowledging Democrats part in robbing the treasury. And here lately over the last 6 years it’s been democrats sticking a gun in Americans backs demanding more and more and giving less and less to companies to get them to increase their employment ranks. No jobs mean less tax. Less taxes means Democrats want to increase taxes on people who are already draining bank accounts to live today

    If you rely on government to create jobs then you'll be waiting for a good while on that to happen. The government can't even create a working web site for one of its biggest programs. Obama might have signed up but he didn't do it on the site now what does that tell you?

    If there is no incentive, no reward for a company to stick their necks out and add jobs, which that is what many companies want to do, you'll have jobless numbers in the ranges we have seen over the last 4 years. Government is a restrictor of jobs not an enabler and the more extensions government keeps adding the less and less people are going to look for work, and it’s a vicious cycle that just keeps going round and round.

    Look at it from a logical point of view just once. If government keeps giving you something for nothing, not allowing job growth, but more dependency on government programs you'd be stupid not to accept.  And that's where you lose the umph for the individual to do for their benefit not government, It’s like this administration does not believe in the individual but more inline as a collective, a hive that best serves government wishes than individual freedom.

    The opposite of that is more Americans working bring in more tax money, which in turn starts helping to pay down the debt, fund social programs that actually have accountability and getting our country back in better shape. I honestly believe this administration actually doesn’t care if it increases our debt to and pass the breaking point. If that happens what then will those who actually need the programs do to survive? Will it then be survival of the fittest or just allow them to wither away into nothing? 

  • And there it is again. You can't seem to stop with the labeling, And you are the one who says no one else is civil, but what am I thinking you're a democrat you live by double standards. And what's the deal with the rehashing of who won what? I wouldn't be so proud of the results over the last year. You know with all the scandals, and lies that your messiah has been caught in and then try to change the lie with another lie.

    *** it by design or just a coincidence that the Democratic party chose an a$$ as their mascot? If it was by design then you and your messiah have a likeness like no other. Now that you can be proud of *thumbs up* That would make a great Dear Diary entry for you to add.

    Dear Diary,

    Today I found out that Barrack  Hussein Obama our partys messiah and I have one magnificent thing in common. We both belong to the party of an a$$.*smiley face inserted here* Isn't that just wonderful!!!!


  • Tell you what.  You just keep letting these guys get your pants in a bunch over some schmuck as poor as you getting maybe a little more, in your opinion, than he should.  Meanwile the people who got you riled up are looting the treasury!  Merry Christmas!

    With employment in the toilet, that might be a good idea, WPA or CCC or something like it!  The austerity imposed by the Republican agenda has caused the Government to shed as many as 300,000 jobs so it sure wouldn't hurt.

  • Just as I thought ....a birther! You do know that the Democrats won the election? Elections do have consequences. If the Republicans had won they would be pushing through their what's your point.

  • ~~thomyv,

    Just as need4speed pointed out when Welfare first started out it was a very good program while mothers stayed home cared for the house and kids the husbands went wherever the Fed needed them to go and work. The workers did receive a small sum to sustain them while away from home but the main concentration of funds went to the families back home. Today it is a requirement of ALL assistance programs that the recipient put in at least 20 hours a week but that is not enforced.

    I am not for anyone starving, yet it is a very big problem trying to feed a family of four a full three meals on a little over $3 per day under the SNAP benefits. And the more abuse this program takes from no income verifications the less and less true honest recipients will receive. Medical is covered under Medicaid/Medicare yet seniors are choosing food over medicine now why is that happening if they are such great programs?

    As for the illegal drug selling, that's been going on for so long and it's being seen daily even here in Frankfort that no matter what opportunities are presented the lure of quick cash in the drug business is always the main factor and drive for individuals wanting the get rich life style.

    ukfan, Compromise is not a tool the democrats use willingly. Placing blame solely on Republicans is a copout to the detrimental policies this administration enacts. There is no means between anything Obama does it is either his way or no way. He is a self-indulgent man, knowing what he does is detrimental yet he just keeps pushing forward without a care. Another stimulus program is just another indulgence that Obama wants and he is facing hard line resistances to it.

    And all this blaming the rich, the big corporations for failures of our economic system is a folly. GE is the biggest contributor to the Democratic Party and the worse abuser of the tax code than any other business on American soil. Tax reform is what is needed not more taxes, but you can't seem to get that through to Obama with his spend our way out of debt scheme that is crumbling down around him. The bail out of GM was a fiasco with a $10.8 billion, that's billion with a capital "B" loss of tax payer money and GM is sitting back laughing, but the unions and Detroit are saved right? There is no compromise under the Obama administration rules and guidelines and this Goebbels style tactics that Obama is using is tiresome and frankly pathetic at attempts. Blaming the rich as Obama is so keen on doing in every speech is just as Goebbels himself thought would rally a victory of Germany over British military which we all know the outcome of that tactic. 

    It is very convenient for you ukfan and thomyv and the others that back Obama to present the negatives, but to be perfectly honest Obama hasn’t presented any programs or policies that aren’t compassionate on the tax payer or the funds paid in by the tax payer. It appears that he sees tax payer funds like his personal bank account that he has taken out a credit card in the name of our grand and great grandchildren all in order for him to live a life that he only dreamed of as a small boy on either a Hawaiian island, or the bush of Kenya. It’s impossible to pin point the exact location since even Obama can’t remember where he is from or grew up?


  • need:  It's no use trying to debating with someone that has no perception on the idea of compromise.  Even Bill Clinton understood the meaning of  compromise.

  • So thomyv why not have a return of the WPA or the CCC from the depression era?  That way we get something for our things like trash picked out of the river, sidewalks,nature trails, and perhaps even *gasp* infrastructure. That would provide work for the ones that need help.  This thing about giving it away for free SUCKS! Which is all the Dummycraps want to do. The problem is not getting money to those who need it, the problem is getting a return on the investment.

  • Two faced Rand Paul has shown his true colors.  He has constantly supported the rights of states.  He has gone out of his way to talk about letting states decide issues not the federal government.  Now that the legal issue on the possibility of Paul running for two separate offices (President/US Senator), he has quickly dumped on Kentucky’s laws and prefers the federal laws.  To me this isn’t a Rep. or Dem. thing…at times can’t stand either party.  It’s about politicians doing or saying anything to get elected. 

    With politicians’ ability to rake in millions of dollars from anonymous PAC’s, I’m all for making vote buying legal.  I’ve wasted too many votes on broken promises by politicians running for office that if someone will give me money for my vote, I’M ALL FOR IT.   I take voting seriously and have never missed a chance to vote since Rep. Tom Easterly came to my high school to help register students.  So let the bidding begin.

  • Cuts to Food Stamps, cuts to entitlements and deficit reduction are the Republican playbook.  Their call is for cuts to descretionary spending.   The overarching goal is to financially weaken the Federal Government so it is ineffective in  reigning in and countering the inequities of the free market.  Ryan put that cut in his budget. To get a budget  Dems had to agree to at least a token cut to get any deal at all!  That it happens to affect a group favored by Republicans is the fault of the person who put the Veterans up as a barganing chip.  Ryan!

    The proof that Republicans are driving these cuts is their call for 40 billion in cuts to the Food Stamp program.  What do they expect people to do?   Starve, rob a bank, open a illegal drug business!  What should they do if there is no work for them?  Without these programs that Republicans say the Government should not be involved in, there would be riots in the streets, large ones!

    You say no one should go without food or shelter or clothing yet you are willing to punish people for being poor by cutting the very programs that support them till they can find work.  Certainly it's better to earn your living but when that is not possible thru no falt of your own, then what?

    I think we need another catagory to keep people from slipping further down the financial pyramid when work is not available.   Currenly if you cannot find work by a number of weeks you are kicked off of unemployment and too bad if you end up homeless. With Republicans cutting food stamps you might also be starving.  These people should be moved to another catagory for those who are not totally disabled but cannot get hired.  Certainly there would need to be controls and systems set up to find and encourage and support those who finally do find work, but we must recognize that some people will never be hired and morality requires we do something to help them.

    It is harder ot get assistance in America then in any other modern country, why?  Are our struggling citizens less worthy of help than the citizens of other countries?

     I agree about training and such but the problem is jobs.  Republicans promised jobs in 10 and 12 but have not passed a decent infrastructure or jobs bill yet.  We have a high need for assistance because we stopped the growth of the middle class by shifting tax cuts to the rich and slowing the wage increases of the workers to show a profit. Wages when adjusted for inflation have been stagnant since Reagan and supply side economics began the destruction of the middle class.   The assult on Labor and the Unions has made Corporations and Business very happy and has directly contributed to our current situation.   As long as the buying power of the middle class is such that it cannot buy the things provided by business, business will not expand as there is no demand to fill. We need to get back to supply side economics and knock off this , as it was aptly named, Voodoo economics!!!  


  • Compassion is not when you cut unemployment and food stamps to the needy especially during the holidays. You also don't cut education funding if you want all the welfare people to reeducate themselves.  Where are these unemployed people going to find money to go back to school or even college? There should also be a limit on how much and how long we give corporate welfare to the profitable companies in this country.  If the republicans are so concerned about the poor and needy where is their health care plan for the country? Also you republicans keep saying   WE  need to take back OUR country. If you mean that you want to take it back from the Democrats well it's our country as much as yours.  So where is the compassion  you say they have in this party of NO ? As far as compromise what have they compromised with the president? 

  • Earned entitlements are different than hand out entitlements thomyv and 9 republicans that voted for this are, I'm sure, getting their ear full from their hometowns but I see failure on proof that ALL Republicans wanted this by the number that voted against it. In fact it appears that the Democrats were more in favor of passing these cuts than Republicans simply by the majority  that voted for it and none against.

    ukfan, compromise, and compassion is what the Democrats lack not Republicans and this is proven with the ACA failures, insurance cancellations, outrageous deductibles even for the simplest plans, use of hate from the Left is standard policy in order to paint the picture that Republicans do not have a heart. And this blame the rich propaganda is getting very old and it has been used in the past all in order to gain a control over people that soon ran its course and destroyed a country from the inside out. Tolerance is sorrowly lacking from the Democratic party yet tolerance is what's being preached but proof of intolerance rears its ugly head as misspoken, out of context or worse an admitted lie to cover up a lie that covered up yet another lie.

    If compromise and compassion are what you think needs to be accomplished then bring it to the attention of the Democrats you support and I'll take it to the Republicans that need to hear it. But we might be just wasting good emails. Until WE take back control of OUR country this is the crap hand WE all are dealt.

    No one in this country should ever go without food, housing, clothing, education, medical, but wouldn't you agree that it is much sweeter earned than given? Just remember back to when you got an allowance for chores you did and once you got that money didn't it make you feel good that you earned it? There are ones who can't, no matter how hard we wish are ever going to be able to earn things, those are the ones I'd give my last slice of bread too, not because of their position but because it is what's right by human nature to do. But there are those who are being enabled to not have to work even though they can by policies this administration is passing and if I speak out against it I'm a racist or worse I hate them. This simply is not true at all.

    There needs to be a limit to how long worthy and able bodied people can receive assistance from the government. In that amount of time training or even attending college to better themselves to obtain employment is what is needed. Someone who can work should work and if they lack the ability then compassion is a must but compromise is the necessity to ensure they can complete what they attempt. That is where entitlement reform needs to be concentrated on. Didn't Clinton even think that education was a reasonable approach to welfare reform and put time limits on how long someone could receive government assistance in order to better themselves through educational training or OJT even?

  • Ryan came out of the budget talks with the cuts to entitlements Republicans said they wanted.  When they realized their entitlement cuts wouldaffect a group that ususaly supports, Republicans like Lindsey Ghrham went ballistic!  That is why he was standing there with the Vets behind him.  The reality is that Republicans want to cut entitltments.   If we hitch our wagon to those who would cut earned entitlements to keep the taxes of wealthy people from going up, then this is what we are gonna get! 

  • Once again the two attack machines of the party of NO speak. Their philosophy is if I don't like it and because it don't effect me attack and destroy with name calling and shaming. There are people hurting and a lot of them because of the idiotic beliefs that everyone who is getting aid from the government is scamming the taxpayers. It's because of the nonproductive Congress and their policies that these people are hurting. But you can't hide the fact that the economy is starting to take off just look at the stock market and the GDP. If they would focus on jobs and not so much on social issues they might get something done for the country. But then that would help the country and make the president look good. Oh yes and I expect to get slammed by these two so have at it. Two words that they (the right wing) hate are compromise and compassion. Ok let er rip!

  • The auhor is right sometimes betrayers do come in guises as POTUS.....


  • Your party biased is well noted with the failure of mentioning that ALL Democrats voted for this bill and only 9 Republicans voted with ALL those Democrats. As you pointed out Senator Graham is speaking out and he did vote against it. When you mention THESE LEGISLATORS are you including the Democrats too? If you did I'm sorry but I did not see any mention of that in your blog post.

    I understand the Democratic party is hemorrhaging from all the fallout of the scandals and lie upon lie that is surfacing, which seems each minute of the day, but honestly are you of the mind that people are just stupid and cannot find information all on their own?

    As a Veteran myself I take offense of you speaking for me. And as a Service-Connected Veteran I am well aware of the possibility of cuts to compensations. What is profoundly reprehensible is the thick headedness of the Democratic party's willingness to just give taxpayer money to individuals who can work but are just too ornery to do so as long as Big Daddy Government keeps giving it to them. That is the entitlement restructuring that needs concentration on today.

    The only values the Democratic party places on a person is the amount of money they wish to spend to guarantee that votes keep going their way.

    Perhaps you are one of those individuals that enjoys the government taxpayer freebies and that explains why in your blog you place blame solely on Republicans while leaving out the passage of the bill by ALL the Democrats and just 9 defecting Republicans.