Is It Fair? Stormwater Fee

Rain Maker Published:

I$ it fair that the hou$e on the left pay$ the $ame $tormwater fee a$ the hou$e on the right. Promoting and U$ing an average fee, our City Commi$$ion think$ $o.

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  • The reason for the blanket fee is simply this. There are many many more small homes than there are giant ones like in the Country Club and Inverness. By charging a blanket fee versus an actual square footage, the city pulls in more tax dollars. A solution would be to charge a multi-tiered tax structure based on square footage of the home broken by 1,000 square footage values that the PVA already has in her possession. The Frankfort Plant Board already does this with their tiered energy use, internet usage and water usage. Then businesses that do not put (Exterior) roof  or parking lot water into the sewer system should not be charged a rain tax. For example, Walmart doesn't nor does the AOC building. Understand the infrastructure before charging the tax. But again this will be less dollars into this new tax account. Now we HAVE to make the sacrifice by paying our hard earned dollars so we do not pollute the water that is used to provide drinking water for citizens of Kentucky all the way to the Ohio River. 

    I would also like to see a study showing where all our increased sewer dollars have gone since the 1990's. Our sewer bills used to be 1/2 of our water bill, now they are more than doube our water bill. These increased dollars have gone somewhere, I'd like to know where? 

    This is the most stupid tax I have ever heard of. I don't care if another state does this or not. I don't live there. I live in my rural state who has had poor elected, college educated, professional degreed, leaders in Frankfort who continually put off making the necessarily proactive improvements. 

  • I guarantee this "blanket fee" is due to our city commission either being too disorganized or too lazy to determine square footage of property.

  • Bodeen, you're not venting you're speaking from experience something that the yahoo's down at the hall have no idea what that means. Our police department is the worst abuser of furnished transportation I have ever witnessed. There are however certain departments that are a necessary evil for transportation to be furnished to the actual department heads that do get out everyday and work.

    Then you have the state workers who seem to think that the car with the state logo and they work for the state it is their own personal vehicle doing their trips to Walmart on Saturday, or Sunday and when reported as an abuse it is ignored.

    In Maryland they are using Satellite imaging to determine exact footage for payments and it's not that expensive and can be done right from the comfort of Bill's breakfast table while he enjoys his hot coco. I live off a small reitrement too so I share the pain like all who live do.

    It's time to get the weak minded influenced individuals out of the hall and get some people that actually do what they say will do and not pour honey into peoples ears to get elected. I don't knock someone who has worked and gain from that work but god almighty when is enough, enough? Do these better off people just need to keep being so greedy?

    Just who ,BTW, would need a place like that to live in in the first place? Wanna start cutting down on dependency of fossil fuels then get these kinds of homes under a alternative energy program and let them pay for it themselves along with big businesses.

    Dang if they can afford buying or building a house like that then they can afford the alternative energy sources too.

  • Pitch, every year and all year long, we are getting hit with rate increases which we always expect but the economy has kept a lot of people from getting raises to keep up. Untop of all of these increases, they find other ways to gouge a man for things that they shouldn't have had too if they had any forthought. This here is nothing new and we all knew that it had to be done, but be done with the tax money that we already have been giving them over the years, not an added tax that is based on just owning a property instead of how much runoff that a property owner really has. This picture is a fine example and I look at it as the rich keeps on getting the breaks at the little mans expense. If this is how our leaders see fit to fix the problem that they were elected to do then we need new leaders with an actual understanding of just how far that they can keep gouging the little man and how to do things farely.

    I think that I can speak for most people who worked an honest career and are now retired in that we do not have the ability to keep on paying these added rates at their whims. We expect our leaders to keep our costs down to the best of their abilities and not spend money to entertain just a small fraction of the citizens. To look for and get the best deals when it comes to needing newer buildings or cars. I had to drive my own car to work for all 29 years that I worked and paid taxes, why do they need us to furnish a car for a lot of employees to drive back and forth to work. I don't even want to get in the waste that I see locally but suffice to say, it is a lot.. Thanks for letting me vent

  • bodeen you have such a wonderful way of putting things lol. What I feel the zoo animals down at city hall fear is technology, and most are science stupid anyway. After all it's Bill May we are talking about here, not Bill Nye the science guy.

    Bill May's idea of relative humidity is seeing the beads of sweat on a family members head while he watches them do all the hard work.

    And isn't rainwater Green Energy? If this passes, then we all should be able to pipe our downspouts  into the stormwater drainage system.

  • Frankfort Country Club


  • In which Frankfort neighborhood is the house on the left located? I didn't think so!

  • Thanks for showing one of many examples of the huge difference in actual property sizes verses the average that the city came up with. This property at 232 Stonehenge has approx. 15,000 sq ft and  valued at over two million dollars but will have to pay the same amount someone living in a 500 sq ft trailor valued at less than 5,000 dollars. There are bigger homes it this area and smaller ones than I mentioned. To answer your question, OHHELL NO!