27 and Counting

Obama Fan Published:

Well Obama is on 27 and counting on changes to the healthcare law.   Funny all  the liberals and democrats said it was the law of the land!   Well I guess when that law Obama proposed and Democrats passed are ruining their chance for re-election he kicks his red high shoe heels back together surpasses Congress goes straight to his fantasy land of Oz and changes it.

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  • ihateoxygenthieves, February 13, 2014 4:42PM

    "Doesnt have to do with healthcare,  but now he just raised the federal minimum wage for contract workers.....its no longer power of the people, its power of the pen."

    Oh yeah, it is the right wing's King Obama's Executive Orders myth...you know, you can look this stuff up before you make total fools of yourselves, don't you?

    So, in the so-called modern era of Presidents, starting with Eisenhower, the Republican Presidents have used EO's 1837 times, while the Democrats have used it just 1391 times, with KING OBAMA, using it a paltry 168 times.  


    Dwight D. Eisenhower - 484 

    John F. Kennedy - 214

    Lyndon B. Johnson - 325

    Richard Nixon - 346 

    Gerald R. Ford - 169

    Jimmy Carter - 320 

    Ronald Reagan - 381

    George Bush - 166 

    William J. Clinton - 364 

    George W. Bush - 291

    Barack Obama - 168 


    Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s recent criticism of President Barack Obama’s use of executive orders is removed from reality. The outcry stems from the recent State of the Union address where the president promised to establish a higher minimum wage for federally contracted workers without legislative action. “We have an increasingly lawless presidency,” said Ryan. Many citizens, including Ryan, think this subverts the system, undermining the fact Congress is the body that passes legislation, not the White House.  Using an executive order to craft how existing legislation is enforced is hardly lawless, and in fact is perfectly acceptable. 


    - See more at: http://www.guilfordian.com/opinion/2014/02/14/presidents-use-of-executive-orders-is-necessary-to-combat-partisan-congress/#sthash.fn2pooRq.dpuf


  • If the author knew anything about civics and the way that ALL laws are written, then they would know that these are minor changes that can occur to ease the implementation of any law of this importance and scope.  That is why they write it on paper..and NOT stone.  That is the same reason that you have an eraser on your pencil.  All laws are basically DRAFTS, and can and should be tweaked to meet the unexpected.  Many of these things are concessions to the ultra right wing's incessant negative publicity campaign, so you are actually complaining about your own success...which doesn't make a lick of sense, but is par for the course.

  • Doesnt have to do with healthcare,  but now he just raised the federal minimum wage for contract workers.....its no longer power of the people, its power of the pen.

  • Curious you didnt comment on what the writer addressed. Obama is making changes to a law that Congress made. No where in the law can I find where it says the President can change it.

  • Lets put in perspective.  A Dr uses a scalpel.  They are made out of steel.  So a company mines the ore they must pay their miners and buy equipment.  Once it is mined its shipped and processed and that cost $.  Then a supplier gets it sells it and then must deliver it.  That costs $.  Hospitals and Doctors then must buy it that cost $.  The Doctor must attend years of school and training that cost $.  The doctors office must pay their staff, their utility bill, rent/mortgage etc....I guess you expect all the above service to be free?  That is unrealistic.  So they bill who? Us and Insurance companies?  Insurance companies cannot pay without getting premiums from us so that cost $.  So maybe your "free" theory is government pays for it all?  Well the government has to pay workers that cost $.  Government has to buy computers that cost $.  Government designs 635 million $ website that cost $.  So again nothing if "free" even if the government provides it.  And when government does provide it its still NOT FREE because they get the $ to pay for it comes from taxpayers and that cost $.   Pretty simple when you think about it.

  • First of all you are off point Obama and the Democrats wrote, supported, passed this law.   They told us its now the law of the land and Obama himself said "gdt over it its the law".  He is right its the law, so quit changing it.  Your right about one thing he is making smart adjustments.  But those adjustments are only to help him politically.  Nothing is "free"  I guess by "free" you figure doctors are going to do this or free.  Or the government will pay all the bills.  Well the government doesn't have $ they get their $ from us so somebody somewhere someone is paying so I repeat NOTHING IS FREE!

  • President Obama has made smart adjustments and compromises to make the Affordable Health Care Act the best it can be.  For those who complain about "Obamacare," where is the national health care free for all citizens - which would be the most fair and equal for all?  I think President Obama is making the best possible situation out of the lousy set-up congress and private sector health insurance companies makes us have for health care in this country.