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It took America 227 years to reach $6.6 trillion in debt.  Its taken Obama a whopping 5 years to add another $6.6 trillion.  Think about that folks it took 43 presidents and 227 years and its taken only this one president and 5 years to do the same.   

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  • Obama Fan, are you the one in the White House executive bathroom that sucks all of the p**p smells out and then posts them here?

  • You are welcome!

  • Thank you, Mo_Lazus.

  • YOU ARE Full of **IT!  There is the simple and stupid answer: Yes, $6 trillion has been added since he was sworn in.

    And there is the complicated and smart answer: Sort of.

    $6 T only if you assume that every dollar of deficit spending the government has engaged in since 1/20/09 is "Obama's deficit"...which is ain't!

    Much of it is mandatory spending that would have happened under any president. Bush's last budget, including TARP spending and the GM bailout which started on his watch, are also part. Obama's largest legislative achievement, the PPACA, decreases deficit spending, according to the CBO.  

    The 2009 budget was submitted by the previous administration, and I'm not sure if congress passed it or that the final appropriations were even close to GW's budget, but Obama gets blamed for it. This was the first $1T+ deficit of Obama's three years. The deficit went down roughly $120b the next FY (2010) due to equal parts in increased receipts and decreased outlays. In fact, this was the first time gov't spending decreased from the previous year since at least 1960.

    Obama inherited a $1.3 trillion annual deficit. 


    $1.3 trillion x 3 = $3.9 trillion + supplemental stimulus of $800 billion = $4.7 trillion.

    Which is roughly the amount of debt added since Jan 2009.

    (The deficit peaked a little higher than $1.3 trillion in 2010)

    How much has Iraq and Afghanistan cost, wars he didn't start and Bush did NOT pay for? A lot of the spending for those wars was kept "off the books" by the Bush administration, but when Obama came in, he put it on the books. Which can make it look like the entire price tag for the wars, including the Bush years, is on Obama's ledger, since it was under Obama that all those dollars first showed up in the budget. 

    That's what you get for voting a Republican majority into the House in 2010 with the mandate to prove government is useless. The result is government becomes useless.

    And here is a good response in one easy to read graph: