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Raising the minimum wage will bring millions out of poverty.......hhhmmm only about 1.6 million work for minimum wage.  Now that is some wierd Harvard math.

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  • Why not...they work probably harder than the manager does for his pay. Are you saying just because someone doesn't have a formal education that they should not get a decent wage?

  • Please UK don't bring Crongressmen into this discussion. We both know they are overpaid and under worked.I guess maybe my example was not a good one. Another person that I would like to ask about is a person that quit school withoutgetting a diploma and or a GED and his/ her parents threw them out of the house and the only job they are qualified for is a dishwasher at Applebees. Should that person get a living wage?

  • No one can make a living working part-time unless your income is supplemented with another source of income. That is unless you are a Congressman or Senator that only works about 170 days out of the year making around $145,000 a year.

  • Answer my question UKfan, should a highschool student working part time at Mcdonald's make a living wage, what ever that might be?


  • mach570 ...I too make a good living and I too do not have a college degree. I have taken some college courses for my job though. I feel that if we can support and subsidize these big corporations they can at least pay people a fair wage. That being said .... we will now be berated for saying as much.

  • Exactly my point UK. The families that are making minimum wage are at the poverty level. The people that are for raising the minimum wage including Obama say that it will bring people out of poverty. I dont see it. The way I see it the wage needs to be raised to approx. $13.00 per hour. Can you imagine a highschool aged person starting at 13.00 an hour. So yea again I ask is the minimum wage meant to make to where a family of 4 can make a good living. Just remember if you raise the minimum wage to help that family you also raise it for people that have no education and highschool kids just starting out. Can the economy suoort this?

    Oh by the way I am not College educated, if you couldn't tell, but I make a good living. I work in the blue collar world. That's a hole different discussion. The world thinks you have to have a college education to make it. There is also vocational education out there and we need mechanics.

  • Why would you say that someone trying to raise two children don't work a minimum wage jobs? I know lots of people even family members that both parents are working minimum wage. If you can't find a good paying job you have to take something to survive. Not everyone is college educated and can get a job paying over the minimum wage. I truly hope your employer will increase your pay. Five years without a raise is awful.

  • So how does raising the minimum wage to 10.10 get people out of poverty. Acoording to my math that is only $21008.00 a year. Ofcourse we all know that somone trying to raise two kids doesnt work a minimum wage job anyways. Another thought if both adults are working that means they bring home $42000.00 a year. So it seems to be a no brainer this means no one will be at the poverty level that works so less welfare?????  I cant say I am totally against raising the minimum wage I just wish I too could get a raise. It's been 5 years.

  • For a family of four it is $23,850.00.

  • What is the poverty level?

  • I call BS on the above comment...what kind of math are you using, FOX News!

    "Raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour could lift about 4.6 million people out of poverty directly, according to a new study from economist Arindrajit Dube. Longer-term effects could reduce the number of people living below the poverty line by 6.8 million.

    That wage level “would reduce the poverty rate among Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 by as much as 1.7 percentage points,” Jillian Berman explains in the Huffington Post. Poverty increased by 3.4 percent during the recession, a rate that has not improved since, but a $10.10 wage would erase more than half of that uptick. Dube’s findings come from an analysis of 23 years of data on minimum wage increases as well as a review of previous findings.

    Others have found similar numbers for how many could be brought above the federal poverty line by a higher wage: ROC United, a group focused on better working conditions for restaurant workers, found that a $10.10 wage would lift nearly 6 million people out of poverty."

    While I agree a higher minimum wage would be much better, the Repugs in the House will never go along with it...so we take what we can get.