Law Without Grace

David Meier Smith Published:

It boils down to greed and simple meanness.  While "meanness" sounds like a childish term, it is about apparently childish actions on the part of Franklin County Law Enforcement this is written.  Last week, the stretch of road on Wilkinson between the post office and 127 had the speed limit reduced to 35 from 45 to accommodate “paving” that is to occur at some point in the future.  Many drive this road on a regular basis and have been doing so for years with the limit being posted at 45 miles per hour.  Within the last week, more than 80 citations have been issued to drivers exceeding the 35 mile per hour speed limit.  More than 80 people, most of who were simply trying to get to work, get home or get to an appointment are now $170 or more, poorer today due to petty greed and general “meanness” on the part of the local police.  The jokes are flying that this is how the road paving is being financed, but one does have to wonder about the total lack of humanity on the part of law enforcement in this matter.  One would have hoped that courteous warnings would be given: a grace period for those regular drivers to adjust to the new speed.  Meanness, however, prevails.  There is a total lack of concern on their part that they are acting like children and negatively impacting the lives of so many just to be mean.  $170 can have a major impact on people. $170 may be a family grocery bill.  Working people on their daily commute do not notice a subtle swap of a sign that has been there for 10 years unchanged.  This is greed: an easy grab of money at the expense of the working family.


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  • I have to travel this road everyday in order to get to work. In all this time I have not seen anyone speeding over maybe 5 miles the speed limit. Bodeen you are spot on again. And yes I too have seen them preying behind those locations. If I see them and I can I flash my lights so at least the oncoming cars will know that they are down the road. Maybe if we all do this it will help out.

  • I am glad that somebody else gets it. No wonder law enforcers doesn't get much respect anymore. They show absolutely no respect and only want to show how much authority they have. God forbid asking a question, tuff tiddy.  Here is the truth folks, they put those signs up early just to go ahead and pad the coffers so to speak. Where is the breakin part that they said they was gonna do. This was a well thought out plan to create a speed trap to entrap regular drivers of this road. Nobody will second guess the speedlimit sign that they are used to and don't know the limit has changed till they get pulled over. How sh!tty to do the the very people that pays their salaries. If they were gonna start fining right off the bat like they planned on doing all along then why didn't they have the decency to put up big orange construction signs to alert people.

    I have noticed and talked about all the traffic stops on this road lately and see where they hide to get people. It is hard to drive 35 on this road and they know it. The Police Chief should have to answer to all of these unwarranted tickets. They do not give a rats behind if you or I eat or pay our electric bill. It doesn't bother them in the least, they wear badges and pack guns. Don't mess with them! Also, don't let the said amount of fine fool you. It is much higher for most that gets pulled over and its wonder that the sheriff isn't down there getting easy searches. All i've seen was just city so far. look out for old gattis pizza place, yellowbrick apts., wilkinson st. school, douglas tire, glenn willis, leestown ln., jims seafood, walter todd, oaklawn/frazer, B.T.dist, they are all over and on a mission. There is no work whatsoever going on and this is as wrong as they could get. This is how  Franklin County does its citizens!