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Go out research the FCC and the CIN project they are conducting.  Or you can read the oped piece by the FCC director himself.


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  • I am equal to any man or woman. No matter what their financial status is.

  • The lame stream media and people of your mind set has labeled Tea Party members as racist, bigot haters. Ever been to a Tea Party rally? I have and guess what there's other races there than white can you believe that? Those kinds of pic do not make NBC nightly news just the crackpots that show up yet they are not given any attention at these rallies other than by the lamestream media. Here's a good label. The Democratic Party is actually the new version of the Master Race. With one exception. They pay people to not join just vote their way. 

    You keep saying that FOX news is the mouthpiece for the hard line republicans. That's funny what I see and hear is FOX news commentators like O'Reilly, Hannity, Kelly, Bolling, etc slam the republican party every chance they get. I don't know what version of FOX news you are watching but it isn't the same one I watch.

    GE, George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Nancy Pelosi, the Liberal elite are some of  the worse of your ultra rich bastids but I agree with you. When is enough enough? I'm not a 1 percenter, nor am I a 99 percenter either, but I believe that self worth, good solid working morals, good judgements pays off to those who actually want a better life on their own.

    One's who cannot care for themselves needs everyone to care for them, but those who can care for themselves are being bought to not do so. I also do not believe that I should  get a share of someone else's hard work unless they choose to do so freely and willingly, yet gubment is saying that is what needs to happen so we all are equal. We are not equal, and will not ever be.

  • The difference here is who is supporting their stories with actual facts, and FOX NEVER DOES.  It is just like all of the crap that Obama Fan is posting here...not a fact amongst them.  Bill O'Reilly's Fact Free Zone is a classic example...all opinion, no facts (or all hat, no cattle).If you guys don't like being referred to as racists, bigots, Teabaggers, than stop acting like one.  It really is just that simple.

    You can have what ever political of religious beliefs that you want, but that doesn't make them facts or any more viable.  You are being bamboozled by the aristocratic right who could care less about you since you will never be a member of their exclusive club...and you don't even know it.

    I am constantly really looking around and understand that our very own freedoms are being pulled away from us by these ultra rich bastids and it is all under the guise of someone telling us lies to scare us into giving them every thing that they want...including our Bill of Rights.  I know here the threat is, and FOX News is their very own Public Relations network.  They tell you that everyone else is wrong but them...that you cannot trust any other news source but them...but they only give one side and that is the side of the rich Bastids.  And YOU helped did your own grave...now that is smart!

  • Legion you know dang good and well that the lamestream media are not telling the whole story no matter what your opinion is about FOX there is unbiased honest reporting even against republicans as well as democrats.

    And another thing. Since when did people start hating, or disliking got to be PC here, people who stood up for this country, constitution, and their fellow Americans? Has our country's patriotism faded into black that no one cares for their freedom any longer say those that speak out against freedom being under duress and threats of losing our freedoms?

    I call into question one's character when I'm faced with being called a racist, bigot hater and Tea Bagger all for the sake of what being one with the crowd?

    No one is under a bubble nor will I ever be under boot or have one upon my throat. I enlisted with the values that have been handed down to me by my fathers father and ones before them. Yes I had family fighting on both sides  of the issue of Freedom and the result was the winning of freedom.

    If you allow yourself to be treated as second or a third rate citizen then you'll settle for those positions. I do not believe that you are of that mind to allow that to happen.

    No one has ever told me that my political beliefs will cause harm to those I swore to protect those years ago when I took that oath on the very day I turned 17. While my father a Korean War Marine veteran, grandfather a WWI Army veteran, my uncle a three tour decorated Vietnam veteran and my mother stood and watched as I repeated that oath.

    I have lost faith in our political leaders but I will not or will I ever lose faith in my country. That is why I fight today. Our country is slowly and methodically being changed onto the very one it was 237 years ago.

    It might be high time that you really look around and understand that your very own freedoms are being pulled away from you and it is all under the guise of someone telling you that you do not care enough for your fellow man. That you should work harder, pay more, that your heart is not in the right place and guilt trip you into thinking that is all true.

    I would believe that you know better and are smarter than that. Make your own decisions reach your own conclusions no one is asking you to stick your neck out. But if you enjoy the freedom this country provides you, the success or failures you have experienced so far in life then remember the sacrifices that were endured for you to enjoy that freedom.

    I still stand on firm belief that FOX NEWS is unbiased and presents balanced reporting. It's not like i do not watch other news channels, but when those news channels purposely and without hesitation disregard important issues, facts and situations that affect every American that's when they have lost their way and I turn the channel.

    How can one reach a conclusion when only one side of an issue is being presented? That's like playing in a loaded poker game thinking you'll get a winning hand next time around only to be disappointed but keep hoping your luck will change.

  • pitchforkprotester, February 27, 2014 9:43PM

    "The only unbiased news source is FOX aga the lame stream media is the lefts lap dog and dare not even mention one negative report against the messiah or his cronies. According to your news source there's rainbows and free milk and cookies every day."

    I am shocked that pitchforkedtongue said this...it is totally out of character and unlike anything that he has ever posted before.  Is this a hoax?  Say it ain't so!!!  I guess that he is indeed, a lost cause, under the bubble, teabagger.  Rest in peace! 

  •    Yeah aga I said that.. you can rotfl all you care to that's exactly the way I feel when you think MSNBC is unbiased. There aren't any news anchors on FOX wanting someone to die of a heart attack, have someone defecate in another's mouth. You call what you watch as unbiased and truthful and not misleading, then I gotta bridge I'll sell you since you're that gullible.

       ukfan for one to have values one must have morals and ethics. I've not ever met a Liberal that has either. It goes against Liberals core principles. Therefore I do not care what you say you value it isn't true. You saying the you have values  has as much weight as the messiah telling Russia not to cross a red line or there'll be conquences. Now that's something to rotf and lybbo about.


  • You can't help but insult and call names when you are wrong. But in order to insult me I must first value your opinion. And I love watching Fox ...it's like a car wreck..you know it's going to be bad...but you can't help but look.

  • The only unbiased news source is FOX.......ha, ha, ha....omg, did you really say that....rflol

  •     Did you know that just because he was a Liberal that neither party escaped his questions and he always got the answers and reported Just The Way it Was and how it happened regardless?

        Honesty used to mean something in the Big 3 networks back then. Today the Big 3 stands for; covering up, ignore the facts, and blame FOX. Their a puppet of the Left.

        No one on the Left can bear to watch FOX NEWS because the truth to Liberals has the same effect that garlic, or the Cross has on vampires.And they both resemble one another too. Blood suckers, lie to get what you want, hypnotize weak minds to win them over.

       The days of an honest reporter of the old Big 3 are long gone. What's Left is wannabe Cronkites that could even hold that man's microphone cord let alone fill his shoes.

       You already know these things ukfan. It's a shame you hide behind an ideaology that "alls well, nothing to see here" and you accept it as facts.

      The function of a lazy mind will always be shaped by the masters of trickery and dishonesty. Your masters have trained you well grasshopper.

  • OMG.... there is hope for pitchfork yet...he likes Walter Cronkite! Hey Pitch did you not realize that he was a "LIBERAL"!  OTFLMAO!! Don't take my word for (which I know you won't) but look it up.

  •      The only unbiased news source is FOX aga the lame stream media is the lefts lap dog and dare not even mention one negative report against the messiah or his cronies. According to your news source there's rainbows and free milk and cookies every day.

          If this were a republican administration, and all the crap that has been happening there would be gallows behind each lame stream media news anchor with the words HANG THE PRESIDENT in big bold letters. It is funny how once upon a time reliable news sources like NBC actually reported news in an unbiased way. Today it's like pulling teeth for any of the liberal news sources to mention one bad thing the messiah, or his cronies have/has done.

          Bush goes to war in Iraq military personnel get killed that's plastered hourly on the liberal news. Hilary leaves personnel to die unprotected *crickets* was all you heard. Not until sex got mentioned during the investigation did any liberal news media mention Benghazi.

         People aren't as stupid as you and the left want them to be. People are actually seeking honest reporting on issues that the liberal media keeps ignoring on purpose. And for what? To keep the truth from being found out that's why you listen to the liberal media.

        And a result of listening to and backing the liberal talking points, liberal media biased reporting you support a liar and lies.

       No I do not believe and will not ever believe that you cannot post your disagreements on FOX since I see disagreements on there all the time. FOX is not MSNBC or CNN. That news source thrives on unbiased reporting, and blogs and that is why it is the Number 1 rated cable news source because of its mixed format and commenters from both sides of an issue and political beliefs.

    When you support liars and lies that inturn makes you a liar that tells lies. Sorry that's the way it is Thursday February 27 2014. Remember who use to end his new broadcast like that? I do and he was one he!! of an honest reporter and news anchor too. No more like him around anymore anywhere.

  • beegee, I was not refuting the Huff Post article, I was pointing out that my info was talking about differrent prime time programs than it was.  Huff Post is NOT ultra-liberal source...far from it.

    The term "teabagging" is a crass and highly offensive term to whom?  I am not a "party", I am an individual.

  • However, your doubt doesn't make it untrue.

  • pitchfork, of course I don't expect you to take my word for it.  The only source you take at its word is FOX.

  • In case you missed it, Legion, the source I quoted and pasted here was from the Huffington Post.  I read numerous articles from different sources, and they all said the same thing, but I knew you wouldn't accept it unless it came from an ultra-liberal source.  Also, the term "teabagging" is crass and highly offensive.  You're supposed to be the party of tolerance, no?

  • OMG you Libtards are just comical and fun to rile up and get huffy and puffy. All that has to be mentioned is FOX NEWS and you're off a running them poop filled mouths against a news channel that actually presents both sides and calls out the liars, and deceivers. It's cool though, you go right ahead, the more you stand behind man child Maddow. It could use the support.

    aga, of course you're going to say you can't post, or your post was denied what people are just suppose to take your word for it? Oh BTW if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. Think people are tired of just taking someone's word as creditable. NIce try.*thumbs up*

    Legion what you call angry Teabaggers are those who support and pay your SNAP benefits so you can stay at home and pursue your, what ever career it is that you are trying to get going.

    Maybe you should apply to Cable 10 and get your own talk show. I'm sure all 12 of the people that watch that channel 2 might agree with you. the other 10 will change over to FOX and watch honest information that isn't sugar coated like your Uncle Tom president needs to have each day.

    Creating a source isn't cool either Legion, but that's expected since everything Libtards present is made up in the first place.

  • beegee, that may be true, but my source said "Two-thirds of its primetime lineup (Hannity and Van Susteren) dropped to second place behind the competition on MSNBC (Maddow and O’Donnell)."

    But really, this who has the most factual news stories business isn't a popularity contest, as those angry Teabaggers are very loyal to the network that reinforces all of their under the bubble BS, and they are Teed Off, so they are very motivated as well.  But the truth has a decidedly liberal bias.

  • With Fox News it's like passing a car wreck...you know it's going to be bad...but you can't help but look.

  • Legion: The Huffington Post  | by  Catherine Taibi
    Posted: 01/29/2014 9:01 am EST Updated: 01/29/2014 9:59 am EST

    January marked the start of a new year for networks, so it's time to take a look at how the shows racked up.

    "The O'Reilly Factor" was once again at number 1 to no one's surprise, with an average of 2,720,000 total viewers and 409,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demo. Fox News came out on top across the board with its shows taking the top 14 spots in total viewers. "The Five," “The Kelly File" and “Special Report with Bret Baier” finished just behind O'Reilly, respectively. The network recovered strongly compared to January 2013 when it had its worst prime time ratings in the key demo (226,000 viewers ages 25-54) since August 2001.

    Rachel Maddow continued to crawl up the rankings, leading MSNBC with 1,040,000 total viewers, 305,000 key demo viewers and breaking into the top 5 shows for the key demo.

    "Anderson Cooper 360" was CNN's top performer in January, but that's not saying much. The show came in at 24th for total viewers and 27th for key age demo in a month that brought CNN its third-worst ratings in network history.

  • Forgot to mention:  the few times I tried to comment with an agreeing point of view:  no problem.  My comments were posted right away.

  • beegee428, February 24, 2014 4:53PM

    "It's obvious that neither of you watches Fox news or you'd know that they DO air opposing points of view all the time"...

    Yeah right, I watch FOX News so that these fine people don't have to!  It is all unsubstantiated opinion with very little if any facts.

    2012 was a dismal year for Fox News. The PR arm of the GOP failed to fulfill its prime directive: advancing the interests of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. It spent much of the year constructing an alternative reality that left millions of its flock in shock when President Obama won an overwhelming reelection. It refused to accept the facts on the ground and denigrated polls (even its own) when the results conflicted with the fictional narrative it was peddling. And perhaps most painful of all, Fox surrendered its ratings lead to MSNBC. Two-thirds of its primetime lineup (Hannity and Van Susteren) dropped to second place behind the competition on MSNBC (Maddow and O’Donnell). However, Fox’s travails did not occur for lack of effort. It was clearly operating at the top of its capacity to distort and deceive. In the process it unleashed some of the most feverishly biased reporting, even for Fox News. 

    When FOX claims that it is "fair and balanced" it is the epiome of irony, hypocrisy and facetiousness.  In actuality, Fox 'News' (Faux Noose) is a major part of the current GOP/Tea/Fox/Corporate/Jesus freak party's 'Ministry of Truth'. They exist ONLY to provide an outlet for the party's propaganda and disinformation campaigns. So far, FOX and the GOP/Tea/Fox/Corporate/Jesus freak party's army of right wing radio dummies have been fairly successful in getting some really strange people elected to the House and Senate, but the White House has, except for the Bush/Cheney junta has been out of reach. Basically these Foxniks are truly vile people....they pimp for corporate interests and have zero regard for the 95% of the American population...and that includes 'the base' that works for wages.

  • That's funny pitch I can post on CNN and I don't have an acct. with them. Plus there are all kinds of sites that you can comment on without being a "member". So much for "standard policy".

  • pitchfork:

    First of all, I got an account at FOX just to see if I could post disagreements.  Secondly,  I tried to post several times (on different subjects) opposing points of view.  I used polite verbiage, no questionable words or phrases, no insults, correct spelling and grammar--there was nothing in any of my comments to justify not posting them--just opposing points of view.

    Despite that, none of them were ever actually posted to the comments.

    Don't come on here and make the totally unjustified assumption that I got pi$$y so you have a reason to defend FOX's censorship.


  • Right .... and this was said by Megan Kelly.."Santa Claus is white".  also another good one..."Halloween is a liberal hoilday it teaches children to beg" said by Hannity....and who can forget ..."American was more safe during 2000-2008 because I don't remember any attacks on American soil during that time".....quoted by Eric Bolling. .....yeah I watch the Fox Comedy Network.

  • Legion I noticed you misspelled NBC...

    aga you're wrong about FOX. Just like here you get pi$$y you're gonna get censored and if bad enough have that post removed by the powers to be.BTW you must sign up and get an account you just can't post regardless what you say. That's standard policy for all sites these days even here.

    Good try you two, but it fails. FOX is Number 1 for a reason and it is not for propaganda or rhetoric spinning like that of MSNBC, or CNN.

    You don't hear Megan Kelly calling for someone to crap in the mouth of Nancy Pelosi do you?

  • It's obvious that neither of you watches Fox news or you'd know that they DO air opposing points of view all the time, while MSNBC, CNN and the mainstream news media can only issue the same propaganda.  Watch any or all of the stations and you'll hear the exact same rhetoric.  Before you accuse me of getting my information from only Fox, I read and watch news from all outlets, compare the two and find the truth somewhere in the middle.

  • FOX even censors readers' comments, and will not post opposing points of view.

  • I think that is is a valid point to question factless news companies like FOX, which have to obtain and renew licenses through the FCC, based on whether they meet the criteria of that operation of the proposed station would be in the public interest.  It is hard fo rFOX to do this since it does not air opposing points of view on controversial topics.  It is easy to see why out of all of the major networks, only FOX News is opposing this.   

    Here is what the Washington Post reported about this:

    "A proposed government study of how media organizations gather news has incited a powerful backlash, particularly among conservatives, who said that it could be part of an official effort to intimidate or second-guess journalists.

    The FCC last year proposed an analysis of news content from newspapers, Web sites and radio and TV stations. The agency said it wanted to assess the coverage of eight “critical information” subjects, including public health, politics, transportation, the environment and “economic opportunities.”

    As the survey was originally designed, government researchers would have asked reporters, anchors and news managers at as many as 280 news organizations to describe their outlet’s “news philosophy” and about how they selected stories.

    Among the questions the FCC proposed asking journalists: “Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your [viewers, listeners or readers] that was rejected by management?” And: “What was the reason given for the decision?”

    In an interview Thursday, Pai suggested that news organizations might feel compelled to cooperate with a government study, given that the FCC holds the power to renew radio and TV licenses. The agency could potentially reject a station’s license renewal if it failed to meet a “critical information needs” test, he said.

    In practice, however, the FCC has rarely rejected a license-­renewal application, even by radio and TV stations that don’t broadcast any news."