No Momentum for Pot Bill?

MSgt Thomas Vance USAF Ret. Published:

~~I question the assertion by Kentucky State Senator Damon Thayer that there is no "momentum (for passing a medical marijuana bill) in Kentucky" as quoted in the article, 'Medical marijuana still can't get the green light' in the 6 March 2014 edition of the Kentucky Enquirer.  The article states the Bluegrass Poll puts medical marijuana favorability at 51%, yet an article in the same paper titled, ‘Poll: Most Kentuckians Favor Medical Marijuana’, showing Kentuckians favor passing a medical marijuana bill by 61% and dated 10 February puts the number ten points higher.   The Kentucky Health Issues Poll last July puts it at 78%.  Split the difference and it's 69% rounding down!  With 2 bills in the Senate and one in the House having been passed by the House Health and Welfare Committee, one wonders the accuracy of Senator Thayer's observation.
Seems there is plenty of support among the people, just a lack of will on the part of our elected Representatives.

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