We will survive.

Humanity Fan Published:

The world will NOT explode once marriage equality is legal.

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  • It wouldn't explode if we re-codified Crimes Against Nature either.  Let's work on that.

  • It will not explode.  But it will be a more loathsome place.

    And it won't be MARRIAGE.


    Mr. Fry

    "As you may be aware, even homosexuals can have children, whether through adoption or artificial insemination."

    But they won’t be "their" children.

    Mr. Fan

    "I think everyone should be able to vote." So long as they vote the way you think they should, their votes are legitimate. If not… it’s off to the courts, right? Heads I win; tails you lose, right?

  • Oh but you would be wrong. I think everyone should be able to vote. See there we agree.

  • It's got to be one or the other according to you ukfan. I have no qualms with my place in this world and I make it whatever I choose not what someone else tells me it should be.

    Of course as always you overlook the fact that everyone has an EQUAL opportunity to achieve for themselves based on their abilities to do so. If you stack the game as Liberals seem to be doing, then you trample the abilities for one to grow according to his/her gifts and abilities. By handing out everything Liberals make a system of dependence based on the hard work of others who do not believe that Equality is based on what you receive versus  what you can achieve as an individual.

    Marriage equality is another Liberal agenda to encompass a utopian dream world. If the majority of people do not recognize same-sex marriage the Liberals go foaming at the mouth and call people bigots and intolerant to others, which has nothing to do with tolerance BTW, but sounds good when speaking to a stacked crowd of people.

    If the citizens of Kentucky do not agree with the issue of same-sex marriage as they did in 2004, it should be up to the citizens of Kentucky to have the right to vote on it again. That's Equality at its finest. You cannot get any better than that.

    But I'm sure somewhere in your Liberal way of thinking you'd call the equal right to vote intolerant too.

  • You are right pitch once again....the word "equal" is not in the Republican's reasoning factors. Do you really consider yourself "better" than someone else or is it that you feel less superior to everyone? It's got to be one or the other cause if not that means ........"equal"!

  • One question two parts. Why is it that liberals use the word "Equal" in everything for each agenda, or policy, or adminstrative decision or legislation they attempt? Are liberals unaware that there is no such thing as "Equal" or is it selective stupidity that drives these decisions?


  • Where do you think most of the homosexuals in this world come from? Answer: Heterosexuals. The key to "ridding" ourselves of the "gay problem" is for heterosexuals to stop reproducing. Your first, ihateoxygenthieves. Lead by example. 

  • ihateoxygenthieves, March 6, 2014 7:45AM

    "Nope but mankind will eventually perish, because it takes males and females to reproduce."

    By his own twisted logic ihate and all of his male family members and friends are on the verge of turning gay at any moment!  Stand back folks, this could get ugli!  I'll bet he is one of the flaming ones!  Oh no you dih-nnt!

  • Good post S_F.

  • Sheesh. As you may be aware, even homosexuals can have children, whether through adoption or artificial insemination. Plus, the vast majority of couples are still heterosexual and will continue to reproduce.

    Mankind will be juuuuust fine.


  • Nope but mankind will eventually perish, because it takes males and females to reproduce.