Bye Bye Phone TV

Obama Fan Published:

Can't afford Obamacare?  Well then get rid of your tv and cell phone.  Well the President says so anyways...The President responded that “if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.” He added that if a family member gets sick, the father “will wish he had paid that $300 a month.”------So would only taxpaying citizens have to cancel their phones?  Or would the welfare phones be included?  Oh wait they dont pay for their phones we do.-------moral to this story people The Affordable Care Act isn't so affordable.....Wake up America.

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  • It worked.......TeeHee

  • Hey sorry I meant to thank you Fry. I did a great paper but used wikipedia as a cited source and got a D on an otherwise A- paper according to the professor for that reason alone-user input informaiton cannot be reliable.

  • ROTFLMBAO ukfan is spinning out of control. People already had health care how many times do you need to be told. Stop acting ignorant. That number you keep posting is more like 2.5 maybe 3 million total of uninsured and insurance policies already cancelled by enacting this POS of a scam called Affordable Care. You ain't some dumb you've actually went and gone plum dumb ukfan.

    Like I said you are just like my ex.. ALWAYS thinking you're right, and jsut like her when proven wrong you twist and turn it everyway to try and make ir right.. MY YOUR STANDARDS.

    To retort your so called informed warped brain. There's only so much abuse a person, man or woman will ever take in their life. I don't need to defend myself, or the reasons why she got the boot to you "sweetie". You seem to think that you got a weapon to use against me and think it's going to hurt me somehow, or shame me. You see, just like the good liberal you are, you run with only the truth you decide is correct.

    Not knowing fully all that happened I'm actually making a fool out of you, or you're making a fool out of yourself either way makes me smile. Hook. bait.. fish. get the analogy now?

    In as many as three responses I've proven that: Liberals will use fale information to further their points. Liberals will stretch the truth to their liking whenever possible. Liberals will take small amounts of a fact and breed it into something they think it should be. Liberals will take little information put their words to it and then present it as factual, concrete, reliable truth.

    As always though there is someone who knows more about what you are spinning than you do. Garlic to a vampire has the same effect as the truth does to Liberals.. It burns your very soul.

    You're just a spectator trying to scenario your way through to the truth. Try getting to factual sites if you want your argument to hold any water ukfan. As far as any "short-comings" I prefer that you didn't tell everyone here about your sex life and then try to make it about me.

    I got all kinds of class depending on the need. I just don't waste it on trash like the Liberal Democratic Party or it's membership. I want to roll around in shat, I'll go out in the field with the horse's and cows. They have better attitudes anyway. And can be trusted too.

  • And as far as the ACA not meeting it's goal of 7 million.....well it's 5 million more than the Republicans goal of no healthcare at all for these people.

  • Pitch DOES make a good point, in that wikipedia is NOT a credible source, since users are allowed to make changes very easily. It's a double-edged sword. Information can be changed in real time (I've seen famous people's bios updated within minutes of their death), but that info can also have a tremendous 'spin' and/or be just plain wrong.

  • There evidently is not a source that you believe other than Fox News. And your comment about your ex-wife...... just goes to show how much class you have.  None!!  Sounds to me like there was some kind of "short-coming "on your part.

  • See ukfan you're doing it again assuming..She dodged a bullet and I mean dodged. You don't lay in my bed with another man and expect someone like me to just look the other way. Now who do you suppose got rid of whom?

    As for your user input online source that contradicts personal accounts of the European Health Care system that obviously doesn't get shown on you lame stream media outlets.

    There's a very good and sound reason a lot of major colleges either ban the use or steer students away for weakipedi, and have even given failing grades for referencing and using that site. A rational person would skip that site, but since when have you ever been rational?

    And when you start stating facts, you use that old Liberal gudieline of inculding any and everything relating to deaths doens't matter how a child dies, as long as it's a number Liberals are going to use it. Kinda like this so called 5 million COVERED people from Obama Care.

    The curtain is not completly closed. People who are actually looking can see the wizard is a real person and he's full of shat....and they are starting to find out that LIberal supporters are as well.

    Now you know how the rats feel when the ship starts sinking...

  • Fact: The USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet.


    Fact: The USA has higher death rates for kids aged under 5 than western European countries with universal health coverage.  Source:

    That means that a dead American 4 yr. old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, Japan etc., all of which have universal health coverage.

    AS far as your EX goes.......well she sure did dodge a bullet when she got rid of you. Smart woman!

  • Well, um, actually, pitch it's just one login, but it's user-changeable. I could, actually change my username to Obama Fan. If that were to happen, all previous posts from "steve_fry" would then say they were written by "Obama Fan".

    I wish more people would use that feature and not stick with the "user_013556" names that are handed out. Show some flair, people!

  • Loggin, Legion, Hetro, Homo, what name you gonna come up with after you get booted this time?

    Multiple login names, multiple personalities, same old tired rant. At least true persons with multiple personality disorders have different opinions. You need therapy like yesterday.

    Canada's healthcare system, worse than here, why you think they come across the border?

    if the republicans, since it is their plan like you said, thought it was such a good plan they would have enacted it years ago but one thing.. No one would have lost their pans they liked or lost their doctors. It looks like it's going to single payer watch and see....

  • ukfan I have not ever said that I didn't care about people being healthy or having insurance to cover themselves in case they need it. Jesus Christ you keep trying your best to make me out to something I'm not or would ever be.

    It's like arguing with ex all over again that's why she's an ex, and she thought she was always right, yet when proven wrong took the same approach but different wording.

    Yes people need to be covered but when you FORCE a one size fits all then in that fitting increase deductibles and lessen coverage what freakin sense does it make?

    I didn't call you ignorant or arrogant I said you failed the prove whether you were arrogant or ignorant of the numbers. How's this then. Prove your right or admit you're wrong about the numbers.

    Here's a hint.. There aren't any REAL numbers being released even by HHS if there were then you'd see it only around 3 million. 1 million that is known from Medicaid, and the 2 million that lost their policies and had to go to the exchange to get coverage BACK.

    It's not as successful as the White House is leading people to believe. But I bet before March 31 all of a sudden that magic number of 7 million will be told even after Sebelius gave testimony that she didn't know what the current nunbers are or what they might be at the end of March.

  • Now that sooo many uninsured folks now have affordable health care thanks to the ACA, the Repugs are now changing their tune from repealing Obamacare to replacing it.  Replacing it with what?  You can't replace Obamacare with a Repugnican plan because it IS the Repugnican plan. The liberal's plan was single-payer or Medicare for All.  The Congressional Democrat's plan was the Public Option.  President Obama and Congress gave the Repugnicans their own plan or Romenycare, and now they hate it (or do they just hate him?).  

    Single-payer is a complete government-run health insurance system under which everyone is covered, e.g., Canada’s system. The "public option" is a single federal insurance plan that would compete with private insurance companies.

    ukfan, it is like talking to 5th graders out there...5th grade trolls.   

  • Being called ignorant and arrogant.....that isn't an insult? The difference between us is that I want everyone to be able to have health care. You spout off about being so concerned about children with cancer being denied medicine but then in the same breathe say if people can't pay for healthcare I should not have to help subsidize it.

    News Falsh we all have been helping pay for uninsured people for a long time now.

  • There's no schoolyard insults whatsoever ukfan. What you've failed to do is acknowledge that you are either arrogant, or ignorant of the actual numbers being presented. What is wrong with knowing the truth?

    There is no tracking algorithm, as there are with other insurance agencies, to see if one had insurance prior to visiting the government web site. There is no tracking algorithm to see if it is an individual or family plans being sought. There is no tracking algorithm to see if the individual or family is getting insurance for the very first, as being touted needing by this administration

    There is however a visitors algorithm to track "hits" to the site. All of that is by design, on purpose to deceive American of actual enrollments. Had this administration be honest, and continue to be honest this might not be such an issue as it has become.

    including Medicaid enrollments as part of the numbers is a deception as is including individuals and families who were previously insured and had their policies cancelled because of the enactment of ACA aka Obama Care.When you mandate something all must follow those guidelines, and that is what insurance companies done to comply with the mandates for coverage.

    With full knowledge that enacting this program would cancel millions of active policies, that people actually liked and by gaining the upper hand the skeptics were put atease with "if you like your health plan/doctor you can keep them", period. Now you get what is going on now. Bad feedback, questionable enrollment numbers, massive amounts of tax payer dollars paid out.

    It has nothing to do with "if I can't" it has to do with supporters parroting the lies and falsehoods and avoiding the actual truth that numbers are not correct as presented. Even the administration cannot produce actual numbers, or so it says it can't, which is probably another lie.

    So I ask you again. Jesus Christ you cannot be that arrogant or ignorant. There has to be some common sense still there you've just decided to run with the talking points and hide from the truth. I think you have the problem of not being able to stand, or read what I and others are saying because it reflects a negative on the messiah. And we can't have that now can we?

    I don't know anyone that speaks out against a positive that works only ones that speak out against a negative. That's using common sense ukfan.

  • If you can't stand to hear or read what I say then skip over my dayuuum post. No one is forcing you to respond to what I post on here. This is not your private blog it's for any and all that wants to post their comments. Once again with the school yard insults. You are unbelieveable.

  • There you go again. you cannot use numbers of people that have been FORCED to go to the exchange. And those FORCED numbers are the ones who, regardless of what the LEFT tells you they had policies that they picked and that they liked.

    I don't see you addressing one: the children fighting cancer before Oct 1 2013 and had coverage, needed medicines and treatments that today no longer exist. two:adults that had policies for years, like those policies, like their doctors and lost both just so you can claim their situation as positive numbers. You're being a head in the clouds parrot.

    So I guess you agree with mummering Reid that all those people who lost their cancer treatments and plans are lying?

    Jesus Christ you really cannot be that arrogant, or ignorant can you? Is there any chance some common sense has been saved and not completely drained by biased support of the messiah?

    You want to be spoken to in a civil manner but dayuuummmmm I cannot handle the stupid that comes from you or Legion praising this passed off crap as better insurance than what people had prior to its enactment.

    Preexisting conditions was really the only hang up for getting insurance. That should have been the fix for insurance companies to cover and at a reasonable rate. Then address the one's who couldn't afford the premiums, since we all were already paying for the uninsured and rates were increasing annually but nothing like what is being seen under this incredible POS of an idea.

    There were a lot of people who did not have junk plans before Oct 1 2013 now that's all they got and are FORCED to get it.

    it's not denial ukfan there aren't any REAL authentic numbers being released, and web visits are not REAL enrolling numbers either. It's a visitor counter. Use IE go to View, then go to Source and scroll to the bottom and see the dang code for a site counter embedded within.

  • I did.... you won't believe any number that I tell you anyways cause you are in denial.'s now at 5 million..!! And we still have 2 weeks to go.

  • The only people who have lost their insurance policies were those who's policies were JUNK and did not meet the minimum criteria specified in the ACA.  Insurance companies ripped off Americans for years with lousy health plans. Obamacare was designed to fix that

    So the cancer patients that had coverage, getting the treatment they needed, no worries about their insurance covering their part, low deductables and co pays, yet Americans were lead to believe, by the messiah and his idgits that all is going to be well in health care becasue they had JUNK policies.

    Well march your Oblunder supporting goat smell'n arse down to the hospital and tell the 9 year old who isn't getting the cancer treatment that she was getting before your messuah and his idgits decided that her policy was JUNK.

    The only JUNK is that a-hole occupying the White House. And your biased Liberal reports are like glass.. but you can't help it, you're like a trained seal.

    Yeah Putin b-slapped him more than once,. Guess he muct like it he keeps going back for more. Michelle is more of a man than he is.

    And there's those interjections of assuming someone is racist again.

    Strict economic sanctions? What the messiah has done basically amounts to taking away a teenagers allowance for a week. Man you really need thearpy or an extensive lesson in real economics.

    Yeah ukfan it's working alright.. It's working those democrats up for re-election right out of a job. They are running away but can't get far enough from it to many sound bites echoing, no parroting the messiah and his grand claim.. If you like your health care you can keep it.. PERIOD, If you like your doctor you can keep them.. PERIOD. It will lower costs for families by $2500 dollars. You know the words sing alone....

    Oh BTW I see that you couldn't come up with any real numbers ukfan..Wonder why that is?



  • N4S: "Actually I can't see that."

    Actually, you are obsessed by it, which is why you refer to him with derrogatory racially coded slurs like "Odumas", "Obozo".  Just another dumb N-word to you, huh?

    N4S: "Now on to better(?) things.  American foreign policy under this president has lost it's way and is currently foundering. When ruthless SOB's like Putin b-slap and then ignore the president,"...

    But that is not what is happening here (well maybe in Fox Bubble Land)...nobody b-slaps this President, just ask Osama or most of the dead al qaeda leaders.  How has Putin b-slapped Obama anyway.  He attacked Crimea not Alaska and the President has used executive orders to implement strict economic sanctions that hit Putin where it hurts, in the pocketbook.  What do you propose, restart the Cold War over this?  Or Sarah Freakin' Palin's suggestion, nuke 'em! That probably isn't very good advice coming from this ditz since she can "see Russia from her house".  Maybe you need to rethink this through..

    N4S: "...when 2 bit pipqueak dictators like Bassar al Assad and Hamid Kharzid thumb their nose at the US, when Iran plays us for fools, we are in trouble."

    Yeah, let's play that ol' John McCain hit, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...Bomb, Bomb Iran!"  I thank the stars up above daily that we don't have these war mongers in office to get us into any more dumb wars like Dubya did.  We are just now climbing out of the holes that he dug us into.  President Obama, great President or greatest President? 

    n4s: "And diminishing our forces? Seriously? There are still lots of folks on the planet that don't like us. You mentioned the tanks lined up in the desert with no crews.  That would likely be from the last force reduction.  (you know, the peace dividend)  You just don't throw tanks away."

    Ah, the fantasies of Fox Bubble Land!  Even with the proposed cuts in the military, the Us will still be larger than the next 13 countries COMBINED.  I know that some old sentimental fools want to keep us at the ready to re-fight WWII, in all of its gleaming technologic splendor (tanks and battleships, hooray!), but that is as unrealistic as it is foolish.  

    Our military "is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with 164,227 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories and an additional 118,966 deployed in various contingency operations. US troops are spread across the globe: over 66,000 are stationed in Europe; over 51,000 in East Asia and the Pacific region; over 4,500 in North Africa, the Near East, and South Asia; over 1,600 in the Western Hemisphere; 332 in Sub-Saharan Africa; and less than 100 in states of the former Soviet Union.[1] Of those in Europe, most of the military personnel are located at installations activated during the Cold War, by which the US government sought to challenge the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II.[2]"

    Keeping this empire funded is breaking the banks needlessly.  Naw, you don't throw brand new tanks away, but you just don't make 'em in the first place, especially when the military tells the House of Reps that it DOESN"T NEED them! The House uses military defense projects as an make-work jobs program...and these tanks are examples.  

    What you are seeing isn't real. 

  • It's working and they can't stand it. RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH!!

  • But I know what you are saying...Odumas is black, can't you see he's black!


    Actually I can't see that.  It would appear to me that since his mother is white, the proper classification would be mulatto, a term that has largly been dropped in favor of multiracial. (whatever works I suppose...)  But that's OK because, you see I really don't care.  You however seem to relish any opportunity to drop the race bomb when you have nothing to add.  I stand by my statement of you having the  worst case of white guilt ever.

    Now on to better(?) things.  American foreign policy under this president has lost it's way and is currently foundering. When ruthless SOB's like Putin b-slap and then ignore the president, when 2 bit pipqueak dictators like Bassar al Assad and Hamid Kharzid thumb their nose at the US, when Iran plays us for fools, we are in trouble. Of course, some of this was predicted by Mitt Romney ("Russia is the US's biggest geopolitical foe"...Bet Obozo isn't laughing about the cold war now) and Ms. Palin who was mocked over her scenario of Russia threatening the Ukraine. look up the tapes on the Daily Show or any other left wing koolaid dispensary. Heck I bet you can even find it in MSLSD archives if they haven't burned the tapes.

    And diminishing our forces? Seriously? There are still lots of folks on the planet that don't like us. You mentioned the tanks lined up in the desert with no crews.  That would likely be from the last force reduction.  (you know, the peace dividend)  You just don't throw tanks away.

    I'm wide awake and I don't much care for what I'm seeing.

  • Wake UP America!

  • For the REpugs to be blaming President Obama for the rough launch of the ACA web site last fall is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the last part of the play.


  • The only people who have lost their insurance policies were those who's policies were JUNK and did not meet the minimum criteria specified in the ACA.  Insurance companies ripped off Americans for years with lousy health plans. Obamacare was designed to fix that.

    "In 2009, when President Barack Obama first promised that people who liked their insurance coverage would be able to keep it under the Affordable Care Act, he overlooked one critical fact: Many of the health policies that Americans like are terrible insurance plans that were created to scam consumers.

    Over the past few weeks, insurers have been sending out hundreds of thousands of notices alerting customers that their current plans won't comply with the ACA as of January 1 and that the owners of these plans need to find alternatives. Republicans and conservatives pointed to the development as evidence that Obama lied. Several prominent right-wingers who were covered under these plans, including Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, have helped fuel this outcry. When Malkin got her cancelation notice, she went on the Twitter warpath. She later wrote a piece for the National Review slugged, "Obama lied. My health plan died."Malkin had a high-deductible plan from Anthem Blue Cross that doesn't meet the minimum coverage requirements created by the ACA. So she has to get a new plan on the state health exchange. Malkin blamed Obamacare for destroying the individual insurance market.

    The media have covered these complaints with gusto, as if the cancelations are a genuine crisis and indication of a failure of Obama's health care law. The ACA was designed specifically to prevent insurance companies from peddling lousy insurance plans and to force these firms to replace these subpar products with affordable plans providing better and effective coverage. The plans being canceled are ending because they offered insufficient coverage—and only a few years ago both Rs and Ds were upset about these kinds of plans. But there's been collective amnesia about the shoddy plans that GOPers have happily exploited in recent days. Perhaps Obama should have said, "Those of you who obtain insurance on the individual market can keep your plans unless it’s the sort of rip-off plan the ACA will forbid. Otherwise, you will be offered new options that actually give you decent coverage at a decent price.""

  • No ukfan you cannot use numbers that are the result of insurance companies complying with the ACA law, dropping policies, forcing people to the "market place" and use those  false numbers as the REAL numbers. And biggest part of those numbers are Medicare enrollees not young uninsured individuals that are suppose to off set the costs for older, and families having to comply.

    Stop being just a cheerleader and wait for the actual figures to be put out, if the Libs will be brave enough to do it that is, but they won't there worse cheerleaders than you are.

    Don't let the truth scare you. If you're as educated as you cliam to be then the truth is what you should seek not emotions guiding you by loyality and passing on a lie as fact.


  • need4speed, March 16, 2014 10:36AM

    "Odumas is playing city league touch football. Putin is playing full contact smash mouth football."

    Yeah speed, what we need in this country is a dictator like Putin. Putin is a KGB thug.  But I know what you are saying...Odumas is black, can't you see he's black!

  • The ACA is a law not an insurance policy. The website is just a marketplace for the people to shop for health care insurance through private insurance companies. And as of Friday the enrolled numbers were 4.2 Million.

  • Repealing Obamacare would immediately cause SEVEN MILLION+ Americans to immediately lose their healthcare coverage

    Where did you get that figure from? Oh I know isn't that the very same number that HHS is passing off as the target goal for enrollee's under the ACA aka Obama Care? Which is funny for it's anything but affordable, unless you count taking taxpayer money to CYA. The deductibles alone are a joke, and you say health care costs are actually declining? That's more Liberal BS.

    People had plans that they had adjusted for costs and really like the coverage. Taking into fact that when this detrimental farce of a health care law went into effect, millions of policies were dropped and new, higher cost new ones went into action. Little children who the Liberals taunt as caring about all of a sudden couldn't get that cancer treatment because it wasn't covered under Obama Care aka Affordable Care Act. Esplain that one Legion of HOMO???

    Mother's father's sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, all suffering with one form or another of a life threatening disorder, had coverage in place and are now struggling to keep their treatments. Guess the Death Panels are real. Their called Liberal Democrats.

    Yet it was told by these spineless air breathing parasites that it was the Republicans that wanted to throw granny off the cliff.

    Red state democrats are trying their best to distance themsleves as far from this as possible, but they can't get away from it. They have to "embrace the suc" as owl eyed Pelosi stated last summer.

    yeah the suc is coming. That wind in liberals sails is getting suced out and leaving them high and dry on the sea of despire...Oblunder even knows what's out in front of the storm. Chaos, defeat, and humiliation all done by a vote casted against his minions.

    Americans gave him a chance, they are paying for that chance today, but it will be corrected and none to soon.



    What planet you say you're from again? legislative orders that affect what branch? humm Circumventing the law at his disposal, changing conditions of a mandated law to exclude one party yet penalize another for not adhereing to the law kinds sounds more of a DICtator than what Putin is doing.

    And you're so called information that republicans love Putin and what he is doing is nothing but ignorance on your part and lacks any rational judgement from rational thinking.


  • Republicans love Putin because he takes action on an international stage without consulting his own government, his people, or the UN - that's a dictator.  The Republicans call Obama a dictator because he signed some legislative orders (which is very limited and can only affect the policies and practices of the branch of government he controls) - that's executive management.  So what the Republicans are saying is that they want a communist dictator for a leader, just not a black communist dictator for a leader.

  • Odumas is playing city league touch football. Putin is playing full contact smash mouth football.

  • Oh, well, this country had a good run.  Guess, it's some other country's turn to be admired and powerful.  Some other country where people want to live in order to enjoy freedom and prosperity.

    Yeah, I here that Vladimir Putin has the very place that you are talking about...go there.

    "As Russian president Vladimir Putin flexes his military muscles by invading Ukraine in violation of multiple international treaties, right-wing pundits are fawning over the "macho" leader's strength while complaining that President Obama wears "mom jeans" and is weak on foreign policy.

    In the wake of Russia's apparent invasion of the Crimean Peninsula -- an area within the sovereign territory of Ukraine -- right-wing media have renewed their crush on the Russian leader, praising his strength and equestrian skills."

    Fox host Bill O'Reilly discussed the photo on his primetime show March 3rd, saying the photo depicted the "contrasting styles" of Putin and Obama. "Putin sees himself as a macho man who's going to do pretty much what he wants," O'Reilly said. "The president sees himself as a renaissance man who wants to accommodate." 


  • Horse Hockey!  Radical Right Wing Fringe talking.

  • Legion can't even keep six figures straight!!! Definitely can't trust him to copy and paste what he finds on the Internet. Yes everything you see on the net must be true.....and you can keep your phone only if the Prez gave it to you in the first place.

  • Well, Legion aka homohetero, I hate to burst your bubble there.  But Obama never was poor.  His mom's family was not poor.  When he lived in Indonesia his family lived in the diplomats area, had a nanny and a cook.  When he went back to Hawaii, he lived with his VP of a bank grandma, who, yes, took the bus to work because that's what people did back then.

    But since you renamed yourself to 'Legion' and have been spouting propaganda worse than ever, it's clear what your whole purpose in life is.  Lock and step with the propaganda machinery.  Idiots like you have been a plenty in history.  Later they claimed "I only did what I was told because..."

    Wait until they force you on that website.  You thought the state is offering you a great deal by slightly lowering your premium.  You ignored to mention the significantly higher deductible and out of pocket max.  But hey, that wouldn't be great under Obamacare.  Same as the Obamacare premiums are oh so low and subsidized.  Just don't get sick folks!  Cause there ain't no subsidy for your non-premium costs.  Half-truths are so misleading especially when they come out of homoconfused joined the Legion of Obama soldiers mouth.

    Oh, well, in two years time you will wish you never campaigned for this.  You have no clue what's in store for your very own insurance.

    Can't blame the Republicans.  Blame the Democrats who needed to pass it to know what's in it.

    Meanwhile my healthcare costs have skyrocketed thanks to Obamacare no matter what plan I look at.  I only save if I don't get sick. Kind of like the spare change tax 'decrease' he gave us.

    571975, ending this country as we know it is the goal of the liberals.  In exchange for being taken care of, you give up your freedoms.  Legion will happily give up his farm for the common good... yeah, I didn't think so.  But as a property owner he is a target, just doesn't realize it.  Nice state pension, give it up for the common good so others can benefit who didn't work for it... yeah, doubt he would like that, but yet he is forking it over not even knowing what he is doing. 

    Oh, well, this country had a good run.  Guess, it's some other country's turn to be admired and powerful.  Some other country where people want to live in order to enjoy freedom and prosperity.

  • Wait and see legionstein.

  • 571975: "2 years ago her premium was $427 and last year it was $527. This year it's $778 and we are talking about the lowest plan there is with higher deductibles and co-pays. Obamacare, if not repealed, will be end of this country as we know it."

    What does the Affordable Care Act or as you call it Obamacare, have to do with your rising insurance premiums?  Heathcare costs have been skyrocketing for decades...Obamacare is just now being implemented.  The Kaiser Family Foundation wrote in 2013 that health care spending is growing at the slowest rate since the government began keeping official tallies in 1960.

    Let me illustrate how your correlations do not imply causation.  For instance, does the argument that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of pirates since the 1800s make any sense?  How 'bout pointing out that Somalia has "the highest number of pirates and the lowest carbon emissions of any country".

    Actually 571075, it sounds like your wife is an excellent candidate for a low cost insurance policy listed on the state's  Obamacare exchange web site...and it you weren't so bull-headed you'd probably look and save yourself $1000's a year.  But alas...

    Repealing Obamacare would immediately cause SEVEN MILLION+ Americans to immediately lose their healthcare coverage!

  • I am retired from the state after 30+ years. We insure my wife thru my retirement. 2 years ago her premium was $427 and last year it was $527. This year it's $778 and we are talking about the lowest plan there is with higher deductibles and co-pays. Obamacare, if not repealed, will be end of this country as we know it. We are both healthy and rarely use it but you never know.

  • "Wake up America."

    Nobody is asleep but you guys!  It is like talking to blithering idiots!

  • Horse_Sense, March 13, 2014 8:53AM

    "You have to keep in mind, he has never been poor. 

    Yeah, his mom wasn't on food stamps or nuthin' llike tha huh?  Horse sense = horse s**t.  You must have been talking about President Mitt Romney.

    Obama Fan, the Horse "Sense" just hit your fan!

    You know, you can look this stuff up and not come off as an idiot, don't you?

    There is NO SUCH THING AS "OBAMACARE" is not a government run insurance. The Republicans made up this Obamacare name for the Affordable Health Care Act to fit their narrative that it was some kind of socialized medicine, which is the furtherest thing from the truth...and you guys have swallowed it whole!  Doohh!

    The Affordable Care Act is an exchange for private insurance companies to sell their wares  at group rates to those whose job does not offer health insurance, and regulations that prohibit the insurance companies from gouging their customers.  Jeeze!  It is like talking to 5th graders!  In fact, my 10 year old knows more about this than you guys!

    There is no one out there who cannot afford an insurance policy offered on the Affordable Care Act exchanges...NO ONE.   Doohh!

  • You have to keep in mind, he has never been poor. This is the very same president who asked people to instead of giving a regular present to each other to give the gift of a contribution to his presidential campaign.

    As far as affordability goes, that very same father who "if a family member gets sick, will wish he had paid that $300 month" is better off putting that into a savings account rather than paying insurance.  Just look at the deductible and out of pocket limits.  If you can't afford the insurance plans, you can't afford to get sick either.  Most of those are catastrophic type plans.  If you put it into a savings account at least you have $3,600 per year to spend on doctors' bills.  If you spend it on insurance, you can't go to the doctor because you can't afford the deductible and out of pocket costs. 

    Besides, a lot of people have given up cable and phone to feed their family. That president of ours needs a reality check.  But what do you expect.  His family never had to figure out how to cut corners to get food on the table.  He never had to go to bed hungry.  That's the problem.  The rich just pretend they know your plight.  


  • So is that **** if you do and **** if you don't ?