Only the Assembly Has the Power

MSgt Thomas Vance USAF Ret. Published:

~~Last weekend I attended a meeting of the Miami Valley Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) to give a talk to Veterans on the issue of medical marijuana.  After the meeting I was approached by a woman who thanked me working for the Vets, and with tears in her eyes she proceeded to tell me her story. 
Her Veteran Husband is a VA pain patient.  His doctor is forcing him to choose between his VA pain medicine and medical marijuana.  He must take copious amounts of oxycodone and morphine.  His wife said he is in a ‘zombiefied state’ all the time.  When she has been able to acquire medical marijuana for him, he is returned to her.  He only needs a small amount of pain medicine from the VA to cope with the pain and suffering from his sacrifice to the nation and his, ‘clarity of mind and spirit’ as she said thru her tears is back. Her wonderful husband is returned to her.
Although the VA has begun recognizing medical marijuana’s benefits to its patients, it only accommodates these patients in the 20 states that have medical marijuana laws.  It is not yet able to provide the medical marijuana to Veteran patients with qualifying conditions.  It cannot give this woman her husband back.
You, members of the Assembly, have the power to do this!  You can give this woman back her husband! You have the power to relieve the pain and suffering from his sacrifice to the nation, suffering and pain that will continue till his death.
I beg you, as a Veteran in a similar situation and as a representative of all Veterans who can benefit from this medicine.  Please pass SB350 this session.  Do not allow the suffering of these heroes of Kentucky go on for another day much less another year! 

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