Traffic light at Minuteman Pkwy

Steve Fry Published:

Has anyone other than me, noticed that the light on the West Frankfort-Plaza Connector (fka "Parkside Drive") and Minuteman Pkwy (an entrance to the National Guard) will cycle for no reason? I drive that road frequently and very often have to stop there. I have obverved it at all hours of the day. That light is visible from the Sonic intersection, and the light will cycle even when there is nothing to trigger it. (Yes, I realize the house across the road also has a trip, else those owners would have a difficult time turning left out of their driveway.)

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  • I live in Juniper Hills Subdivision I have noticed how frequently it changes. I believe it is not that bad really. There are cars racing during the night on that road. so hopefully it might slow someone down and save a life. They appear to race from the BP stop light straight to Louisville Rd., the stop light coming out of Holly Hill doesn't change unless someone is there, so late at night they have a straight shot. Just say'n

  • A very nice guy at the Transportation Cabinet in Louisville tells me that light is still "under construction" and will be finished soon, since they couldn't wet-saw into the roadway while the water might freeze under the surface.

  • Yes.  The light further down (by the BP) has the opposite problem.  I sometimes sit through two rotations before the light allows me to left into River Bend / Holly Hill.

  • Call the Highway Dept. and report it!

  • Yes I have too noticed this and I travel that way everyday. All the traffic lights in Frankfort are crazy if you ask me. Some of them will let maybe one car get to turn while at another stop it seems to stay green forever with no car going through the stop light at all.