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Well we can all relax now because Ellen Degeneres has declared Obamacare is successful.   Whew!!! Thats a relief.   Well at least that's what she said when she had Obama on.  Said they have 5 million sign ups.  Now lets see Obama said it would take 7 million.  So doesn't that mean they need 2 more million in 10 days?-----. And remember thats "sign ups"  WH press secretary was asked again yesterday how many of those 5 million actually have insurance?-----his answer uh uumm, not sure, uh umm maybe 80%, uh umm give or take, uh um CSM is working in getting those numbers.------know what it means when a person who is speaking keep going uh umm----they are pausing to delay answers to come up with one because they dont have an answer.------so if we consider this successful, 2 million short of your goal and dont know even if that 5 million has anything.  I would hate to see what they consider a failure.

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  • Friend of mine just had all her diabetic treatments cancelled that she has been dependent on for the last seven years. She has now got to fight with new doctors, administrators, wakes up every two hours to check her levels has a picc in her arm that was being used for her treatments cannot contact her previous doctor, had her insurance cancelled that she has been paying on for years, and you wonder why people have a bad day?

    I'm so thankful my mother isn't here and having to face going through this over her cancer treatments.

    Who do you think would be having a bad day if she was still here. Me or the administrator and doctors? Here's a hint.. I'd be in jail for sure...All for a reason to get others insurance and insured cause they choose not to be covered or didn't want to pay a high premium for pre-existing conditions.

    Instead this law has made insurance companies stocks profitable by making people get insurance and hasn't corrected the problems it said it would. You like positive numbers that support your messiah, go look at that stock prices of insurance companies before Oct 1 till now see if they haven't gotten healthier in profits for their stock holders..

  • Somebody had a bad day....

  •  Again you must things more than a mile but it's par for Libtards to miss the point. Cancelling policies that people have had for years just so you can get that insurance to those who still haven't bought into this scam has turned everyones life upside down. Most right in the middle of cancer treatments that are now being refused to continue. Yeah that's something to be really proud of.

     You pretend to care yet deep down you're just as evil and hateful as that fake president you support. And it ain't set in stone yet sweetie..It can be repealed.. It will get repealed.. Wait and see...

  • Some heads are exploding because people who need health care are getting it under this president...and they can't stand it so they deny....deny...deny........but it's here to stay.

  • Fake person, fake numbers, fake president.

  • 7.1 million signed up, and counting.

  • There you go again Richard Cranium.. accusing someone of something they are not. Typical Libtard can't win a debate,or prove anyone wrong so they accuse and point crooked fingers..

    There isn't enough medication to cure your brand of stupid.

  • I "try" comedy every time I read one of your post, pitch...and then I spit it out as it a far too bitter for my taste.  Bubble much?  Why do you hate black people?

  • You really ought to try comedy Homo. The republicans knew this wasn't worth the effort, and it's being shown today that it still isn't..

    If they thought it would work it would have been implemented years ago. GAWD you're dumber than a bag of hammers boy....

    It is the messiah's fault , who else's fault is it the freakin dog? What am I saying **** probably blame the dam dog sooner or later. What a coward he truly is. A waste of space and air to keep him around...

    Wonder why the messiah doesn't attend plays at the Ford? He compares himself to Lincoln.

  • obamafan: " I would hate to see what they consider a failure."

    A failure is what they call the Repugnican efforts to skuttle the whole thing.

    To all of you Repugs out there, you can't replace Obamacare with a Republican plan because it already IS a Republican plan.  The liberals plan was Single Payer, the Democrat's plan was the Public Option.  Obama gave them their own plan (Romneycare) and now they hate it.  These guys do not know how to take yes for an answer.

    You know Repugs, for you guys to be blaming President Obama and the Affordable Care Act for its admittedly problematic and rough startup website is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the last act of the play at Ford's Theater.

  • 6.7 million and counting...

  • http://www.commonwealthfund.org/Health-Reform/~/media/Files/Publications/Other/2010/CMWF_Overview_Timeline_20102018.pdf

  • If you knew your facts you wouldn't be posting parroted numbers and democratic talking points as such. You can't stand being corrected or wrong and go on the defensive instead of taking what is told to you and finding out for yourself.

    What are you afraid that you'll find out you been supporting a liar all this time? Better to find out now and help fix those lies than continuing to sit back and be a cheerleader, or just another parrot.


  • I know my facts. Just tired of playing silly word games and being insulted. Try bullying other posters on here for a while.

  • That's cute ukfan..Guess you're not as informed as you pretend to be.


  • We shall see.....

  • That's just it ukfan.. been waiting to see the numbers of this supposedly Affordable Health care and all people get is more double talk and BS.

    As for the mid-terms. Democrats will lose control of Congress all because of Obama Care and the past lies and lies that are being told today. Insurance companies are not the blame for this disaster they were following the law like they were mandated to comply with.

    This wasn't about getting the uninsured covered this amounts to a corporate takeover of the # 6 money generator in our nation.

    It's that blame others mentality that these key Liberals and their supporters are spewing that just gets old and tired and people are done listening to those lies and are not going to stand for it any longer.

  • We shall see.......

  • mach570 ...I work for a company and do their payroll and know for a fact that this happens.

    Yeah that's a good solid answer. Guess you're gonna show proof next right?

    38706..name calling and denial is all he knows.

    Truth hurts and that's the reason why all you can come back with is calling me a racist cause I hate your messiah.

    Like I said there is no proof of how many that weren't insured prior to the enactment of the POS scam insurance, but there's a lot of proof of people having their policies cancelled because of the mandated law for insurance companies to comply with. And there's more proof of cancer patients not receiving the treatments they were receiving prior to the POS healthcare.

    The numbers are false, they are including prior insured individuals and families, as if the messiah could really try and pull that one on Americans. The numbers of NEVER before insured are not being given on purpose to keep from embarrassing your messiah even more.

    Democrats that supported this POS are running like scalded dogs from it now, but aren't going to be able to run far enough, or disassociate themselves from it. The messiah is getting ready to lose his control and it's scaring the he!! out of every cretinous Liberal out there. 2014 is just the beginning, there's 2016 to finish cleaning house and getting rid of these ignorant Liberal mouthpieces once and for all.


  • I was just wondering what type of companies get away with this. I have worked for goverment so long I can't imagine this happening.

  • mach570 ...I work for a company and do their payroll and know for a fact that this happens.

  • UK do you have an example of women not getting equal pay?

  • 38707..,it's a waste of time trying to talk with pitchfork. You see he thinks he has insulted you already by calling you a socialist. Playground stuff.

  • 38706..name calling and denial is all he knows.

  • OK I'll drop them just as soon as you can tell me how many NEW-Never been insured before actually have signed up , paid their premiums, and have insurance. And tell me how many that was FORCED into the exchanges because Obama Care mandated the insurance companies to drop their customers policies to comply with the standards of Obama Care?

    It's hilarious that you call them talking points when the OCB calls them fictional numbers. There actually exaggerated expressions used from the London School of Economics and the Fabian Society supporters that back it as factual. Socialist much are we user_38706?

  • You need to drop the Republican talking points and admit that you lost.  By any objective measure the Affordable Care Act is a success and by the next presidential election will be as off limits as Social Security.

  • Hold up miss sweetie.. I compared arguing with you to my ex. I didn't throw anyone under the bus, you thought you was being cute by throwing around the ex card at me and trying to throw me under the bus to win a losing arugment about eqality and people being equal. Instead of keeping things on track like the educated person you"re suppose to be you went on rants.

    You got equality tied up with being equal and no one is equal to one another. Nothing said until mach570 said it right. Equal pay for the SAME postion. Guess what that means??? Same amount of time, skill, and ability. I said just becasue you have the qualifications doesn't mean you are equal or going to get the same pay. THE VERY WORDS mach570 said in their response.

    mach570 I think I even used the military pay scale to show equal pay until certain perks kick in for the individuals in uniform.

  • First UK fan they arenot extending the deadline. Obama is and by the way what did they extend it to?

    Another point I hear all this stuff about women not getting equal pay for equal work.Could you please give me an example of this and be specific if possible.

    I work for the Goverment and I have never seen anyone not get equal pay for doing the same job. Now if you are a new hire you get less pay because you start out in a lower grade and arn't expected to do as much. But in my opinon this is not the exact job. Please help because I DO AGREE EVERYONE SHOULD GET EQUAL PAY FOR DOING THE SAME JOB, PERIOD. There should be no debate!!!!!!

  • You are the one that threw her under the bus to start with. Just goes to show how classy you are. Go ahead insult everyone on here....you're true colors are showing and makes you look bad.


    Hey Loggin did you see that they are extending the deadline for signups. Good News!! Watch the Republican's heads explode.

  • Well it ain't affordable and you don't have to be a 5th grader to figured that out. So what's your point?

    ukfan, sweetie, being called a red neck is an honor did you know that? Of course you didn't your water logged Liberal brain doesn't allow you to absorb any logical or meaningful knowledge. Red Necks are freedom fighters that date way back to Scotland, and of course those same individuals packed up and moved here bring their traditions with them and passed them down to generations to come.

    ROTFLMBAO; Got nothing to come back with, get spanked with logic so you throw the weak a$$ ex-card.. AGAIN

     If you think my ex "traded up" I'd be more than happy to give you directions to where she is now and you can judge, like you more than always do, to see if living off the government is a trade up versus making your own way. You know that greatest of American traditions, earning it instead of having it handed to you.

    In your warped way of thinking you might see yourself as an equal and put unnecessary pressure on others to make them see you that way, but in reality you're not equal to anyone and that just gets your crawl.

    Reality bites hard when you realize you cannot change how things are to how you want them to be. Some people have figured that out, it isn't anyones fault you're a slow learner that's all on you.

  • There certainly are a lot of folks on here who don't have the slightest idea what the Affordable Healthcare Act is or what it does.  5th graders...

  • Yep you are correct Bubba. Your talent of ******* in the snow and acting like a redneck trumps me being able to give birth. ....you are unbelievable. I see now why your ex went on to bigger and better things. This conversation is getting stupid.

  • Yep you are correct Bubba. Your talent of ******* in the snow and acting like a redneck trumps me being able to give birth. ....you are unbelievable. I see now why your ex went on to bigger and better things. This conversation is getting stupid.

  • OK tell me to go look up the act and you already presented my argument as a win for adding "And most woman do not have the luxury of staying off work for years after they have a baby".

    Smarta$$? I just proved that you're not equal to Danica. That you cannot drive a 800 horsepower 200mph race car, but you listen to all that hoopla about being equal and you'd hit the wall in the first turn if you tried. And all you come back with is you can have a baby and I can't? I'm not equal to you in anything in the current world, past world or future world. I accept that fact, it's Liberals that have a hard time accepting how things in nature truly are. Which is nothing is equal...

    Wanna know one thing... one good solid thing you're not equal to me in or for that matter any woman equal to a man? We can stand up and write our name in the snow while holding a bottle of beer in one hand and and use a cell phone with the other. Can you?

    I WIN!!!! ha ha ha. See not equal... get the point now....

  • You need to go look up the Pregnacy Discrimination Act. Your facts are all screwed up. And most women do not have the luxury of staying off work for years after they have their baby.

    Since you want to be a smarta$$ about me not being equal to Danica Patrick (get real) then I guess since I am able to give childbirth and you can't that would make you NOT equal to ME ! Hmmm...?

  • They don't have an obligation to hire her back if she's left for an extended period of time. You threw the FMLA in as a desperate attempt to make a strong point on a weak retort. What company in  their right minds would be obligated to hire someone back after leaving for years like I stated? You got Liberal La La Land on speed dial don't you?

    If anyone has done any twisting it's you. And fighting for women's rights shouldn't make me a male feel sorry for a woman who can't handle her own responsibilities for advancement by her own hand or abilities. And I sure as heck ain't gonna pay for her to get birth control either when she is more than capable to get out work and buy her own. If she can't then go to the health department they give it away free from my tax dollars already.

    This is the kind of sideways tactics you Liberals use. You can't shame me into submission for your cause no more than I can get Liberals to rationalize their actions and policies. Truth is Liberals think they always know what's best for everyone but don't follow their own stink when soap boxing.

    Liberals in their fight for women's rights make women look as weak vulnerable victims of made up, or self made situations and totally ignoring, (as per Liberal polic)y the women who, without, or distances themselves from Liberal policies, has become more independent and prosper by their own abilities and drive  than sitting back and having that "WOE IS ME" attitude that Liberals want woman to show.

    And in your quest for equality you fail to show why some woman do not make as much as men in the work place. You only present they don't and call it unequal or sexism. Some women get paid way more than they should for the job they have and aren't qualified for that job but the company puts then in  positions so they don't have to listen to loud mouth idgits screaming that the company is not being fair or equal.

    Hilary Clinton is a very good example of a dumber than a bag of hammers female that should not ever held an office llke Sec. of State. Just look at the mess her  re-set buttin has gotten everybody and lets not forget four dead Americans. But what difference does it make right? And John Kerry is even worse which didn't seem possible but has proven to be true.

    BTW since we are on that subject, I believe the military has a pretty good equality pay scale and shows no favoritism and shows no favoritism in allowing females to advance in ranks or positions in combat arms. It's that whole thing of allowing females on the front lines of combat that a lot of people Democrat and Republican have a problem with.  It's just not a male thing it's an everybody thing. So don't get me started on why females should not be on the front lines during war time cause I'll only break your heart in my response. And that's coming from experience not just an opinion.

    If I didn't think woman were equal to men in the workforce I wouldn't be backing Danica Patrick and cheering her on each and every race. You can't get more male dominated than NASCAR and with the exception of a few like Richard Petty and Jeff Burton, and Kyle Petty she's made her bones as a race car driver and can handle herself pretty well behind the wheel. Can you do that ukfan? Or is it unequal that Danica can and you can't?

  • You stated "the company has no obligation to hire her back".....that is false but you didn't address that did you? You evidently can't stand to see a woman being equal to a man when it comes to the workforce.

  • Because of people like you! You keep twisting everything I say to fit your position. That's fine that is how Republicans are. They can't handle the truth so they twist it around. Liberals are fighting for women's rights and Republicans are trying to take away a woman's right at every turn of her life. By the way you didn't slap yourself hard enough....you're still conscious.

  • OH MY GAWD----*slaps forehead slides hand down face* No one is disputing that and that's 12 weeks----4 months----120 days----- how ever you want to put it and that Act covers any adult worker not just the female. It doesn't cover years away from the workforce like most women do to care and raise their children.

    This nit picking BS is ridiculous for you to make a strong stand on a weak point in your retorts. REALITY is once a female or male leaves the work force over an extended amount of time,  you think they should  start back at a higher wage, or the same wage as someone who hasn't left just because they qualify. That's not equality, that's utopian thinking....

    In the REAL world and not Liberal LA LA Land if you have the skills, training,the drive, the ability, and a degree and it fits a company's profile for hiring then you're gonna get the big bucks no matter what your sex.

     Liberals want everyone to get but not earn. Liberals don't like it when someone gains by their own abilities, they actually hate self perseverance and self worth. Liberals always think that it's best to depend on government than for one to gain on their own.

    If a female/male is not making as much as their female/male counterpart it's their fault and no one should be blamed for their inabilities but them. That's the cold hard fact of reality and the REAL world that you cannot stand.

    Liberals are actually making women appear weak and needy instead of strong and able. Wonder why that is?

  • Reality bites you.  You are wrong. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act forbids discrimination based on pregnancy when it comes to any aspect of employment including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoffs, training, fring benefits such as leave and health insurance. They are protected by the FMLA to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave and their job can not be given away during that time. Welcome to the REAL world. Don't believe me look it up.

  • I can see why you are are making a mountain out of things ukfan. it most certainly does matter how long you have been on the job, that transmits into skill level and that transmits into a bigger salary. The thinking of the Left is and will always be utopian and there isn't room for any logical thinking, or logical reasoning. Most logical thinking persons knows that time on the job gives a person an edge over the compentition and a bigger salary, you're not going to get the big bucks just because you qualify for the job you've got to prove your worth not rely on your sex.

    Companies have a base salary for qualifications and if you do by chance have experience then that's a plus for you. A lot of companies what someone to hit the ground running and if you've been out of the loop for an extended period of time you;re not going to get the big bucks either and yes that means women who have left the workforce to start a family.

    I know that isn't your view or what you believe but it's that little detail called reality and actuality that you have trouble with and to be honest the corporate world hasn't been shamed into changing to a utopian way of thinking. You can call it being penalized for leaving the workforce all you like.

    A woman volunteeringly leaves to start a family she knows what she is doing, but the company has no obligation to hire her back, but if the company does they surely are not going to start her back at a higher salary, or even one close to someone who has not left the company even for the same position.

    That's just how things are nothing sexist about it, and that is the big problem the Left has in accepting things they cannot change or even shame into change. Because a man makes more than a woman it isn't because he's a man, but individuals on the Left turn it into a sex war and blame a man for doing so for they feel it is wrong for a man to make more than a woman in the same position.

    So a man who gets bonuses for more sales, projects completed ahead of schedule, meeting dead lines etc. should be shamed into not accepting because his female counterpart doesn't make the goals set forth by the company. Now I see where the "give everyone a trophy" idea got its roots.

    Yeah it suxs living in this real world... 

  • I'm registered as a republican, but I honestly vote for the individual that I believe will do the best for our country. I voted for Obama twice. The health care system that he brought forth is good for me. I'm not saying it's good for your family, but it woks fine for my family. This plan saves me approximately $212.54 per month. Have had several visits to doctors and one hospital stay for four days. The hospital tried to Bill me twice, but all in all, I can't complain. I'm 34 yrs old, the medical insurance that I have today meets my family needs. Thanks President Obama, at least you did something, no republicans even tried. I also will not be voting for Mitch either !

  • Should not matter how long you have worked at a career as long as you can do the job and do it right. I am talking about people who are already employed and are working at the same postion doing the same job as each other. Just because you are a male does not mean you should make more. A woman should not also be pentalized because they become pregnant and then later return to work.

  • Qualified doesn't mean same pay ukfan, and I'm not being hateful about that or discriminative either. Let's look at it from this view.

    OK you and I are more than qualified for a job we are both interviewing for. You have been in that position before for X amount of years. I have been in that position X amount of years. You left say 8 years ago to start your family, I left and took a position with another company had mirrored responsibilities of the position that I and you are now applying for. The company decided it can hire both of us, but my salary is three to four thousand more per year than yours. SInce you have been out of the job for over 8 years, but you are qualified, and got hired do you feel that you should get the same amount of salary that I get since I've been doing the same position, different company, other responsibilities as well the 8 years you have been absent from the work force?

    The same can be said about me in reverse except I had to care for a family member. Should I expect to make the same salary as you?


  • If you are quailified and able to do the job and  you are a woman you should be paid the same. Period. I do admire you for what you have done as far as your education goes.

  • You've missed the point again ukfan. Nothing in this world is ever going to be equal. Experience pays more than just being the opposite sex. Suppose you work ten years in one place, have more experience than the fresh face off the street hired, then you find out that male/female is making the same wage as you but doesn't have the ten years experience that you do? Would you call that equal?

    I'm 52, be 53 when I get my BA in Information Technology. I have 14 years experience, certifications out the ying yang. I apply for a position along side four recently graduated snot nose 23 year olds that have "zero" experience but same degree. My GPA as of right now is 3.0, the snot noses have 2.95, 3.5, 3.7. and 3.0. Out of all five candiates which will get the job?

    I already have some marks against me. I'm white, 53 years old and a male. There are 2 females, and 2 male snot noses. One is African-American -feamle, one is Asian-American-female and the 2 males are white. The first female went to her states four year college-UK, the second went to UCLA, the 2 males both attended Harvard. Who would you hire?

    Here's a hint.. I'm already at the bottom because I took all my classes online so I could continue to work 40 plus hours a week. The one thing I have over each snot nose is my experience. So that leaves me one advantage over the snot noses, I can work for myself, and since independant contractors are fastly becoming the way a lot of companies are going, I'll have more security than the snot noses who have to fight each other for a place at the table. Is that equality or fairness?

    According to Liberals it's not because I can make more money than the females who have the same degree even though they do not have the years of experience that I do. Experience does have it's privilages and that's just how things are. That is what the Liberals what to change and make a utopian ordered world where one has not ever existed and it's foundation is plainly stated in your response of men making more than women for the same job.

    No one is equal! Only equal opportunities for each to advance according to his or her abilities and drive to do so. If things were equal then soldiers on the front lines of wars would make as much as power forwards in the NBA, but I don't see Liberals crying foul over that.

    thomyv. I like that idea but I have to admit it sounds kind of hard to do, or be equal. Woudln't someone that makes more on the year get more of return than someone who doesn't or would you make it a falt rate across the board for all? is that how it is done in Alaska a falt rate return or is it more like profit sharing?

  • That is a good idea.

  • How bout we stop giving tax money to companies to create jobs, as is the Repub way, and invest our tax dollars and pay the taxpayers a dividend?   Could be a garenteed income for all taxpayers instead of just benefiting the wealthy or poor.  Alaskans get a dividend payout from their oil boom every year.  Would be very simple.   All would benefit and you could eventually get rid of all of the social safety net!!!

    With people not having to work to eat they would be able work to improve themselves or their world. No one starves and we free the creativity and abilities of our citizens to improve the lives of us all.

    Just think, your boss better be nice, cause you wont have tto stay there to keep from starving! 

  • So I see how you are. You think men should make more than a woman doing the same job. There is a name for that you know. But why should I be surprised just more of your no one is equal crap.

  • There you go with that equal crap again!!! Nothing is equal in this world, but you day dreaming Liberals think it is. The playing field will not ever be level. Is that so hard to understand and accept?

    You take from people who actually work  give it to people who don't. Keeping in mind that no one ever has kept help from those who can't help themselves, ever wanted to not see someone retire and enjoy life and hopefully be able to do so themselves.

    Liberals use the disable, weak and ignorant as their tools to shame others into submission, that's the hope and change, but it's not working out according to plans. People are actually starting to see the detrimental ways the Left is taking America.

    The messiah can hand out waivers all day long and think he's actually helping his cause. Use his pen and phone to work around Congress, enact the Nuclear option but still has come short of making things equal.

    The messiah has gone way past anything he accused Bush of doing, backtracked on his very own promises, lied to get what he wanted and America has a belly full of lies and will show just how shameful the messiah has been in his actions.



  • Shame on Obama for trying to get affordable healthcare available to everyone. How dare he! Geez what's next ...equal pay.