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-so the last day of sign ups they really want you to believe they reached their magic 7 million sign ups?-----so of those 7 million, how many did not have health insurance before Obamacare?  When asked that question Jay Carney's answer..." I dont know"-----of those 7 million how many actually have  paid a premium and have health insurance?  HHS secretary's answer..." I dont know"  yet in the same breath she estimates 80-90%,  so she says "i dont know" then pulls 80-90% out of her magic hat.-----of that 7 million whats the age demographic?  Because in order to survive it needs young healthy enrollees to support it....guess what? They don't know the answer to that question either.-----So lets give em 7 million enrollees at 85% have paid.  Thats roughly 5.9 million. Some estimates say ACA costs 5 million to lose their health insurance plan.  So now we are down to 900,000.   Of that how many are medicare/caid sign ups who would have gotten insurance regardless if the ACA was passed or not.  Remember that employer mandate?  That requires by LAW that companies provide their employees with insurance, that part of the law has been delayed....that was one the biggest and key parts of the ACA.------folks wake up!!!  Let's give them their magically obtained 7.1 million, and let's give em they all have paid.  Roughly 45 million did not have healthcare before the ACA  so even on a good day they still have 38 million uninsured Americans without health insurance.   hhhmmm wasn't the ACA supposed to REQUIRE all 45 million to purchase insurance as its "the law of the land"....folks this is a farce and maybe on a good day they migh be lucky and have a "true" million maybe so all of this for a million people.  What about the other 43 million who still dont have it?  What about the 275 million or so they have totally sc***** to pay for this million?  Its time to wake up and face reality the ACA, is a failure.-----here is the last point and fact.  Obama is bragging about the 7.1 million enrollees and how they reached their goal.....They had to sign up even if they didn't want to or be punished under the law.  So how do you have a goal/quota for something that is  mandatory.  So if it was to be considered successful shouldn't EVERY American have health insurance right now this instant?  



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  • You're right not the same circles.. I don't hang with liars, or individuals that must live like a leech off of others and then try to impress. I prefer honest hard working Americans that know what it means to earn a living unlike the liberal ilk that you associate with.

    But you still called your messiah a pin head and he is from Chicago regardless what you say...

  • Being from Chicago is no excuse...in fact, there is no excuse for you.

    President Obama is not from Chicago...he just lived there for a time and I am sure it was not in the same neighborhood where you lived.  Chicago is a major city and you and the President did not run in the same circles.


  • Oh I agree Legion... And there are plenty of them from Chicago in D.C including the biggest one of them all. The one that occupy's the West Wing. I can't believe that you called your messiah a pin head... That's grand lmao..

  • "pitch and his ilk have been trying to secede from the Union since the 1860's"

    ughhh I'm from Chicago moron....

    Why does that matter...there are plenty of pinheads in Chi Town too...and you ain't there now.

  • pitch and his ilk have been trying to secede from the Union since the 1860's

    ughhh I'm from Chicago moron....

    and have no interest in making things work for the betterment of our country or citizens

     As opposed to keeping this country and her citizens enslaved and do the bidding of liberal socialists like you and the messiah?

    The poor have been voting Democrat for over 50 years now.. And are still poor while your messiah and his lap dogs get richer and richer and now one one of them seems to think that $176,000 a year isn't enough for being a public servant of the people, by the people, for the people...DemocRats tend to forget that once in office.....

    Some people are so full of BS that I bet they could grow award winning "roses"!

     You might want to check with Harry Reid on that growing roses thing, he seems full of BS nowadays...


  • pitch and his ilk have been trying to secede from the Union since the 1860's and have no interest in making things work for the betterment of our country or citizens...we have seen this movie before!  It is all in code where libtards means yankees, etc.  Do not assume that it is any different.

  • Some people are so full of BS that I bet they could grow award winning "roses"!

  • Evidently Fry you have been living in a cave not noticing the united division that is currently plaguing this country. Your fellow "muricans" are Liberals so of course you're not going to fear them you are "them".

    BTW any conservative that stands against Liberalism is considered an enemy to that state of mind. Does "if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun" sound familiar? That's pretty bold words coming from an individual who decided long ago that division was way better than unity.

    The warped mentality of Liberals the bullying to change and not effectively changing minds in this country has become a sickness a cancer you can say in the way the process of changing is slowly becoming. You have no rights to religion, to self, to advance by your own means that isn't being attacked by Liberals as bad, wrong or racist. Yet these up and coming Liberals fail to include their tainted history as a party.

    From the voices against fighting for a free country, to fighting against freeing enslaved human beings, fighting to stop those of color to vote let alone own anything, or become part of the political process at all.

    So when I say enemy, I mean enemy to this country and her people as a whole not singular or even personal. The soul, that very breath of freedom is what liberals cannot win against. Yeah sure liberals are making it hard on people today, and by design they continue to blame others for their failures thinking they can fall into a big old pile of horse shat and keep coming out smelling like a rose. Only to forget the rose favors the horse shat in order to grow and blossom and lives but only a fraction of its time as something wonderful to see, or enjoy.

    The liberals' time, just like the roses, will soon fade and what is left is a dead stick that is discarded into the trash as if it never existed.

  • That's right united we stand divided we fall.

  • No caveman here. It's my "decession" to not live in fear of my fellow 'Muricans. Anything that divides us, makes us weaker, agreed?

  • Hey Steve... I didn't know that you were a caveman.

  • Since you are a "go with the crowd" type of person Fry I understand your fears. Perhaps you enjoy being controlled, or being forced into accepting instead of having the freedom to choose.

    So long as there are Liberals in positions to dictate or abuse individual freedom, they will be the enemy of freedom and the only course of action is to stand against those who believe that government intervention is the only true way for a person to be free or successful in life.

    The recent cancellations of millions and millions of insurance policies that people had and liked to comply with the mandated law of ObamaCare should be enough evidence for you to see that these totalitarains have no consideration whatsoever of how you decide what's best for you or your family.

    If not then stay in your cave and follow blindly their decessions for you.

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  • I've had trouble with that also, curious. I'll look into it.

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  • So, ObamaFan, I read your "numbers" messages/posts on this site regularly and I have a question for you?

    What is it that you don't like about Romney-Care, er, the ACA (which was modeled after the Mass model and supported by the Heritage Foundation)?

    Read this to refresh your memory regarding the ACA's striking similarities to the plans favored by the right-wing:

    I guess you would prefer for people without health insurance to stay uninsured?

    I prefer a single-payer system similar to what these doctors want:


    Curious, which gov't healthcare coverage do you have - Medicaid, Medicare, state retiree paid health insurance, Tricare, CHAMPVA, Federal Employee Health Benefits....?

  •  You can identify the poster's party association  by how they refer the the affordable care act.

    All they can do is bi!$! and complain but the "opposite side" did not exactly come up with a plan theirselves now did they. They passed it in the hopes the obama administration would miserable fail.

    They republicans WANT the obama administration to fail, those were the first words out of McConnel's mouth, "make Obama a one term president". McConnel is supposed to represent KY and he obviously is not. Time for new untainted blood.

  • "Enemy"? Just 'cause one of you leans to the left and the other to the right??

    That mentality, I fear, will be the REAL undoing of this country. :o(


  • You really consider me your "enemy "? Wow ...that's sad. This is just a blog ....I don't agree with you ..that's all.

  • ROTFLMBAO.. Only a lIbtard would find race in someones statement. When fishing for Big Mouth bass using the right bait always works.. And you just swallowed the hook Homo, Loggin, Legion, BrunoUno whatever name you hide behind...I got a new one for you.. Cowardly Lion..that suits you much better...It's not your fault it's in your DNA so don't fight it...

    I hate Liberals ukfan that doesn't make me ignorant.. that makes me your enemy...And since you can't win the common sense battle you resort to name calling. Call away...You still can't win sweetie....


  • We already have......

  • racist creep

  • pitch: "I sent an invitation to the messiah to attend a play at the Ford in his honor. Oh I hope he attends. It's going to be a killer play, and I know he will just love the ending...

    I do so love a happy ending...."

    racsist creep

  • We shall see.......

  • Your ignorance speaks for itself.......

  • GAWD you really are a parrot...You posted that same crap a week ago...

    I sent an invitation to the messiah to attend a play at the Ford in his honor. Oh I hope he attends. It's going to be a killer play, and I know he will just love the ending...

    I do so love a happy ending....

  • To all of you Repugs out there, you can't replace Obamacare with a Republican plan because it already IS a Republican plan.  The liberals plan was Single Payer, the Democrat's plan was the Public Option.  Obama gave them their own plan (Romneycare) and now they hate it.  These guys do not know how to take yes for an answer.

    You know Repugs, for you guys to be blaming President Obama and the Affordable Care Act for its admittedly problematic and rough startup website is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the last act of the play at Ford's Theater.