Stay Safe. Don't Talk To The Police

Victim in Waiting Published:

I want to warn everybody that if they see a person burglarize a next door apt. and know who the burglar is and where he lives, do not, I repeat, DO NOT EVEN TRY TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN AND IDENTIFY THE BURGLAR TO HIS FACE AND TO FRANKFORT CITY POLICE. I am left in a predicament tonight for doing just that. Me and my 19 year old daughters safety is in jeopardy because I thought that I would do a good thing and tell on a burglar who broke into my nextdoor neighbors apt. while he is away and packed stuff out to his apt to a few buildings down where he lives. All the responding officer was worried about is why we waited till today to report. Here is what I told him. Because I didn't know  for sure if the neighbor had asked this person to get items for him and I did try calling his grandfather to see but it was late into the night and he didn't answer. He called me back today to see what I wanted and I told him what I seen. It wasn't till then that anybody realized a crime had in fact took place. I was told to look over his place and was awakened by a loud noise so I peeked out the window and watched this man go through this apt for over ten minutes and packed an armload of items out. I knew where the man went and knew where he lived so I waited till I knew for sure. The grandfather and mother of my neighbor came to take care of this. They confronted the man that broke into the apt. and told him that I had watched the whole ordeal. That man was terribly upset with me, he denied it of course and called me a liar, yet all my neighbors drawers were emptied and lots of items stolen and a doorjamb busted out. A neighbor on the other side seen the whole ordeal also but didn't want to get involved. I wished that I had the sense to keep to myself like she does and now I see why people do not want to deal with helping the police. They called the police and the responding officer told me and the grandfather who is owner/manager of these apartments that he couldn't do anything since it took the resident of the apt. that was broken into to report the crime. Even though there was damage to the grandfathers property, I didn't actually see the door being kicked in so as far as the officer is concerned, it could had been the tooth fairy that did that. No arrest was made I will never ever do that again. I live in a rough area that is visited often by police. People in this complex are dangerous. If this guy tries to come to my home tonight to seek retribution on me or my daughter or my vehicle, FRANKFORT POLICE WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THE OUTCOME. Suffice to say, me or mine will not be harmed by this thug who police gave a chance to get back at me! DO NOT EVER BE AN EYE WITNESS TO ANOTHER PERSONS PROBLEM! KEEP TO YOURSELF, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING A GOOD CITIZEN. WHY EVEN HAVE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES IF THE POLICE WONT ACT ON A REPORTED CRIME. THERE IS NO ANONYMITY. BY THE WAY, OUR DUMPSTER WAS SET ON FIRE ABOUT A HALF AN HOUR AFTER THIS TOOK PLACE AND THE FIRE DEPARTMENT CAME AND PUT IT OUT. HMMMMMM!

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  • Bruno they are so far away from mainstream society that they forgot what it is. They do not care that a poor man aren't allowed to be armed to the hilt to defend himself. Look at all the government (OUR) supplied weapons around each cops belt, shoulder, legs, etc. We do not have tasers or pistols at our sides to defend us from such crimes and to think that a person can call them up to report what I consider to be a very serious crime, just to be told after confronting the criminal, sorry boutcha luck. The person who had the crime committed against them has to report it before he can do anything but in the mean time, pray that that man who gets high and drunk every night doesn't decide to get rid of the only eye witness to his crime..I do not think for one moment that that cop did not have the right to arrest that thug on the spot regardless of who it was that reported it! He put this family in danger and tought them to never ever trust a cop again. He taught then that just because you seen a serious crime being committed, he doesn't have to arrest anybody if he chooses not to. Since when is a felony crime not an arrestable offence? Who made the law up that the victim of the crime has to report before they can arrest the criminal? Come on. This group of law enforcers are starting to look like anything but lawmen!

  • Back when I was a kid in white America during the "50's, we thought of the police as our friends and protectors...they were Officer Friendly. My, how things have changed or at least have changed for white folks!  Black folks have always known how cops are and avoided them accordingly.  What happened to ol' Officer Friendly...the drug war.  Plus, a lot of cops learned their street-side manner in the mean streets of Iraq's cities as Marines. They were probably ******** before they went in, but Iraq was their finishing school.

    Word to the wise: 
    Whenever you have contact with a law enforcement officer, even if it's just a a casual meeting in a coffee shop, you should assume that you are in an unsafe situation that could turn highly volatile and ultimately lethal at the least provocation. So be careful.  Cops are the judge, jury and executioner, and they enjoy rubbing everybody else's nose in their position of "authoritay".

    Cops are clannish, preferring to stick together and they can't be trusted by us civilians, because they are never off duty.  They look at us civilians like vampires look at humans, we are nothing but prey to them.  The only time that cops venture out into our world is to obtain our women for breeding purposes.  Even then, civilian women need to exercise the same cautions as I listed in the "words to the wise" above, because a cop can abuse you or even kill you and he will get off.  Cops cover for each other and they have their own set of laws.

  • The reason the police didn't do anything is because the neighbor has an arrest warrant for him over violating a domestic violence bond. They want him to report so they can arrest him. That doesn't make it right to put a family in danger because they want to arrest a man. Just because he has a warrant for his arrest doesn't give anybody the right to burgarize his home, damage rental property and steal his belongings. The reason he is in violation of his bond was due to the man that broke into his apt. and his woman having an incident at his home a few days prior. It takes a lot to identify a person that you live close to and know to be dangerous to police and for them not to arrest this man on the spot after the grandfather reported damage and neighbor reported watching the criminal act take place, only gives this man time to harm or worse. Police were there just yesterday (day after this) over several residents reporting a man abusing his son out in the open for all to see. A little 6/8 year old boy screaming bloody murder while his arm was being twisted violently behind his back on the ground. What did the city police do? Three of them Investigated and walked off smiling and patting the father on his back! They know him, they know him well! He owns several former police cars that were sold at auctions and works as a security officer. People are tired of reporting crimes there because nothing gets done. This cop felt that the tenant next door and grandfather waited to report this crime to hide the whereabouts of the wanted tenant but the person who witnessed it all didn't even know the nextdoor neighbor had a warrant on him and thought he was away due to having a domestic dispute a couple days prior with these same neighbors. This is just not right and this officer put a disabled person in a bad predicament. Not all of these tenants are bad folks, just having to live where they can afford.


  • IDK if it would do any good but I'd make a formal complaint downtown Monday morning relating to the lack of action taken by the city cop, then get to the county attorney's office and make them aware of this individual that you are worried about.