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Rahm Emanuel Obama's old right hand man and now Mayor of Chicago, along with Illinois Democrats wanted TAXPAYERS to pay $100 MILLION towards a Presidential library for Obama.  This from a state that is nationally near the bottom economically.  And has a bankrupt pension system and is billions in debt.  Let's see this is a President who has raised over $1 BILLION in private donations for his elections and all other Presidents used PRIVATE funds for their libraries.  Yet the looney left believes TAXPAYERS should give the almighty $100 MILLION.....

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  • Wow almost agree with BO......until you just mention Bush.   You forgot cigar dipping slick willie

  • They are built initially with private funds collected even while presidents are still in office. And some lawmakers have taken issue with the way that cash is raised, fearing special influence in the White House for those who open their checkbooks.

    The presidential libraries are public-private hybrids designed to preserve the papers, and to some extent, burnish the reputations of all the presidents since Herbert Hoover. These libraries -- now 13 in all -- cost taxpayers $75 million to operate in the last fiscal year. I hate all of them. 

    I call BS that that we the taxpayers are going to help pay to maintain the library that George W. Bush is using as a propaganda tool to rewrite history...that is patently ridiculous. The Bushies built was some sort of bizarro conservative theme park whose sole purpose is to rewrite the history of the Bush years.

    These guys were presidents, not King Tut. Why do we have to build a mausoleum to them, and it’s taxpayer money, not to build them to maintain them. To maintain the fictions that are still being propagated today by the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. This is taxpayer money.

    The Bush Library has something called a Decision Points theatre. It says visitors will be confronted with the stark choices that confronted the nation’s forty third president. One of them is, “Invade Iraq, or leave Saddam Hussein in power?” Who was asking that question? No one. No one. What a BS rewriting of history. After 9/11, no one went we gotta go after Iraq because they didn’t do it.  Also missing in this library was the fact that the US invasion of Iraq was entirely predicated upon privatizing Iraq's vast oil fields that Saddam Hussein had nationalized...that truely was "mission accomplished"!

    If presidential libraries are going to continue to become increasingly partisan, or in George W. Bush’s case, a weapon of mass propaganda, I think that taxpayer funds should not be used to maintain the library. The message that we should be sending to the ex-presidents is that if you can afford to build it, you can afford to maintain all of it.